Forest Stewardship - Another Global To Local Agenda For Taking Property


2013-01-10 100 Things You Should Know About DDT (MUST READ 2nd)
by J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D & Steven Milloy


Natural Buffers – Are They A Tempest In A Teapot Or A Storm In A Glass of Water

  1. How Loaded Labels On Property Are A Fait Accompli, a.k.a. A Venus Flytrap
  2. 71 Page PowerPoint Presentation Convert to PDF - At-A-Glance Pictographic Reading
  3. 1.5 months in the making, Currently Releasing January 2013 - Must See



2012-03-29 CAO - What is the problem! - Frank Penwel (Must Read)


Board of Geology Petition WA State

Several of you have requested a hard copy of the Petition to the Board of Geology,
so it is attached.  Please mail the signed hard copy Petitions to:
Ed Kilduff
Box 175
Lopez Island, WA   98261.

For those of you who want to write a letter, or express a frustrating experience, please mail to: Geologist Licensing Board
Department of Licensing
PO Box 9045
Olympia, WA 98507-9045


Latest Proposed Solutions - Property Rights Councils


Wetlands Class

Steve Neugebauer


The Hegelian Dialectic

The Hegelian Dialectic is a technique commonly used to bring about a
desired result. It is a three step process as follows...

*Thesis - A problem is intentionally created.
*Antithesis - Opposition to the problem is created.
*Synthesis - The desired result is brought in as a solution.

An example of this was in Germany when Adolf Hitler wanted to pass
'anti-terrorist' legislation. Hitler wanted the power to detain people
without question and hold them in custody without a court hearing.
The people of Germany wanted no such thing. So Hitler had the
Reichtag building burned to the ground. He then blamed terrorists for
this terrible crime. The media portrayed the event as a danger to
society and people's welfare. The people demanded something be done
so Hitler introduced his new anti-terrorist legislation with the people's
consent. I hope this method sounds familiar to you because it is used in
all aspects and at all levels of society. Pay attention to the anti-terrorist
legislation being passed due to terrorist incidents which are occuring
today. The people who do not understand these things are simply being
decieved and yet know it not.

Uploaded on Sep 14, 2011

"This video shows the manipulation of the audience to gain public consensus for a regional transportation plan the metropolitan transportation commission was assembled by a number of radical environmentalist groups, social justice, social equity groups, in response to California's AB 32 and SB375. AB32 is currently held up in court, and was based on doctored data generated by a California Air Resources Board member, that falsely claimed to have a PhD. He was exposed, but the radically liberal and union owned democratic legislature decided to proceed with the legislation anyway that mis-informed california population voted for."




There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Counties vary greatly in size and population. They range in area from 26 square miless (Arlington County, Va.) to 87, 860 square miles (Morth Slope Borough, Alaska). The population of counties vaires from Loving County, Texas with 140 residents to Los Angles County, California, which has 9.2 million people.

Guess which counties CREATE the green extreme myths for
political and population control

2010-7-18 Have Washington Courts Lost Essential Nexus To
Precautionary Principle
2010-7-14 Late Post - Washington Supreme Court Refuses to
Rescue CAO's
2010-6-17 County Taken to Court


Open Space Rural USA



Liberal v. Conservative

Please note, there is NO data for 100% free districts.

King Communist County Washington is run by green thugs. If you are thinking of moving to the Pungent Sound, DON'T. If you are here, get out. Many property owners have been fined, jailed and their properties taken by nonsense.
Must View - How Eastern Non Government Extreme Are Taking Liberty & Property
The Ultimate War - Globalism vs America (Must Read by Michael Shaw)


Rod McFarland Delivers

King County Washington Journal December 29 , 2004




How To Solve "Critical Area Wetlands"

Step 1. Bring in lots of gravel


Step 2. Bring in lots more gravel


Step 3. At least 10 feet of gravel should do, depending how high the water table is during the wet 6+ months.

Commercial development in the Tukwila - Kent - Sumner valley which was all flooded before they dammed the rivers know how to deal with "Critical Areas". They haul in 30 feet plus of gravel. The water runs around and under the fill.



Step 4. Bring in a John Deere 750J or larger


Step 5. Bring in lots of drain pipe


Step 6. Don't forget the storm covers


Step 6. In a couple years you will never know you are parking and shopping on a "Critical Area"

The water keeps on flowing and no one knows the difference.

Only politicians and their benefiting NG groups could dream up such critical foolishness as CAO.




King County Home Taking

7. Conclusion.

Ask any government employee, especially in Puget Sound, why Steps 1 - 6 work so well for commercial property in low "wet lands" but don't make sense for private property. And the answer is, private vs. commercial permitting fees. Municipalities extort more fees from the commercial sector.

Rhetorical question, and the answer is....

  • "Sustainable Development"
    • Is unsustainable death for rural areas mandated by UN Agenda 21
    • NEVER approved by the voters
    • Funded by Municipal Corporation tax extortion, usury, debt & regulatory tyranny
    • Done with back room green government and nongovernment deals




State Crimes Against Property Owners by Agency


State Crimes Against Property Owners by Conflict to Founding Laws


2011 & 2012 Postings



2010 Postings

2010-11-01 Critical Areas Ordinances Alert For Thurston County & WA State -
your property rights at risk
2010-10-31 Critical Areas Wetlands Class Will Be Video Taped
2010-7-18 Have Washington Courts Lost Essential Nexus To Precautionary Principle
2010-7-14 Late Post - Washington Supreme Court Refuses to Rescue CAO's
2010-6-17 County Taken to Court
2010-6-07 Land Use and Zoning
2010-5-31 Fort Discovery Washington New Exposing Videos Loaded
2010-5-28 Post 2007-02-07 Jefferson County CAO
2010-5-28 Late Post 2007-01-28 Another Constitutional End Run by Government
2010-5-28 Late Post 1-28-07 Another Constitutional End Run by Government
2010-5-28 Add King County is an Ugly Part of America
2010-5-28 Add Correction, Supreme Court Wetland Ruling
2010-5-12 Wetlands Case
2010-5-4 Jefferson County Washington Fort Discovery - New Videos Uploaded!
2010-04-20 State open house & hearing tonight;
2010-4-26 Shoreline Master Plan_ Answering your questions
2010-4-9 DOE Shoreline Master Program
2010-4-01 SMP State open house & hearing tonight


2008 & 2009 Postings - Regarding CAO Takings


Archive - Regarding CAO Takings

[Capr-announce] Take caution_ DDES offers fee amnesty for unlawful development
Futurewise Recommendations Shoreline (Must Read to understand the green insanity)


Other CAO Property Rights Sites FYI
The Trojan Heron





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