Dear U.S.:

I noticed this public citizen apathy and ignorance that Lance Hurley's speaks about below when out gathering signatures for the Property Fairness and County Choice Initiatives. You don't have to be religious to get this picture.

50 to 80% of the people would walk by and even go out of their way to not sign or talk about these important issues. This was here in Enumclaw with the CAO and GMA and Property Fairness are critical local issues.

Local media for the most part gives these critical issues little to no air time and people in general take little time of their own to be more aware. 35% of the people in Enumclaw voted for Ron Sims, which shows you how people think and vote for a party over common sense. They apparently believed the colored glossy CAO flyer of distortion and lies sent out by Sims.

Most property owners and fair minded people that understand both sides, look at this differently. The "big developers" are the government + the environmentalist + certain green developers. These three collude to force rat packing of the cities while trying to park out rural areas. They come up with camouflaged over reaching regulations such as smart growth, sustaining development, GMA, CAO, eminent domain, agricultural preservation act, rails to trails, government land purchases with tax payer money, to steal the land for free or extort it for cheap from the land owner.

The irony is the green side doesn't care about the urban or rural people; they only want to park out as much land and water as possible at our expense. The government doesn't care about the urban or rural people; they want to increase city & government tax coffers at our expense. The green contractors don't care about the urban or rural people; they want money from anyone even if they have to make a deal with the devil. And to top this off, the government will take your money without your approval and give it to any other green or government group who wants to take more of your land. This is what King County and 1000 Friends of Washington and Center for Environmental Policy and Washington Environmental Council do best. They love to sue their own neighbors to get their green way.

The green illusion is that growth can be controlled. Green government believes they can make the cities more dense, the rural areas more rural and the bike trails longer. They believe they can draw an imaginary circle around any city and say growth stops here. In the green vision any obstruction of the free market is good, vis-a-vis, free market without green government is bad. What the green side is not telling you is green over control comes at a horrendous price to homes and lives of the citizens who pay taxes. In fact everything the greens are trying to avoid happens anyway and at an accelerated rate. Facts are rolling in on Portland and Santa Cruz and other cites that all this green group think is bunk.

The bottom line here is most everything gets worse when the green government gets involved and when green groups or any groups try to force their ideology on others. We have lots of stories in King County in the property groups. Itís pretty simple. Just ask yourself, am I willing to give up 50 to 65% of my land with huge set backs and limited access to my land for free. And then once the governmentalist and the environmentalist get their big foot in your door or on your land the Washington Environmental Council comes in as in Jefferson County Washington and extorts a deal with the county behind closed doors to increase the buffers to 465 feet.

In the city, traffic is worse, smog is worse, parking is worse, taxes are higher, crime is worse, mass emergency evacuations impossible, etc. Big city and county governments grow so big they become ineffective and politically corrupt. No one in the city or country wants to give up their car or not have kids. You would think that the cities would impose sanctions on themselves instead of on their country neighbors if they are so worried about growth.

The cities continue to annex the rural areas and grow, the green developers continue to buy up chunks of rural land to put up their chipboard homes 10 feet apart on rural land. Yet the rural land owners cannot subdivided or remodel without extortion, work on their land without loosing use of their land and being brutally threaten by King County and DDES. Then the county will use more of your money to hire others to help you deal with all the problems they have created.

This is a green government inquisition. This is a situation conjured up by people who can only get their way by force and who cannot live in a free society nor abide by the basic founding laws of our society. Nor are they willingly to share in the cost and suffering they created on a few rural property owners. These few who condemn U.S. in the rural areas are the self righteous and mean spirited people in King County, the DDES, 1000 Friends of Washington (Futurewise), Center for Environmental Policy and Washington Environmental Council, Washington DNR, Association of Washington Cities, Liberal League of Women Voters, Sierra Club Cascade Chapter, etc. If they want to park out King County they should make us a better than market value offer and buy a park but they cannot have both.

This state and countywide green government incestuous organization needs to be dismantled green brick by green brick. Shame on all of you who are indulging your green fantasies on U.S.

Green government self promoting organizations like the Puget Sound Partnership and the Puget Sound Regional Council are tips of the many icebergs that Washington government has floated out into their green sea which will sink the ship of freedom in this state. It is no wonder The Boeing Company left this state and is off souring everything possible. The question is not why they did this, but why did they wait so long?

Pig trough government only attracts pigs and drives off the competitive free enterprise. We property owners know who the pigs are in every county in this state and in Olympia. I can hear them oink before I see them.

Jack Venrick

Fed Up with Green Government Incest

Rural Land Owner

Enumclaw, WA