While cleaning out old email this attachment came up which I thought is worth watching again whatever your belief system.  It only takes a few minutes. 
This clip is especially more relevant when you consider the ongoing ......
+    increasing takings of the courts and government of God and religion out of public places and out of education 
+    the taking of our private property rights (the final straw), 
+    the taking of truth out of the media, 
+    the taking of peer consensus out of scientific review process, 
+    the distortion of facts regarding global warming to suit radical environmental agendas,
+    the distortion of facts regarding mass transportation to suit urban planners,
+    the recycling myth to suit environmentalist agenda,
+    the UN Agenda 21 Sustaining Development myth to suit globalized socialist urban group think,
+    the anti-fossil fuel green energy group think who place idealistic fantasy environmental controls over basic Economics 101,
+    the shut down of our national forests to suit big Eco clubs,
+    the taking of common sense via hollow environmental policies, e.g. Endangered Spies Act, Growth Management Act, Critical Areas Ordinances,
+    the taking of our borders,
+    the taking of our elections here in Washington,
+    the taking of capitalism for socialism,
+    the taking of tough law and order for being politically correct,
+    the taking of our highways and freeways for the myth of mass transit,
+    the taking of the rural majority by the urban elite,
+    the taking of taxes as an expectation of life style and standard of living for others
+    the taking for granted what great blessing we have been given in this country
+    on and on the takings will go until....
We all wake up and see the common thread in all of these takings and TAKE ACTION.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA
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