Is Your Home Safe From Ron Sims and Bob Ferguson?

I have scrimped and saved most of my adult life to reach my dream of owning a home and some land in the country for my family. Eighteen years ago I took the first step to reaching my dream by purchasing a ten acre parcel near Carnation and building my house on it. Then on October 26, 2004 during the dark of night (1:00AM) Ron Sims and Bob Ferguson took most of my property from me without offing any compensation whatsoever. It would now cost me over half a million dollars to get back what I had. If you do not want this to happen to you, your neighbors or your children please read on.

By Imposing 379 pages of new land use restrictions by a one vote majority known as the CAO all rural King County residents Lost their use of at least 50% of their properties (ordinance 15053 line 924). At least 65% cannot be used by the owner when five or more acres are owned (ordinance 15053 line 940). Not a single cent was offered to any of us for our losses. In fact Ron Sims and Bob Ferguson actually raised our taxes after taking most of our land. David Irons voted against the CAO protecting your property rights. Steven Pyeatt strongly supports your property rights. Protect your rights Vote for David Irons and Steven Pyeatt.

Ron Sims, Bob Ferguson and KELO!

Recently the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that local governments can use Eminent Domain laws to take your property from you and give it to a private developer for any reason (The KELO Decision). That means that Ron Sims and Bob Ferguson now have the power to turn your lifelong home into a shopping mall or whatever else would benefit their campaign funds. Believe me if they did it once (as they did to me and my neighbors) they will do it again, this time your home may be the target.

Both David Irons and Steven Pyeatt will protect your home. Vote for them!

Ron Sims, Bob Ferguson and the Environment!

Having lived the last 18 years in the rural county It is very sad to observe the environmental damage caused by Ron Sims and Bob Ferguson’s polices. Thousands of trees (if not millions) have been removed since the CAO was passed. Salmon runs in my neighborhood have been decimated do to county inaction. When local residents have tried to restore the runs DDES threatens to throw them in jail. To say that Ron Sims is a strong supporter of the environment is like saying "Any bank would be proud to have the accuracy of the 2004 King County vote count".

David Irons voted against Ron Sims Environmentally destructive polices. Both David Irons and Steven Pyeatt support true scientific solutions to environmental problems and not politically motivated solutions. Vote for David Irons and Steve Pyeatt.

Ron Sims and your right to Vote.

When rural residents exercised their right to referendum by quickly gathering over 18,000 signatures (nearly three times the required amount) to force the CAO to a public vote. Ron Sims used their tax dollars to stop the vote in court, declaring they had no right to referendum. In essence he took our right to vote away.

Both David Irons and Steven Pyeatt will protect your rights to vote and to referendum. Vote for them!

Ron Sims, Bob Ferguson on Inclusion

Both Ron Sims and Bob Ferguson claim to be "inclusive" candidates yet do to their polices the county has never been so divided! Meetings are taking place in many cities around the county on how to split the county into two or three counties. If they are reelected the county will clearly be split.

Both David Irons and Steven Pyeatt will bring the county back together. Vote for them!

So when you go to the polls on November 8th to protect your home VOTE FOR.

David Irons for King County Executive WWW.DAVIDIRONS.ORG

Steven Pyeatt for King County Counsel District 1 WWW.STEVENPYEATT.COM

If you live outside of the first district your home will be safe voting for one of the following…

District 2 Brian Thomas, District 3 Kathy Lambert, District 5 Orin Wells, District 8 John Potter

Feel free to contact me Chuck Wennerlind, Carnation WA.