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2020-02-27 Waco Siege: What Happened When the Feds Laid Siege to the Branch Davidian Compound, a detailed and eefinitive accountn of what happened there.
2020-02-10 The Italian Years of Lead: Could the Secret "Strategy of Tension" Foreshadow America's Future



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2015-01-10 Supreme Court to decide if U.S. Forest Service land grab is legal



The Jones Farm Taking Lopez Island San Juan Island WA
More than 300,000 U.S. borrowers are falling into some stage of foreclosure every month, according to RealtyTrac. And we see a similar pattern in other countries that have experienced major real estate booms and busts. Martin Weiss Research Inc.
2014-04-16 Millions of America are Just Itching To Lock and Load
2012-07-16 Wendy Birnbaum Law Suit - Orting WA Pierce County Municipal Corporation



Life Time Cost of Home Ownership



Thomas Jefferson Quotes on Parchment

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To give a man his life but deny him his liberty, is to take from him all that makes his life worth living. To give him his liberty but take from him the property which is the fruit and badge of his liberty, is to still leave him a slave.

Justice George Sutherland, U.S. Supreme Court, January 21, 1921


Home Price Divided By Gold

Abandoned Homes 27 Signs

"Remember the word "mortgage" is derived from two Latin words;
morte or death and gage or grip"
2012-10-30 Late Post More States Pass Foreclosure Rules
2012-08-29 Forecloser Lies Livinglies's Weblog

Bankruptcies by Jurisdiction

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Home Owner Suicide Sets House On Fire

20 Million Homes Vacant - Link to the version you want to read
2010-10-27 Late Post Think It Over In Your Pretty Little Head


Washington State Bastille

All Levels of "Government" have been intentionally designed to
make war on all property owners. The Freedom Movement is just
waking up to what the Anti Federalist knew in the late 1700's.
The Rise & Fall of Feudal Urban Fortresses
A 1948 Cartoon Outlining The Fascist State
Jacks' Open Letter to WA State, King County and City of Enumclaw
Muni Corporations
80 Years of National Park Service Abuse


State Crimes Against Rural Property Owners By Agency

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Government Sink Hole Home

Governments destroy property as quickly and thoroughly as this sink hole


Cost of private property stolen from an average house & land over a lifetime

Lifetime Cost of Home Ownership

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Homes Destroy By Banks

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  • 20 million homes are now vacant
  • 1/3 of home owners are upside down on their mortgages because of illegitimate taxes, usury & regulation
  • 3 million homes are in foreclosure in 2009
  • Bank reserve cash ratios went from 35% to .75% (3/4 of 1%) out of lust for power and greed
  • So called eminent domain can only be exercised in the "Federal Zone", i.e. government land, Washington DC, territories, military bases, ammo dumps, state, county and city land
  • The act of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Laws of Nature and Nature's God DO NOT authorize or give jurisdiction to the taking of private property in anyway.
  • If you are convinced otherwise, you have been scammed by the Matrix Man

Lifetime Cost of the Municipal CON
What is the Hegelian Dialectic (Must Read)
How to Handle Predetermined Consensus Meetings (Must Read)



Usury Demon
Usury Prohibited
2011-05-07 The Insider Who controls the world's financial system


King County DDES Rural Property Takings
King Communist County Washington is run by green thugs. If you are thinking of moving to the Pungent Sound, DON'T. If you are here, get out. Many property owners have been fined, jailed and their properties taken by nonsense.



Seattle Washington Citizen Alliance For Property Rights Tractor Parade 2006



Land Use Cost


The Army Wants Your Land & Your Life

2010-11-14 Juliette Mondot Documentary re. Army Fort Carson
Taking SE Corner of Colorado
Kimmi Lewis's Presentation - U.S. Army & TNC Taking of Colorado


Tank Taking Town

"The Pharaoh did not want to lose his Israelite slaves and servants because they wanted to escape and found a way to escape, but again and again, sought to deny and stop them"

2010-11-01 Late Post Busting The Myth that America is Free



Chinese Women Knows Her Rights

A Chinese woman, surrounded by police, stops a bulldozer from destroying her home in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, in April 2007, Photo: Reuters


The Little Pink House


Pink Houses - A David vs. Goliath Tale - Enumclaw Courier-Herald.htm



"Eminent domain" threads to a feudal, barbaric & medieval British King's law. Eminent domain only applies to the "Federal Zone", a.k.a. Government Property Zones. It is in conflict with all the founding and fundamental laws of the land, Laws of Nature & Natures God and all of the Avatars who have visited this barbaric dust plant.


Enumclaw Eminent Domain

City of Enumclaw EX Mayor John Wise, Enumclal City Municipal Council and the Franciscan Medical Group, a.ka. Franciscan Health System vote to take less tradition and more revenue for their municipal corporation.


A Documentary on The Abuse & Takings of Private Property


Enumclaw Eminent Dozer
Enumclaw Hospital Taking


Never mind there are much better places just outside of
the Enumclaw, WA Municipal Corporation "city" limits
with more space for parking while also offsetting the
increased congestion and accidents and the destruction
of family homes.



Justice Richard Sanders

One of the few protectors of property rights vs. takers in Washington State government , Justice Richard B. Sanders


WA State Foreclosures

"Consider the case of Wenonah Blevins, an 82 year old Texas widow, whose mortgage free
$150,000 house was sold on the courthouse steps for $5,000 to satisfy an $814 assessment.  What
is so incredible about this case is that Mrs. Blevins had remitted a check for the full amount
shown on her bill from the association but the association refused to accept her payment,
preferring to foreclose instead."



Prime Reading

A Table of Property Rights Supporters in America



Polka Dot House King County Taking


2008-8-27 King County Forecloses on 11 Rural Property Owners Access To Their Access Road



Must Read and Sing Along


Washington State Castle of Tyranny

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2009-03-01 Port Ludlow Voice



I am an Organic Framer Comments to County CAO Takings
2013-05-5_Jailed For 5 Months For Cleaning Out a Ditch!_(by Ron Ewart)
Your Certain Unalienable Rights - Your Birth Rights as a Sovereign Natural Born


Private Groups Fighting For Property Rights

Tools For Freedom


Legal Freedom Groups Fighting For Property Rights

Should You Hire an Attorney.pdf
Castle Coalition
Groen Stephens & Klinge
Institute of Justice - Washington State
Mountain States Legal Foundation
Pacific Legal Foundation
Your Remedy Is In The Law
Williamson Law Office


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