May 14, 2007

Special Agent-in-Charge

Laura M. Laughlin
FBI Seattle
1110 Third Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101-2904



Dear Special Agent-in-Charge Laughlin:


Chuck Pillion (Renton, WA) and I (Fall City, WA), in person,  filed a RICO racketeering complaint with your FBI agents Joseph Quinn and Susan Murray-Grage, against King County Government on May 25, 2005, just shy of two years ago.  In our complaint we alleged serious violations against King County government.  No reply.  On November 11, 2005, we sent the attached letter to the FBI inquiring about our complaint.   No reply.  Also attached is a draft revised copy that contains most of the elements of our full complaint, although it may differ slightly with the document that was actually filed with the FBI.  Mr. Pillon's name appears on the complaint, but I worked on several aspects of our own individual investigation and my research was added to the complaint.


So today, once again, we are inquiring about the serious violations we allege against King County Government in our complaint and what, if anything, has the FBI done to investigate those claims.  If the FBI will not investigate serious wrong doing and alleged federal racketeering charges by local government, then who does, certainly not the CIA.  And since the state Attorney General's client is the state (and local governments), they wouldn't be the ones to investigate federal racketeering charges because of a blatant conflict of interest and the actionable items are federal charges, not state.  So if not the FBI, then whom SA Laughlin?


Two years seems more than long enough to receive the courtesy of a reply.  "Yes, we are still investigating."  "No, we threw your complaint in the round file."  Or, "No we can't comment on on-going investigations."  Silence by an arm of the Federal Government, that serves the people and is charged to investigate federal racketeering crimes, is not only insulting, it is unacceptable.


Please let us hear from you.




Ron Ewart

P. O. Box 813

Fall City, WA


425 222-9482