November 11, 2005

Special Agents Joseph Quinn and

Susan Murray-Grage

White-Collar Crime Division

Federal Bureau of Investigation

1110 3rd Ave., S# 1100

Seattle, WA 98101-2983

Re: RICO complaint, King County Gov't.


Dear FBI Agents Quinn & Murray-Grage:

On May 25th, 2005, in good and honest faith, we presented to you, representatives of the investigative arm of the Federal Government, a comprehensive RICO (racketeering) criminal complaint against King County Government and many of their departments. In that complaint we alleged several violations of law, some criminal. It has now been over 5 months and we have heard absolutely nothing from the FBI about our allegations. One could surmise that our complaint went right straight to the "round" file.

Bob Williams, President of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, turned over solid evidence that there was fraud in last year's general election to the U. S. Attorney, John McKay, demanding an investigation. Mr. McKay has shown no signs whatsoever of investigating those allegations.

If local government is guilty of abusing their power or engaging in illegal activity, we have only the Federal Government to look to, who will conduct the necessary investigations and address our concerns and allegations. If the Federal Government will not act, we are left with very little other alternative but to watch helplessly while government corruption and abuse of power grow in a vacuum of oversight by WE THE PEOPLE, much less the Federal Government.

We hereby request a "no-spin" response to our concerns and our allegations, at your earliest opportunity.




Ron Ewart

P. O. Box 813

Fall City, WA 98024-0813

425 222-9482

cc: Mr. Chuck Pillon, Renton, WA

Mr. Bob Williams, Evergreen Freedom Foundation, Olympia

Mr. John McKay, U. S. Attorney, Seattle