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Gas tax by the mile!

Learn about the plans now underway to equip every vehicle with a Global Positioning Satellite System that can calculate your highway usage tax based on miles driven, where you drive, the time of day you drive, and they type of vehicle you own.   This system, under development for a decade, is now in the final testing phase using 2,700 vehicles in five states.

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Ben Bernanke tells Congress that a bill requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve would be a "take over" by Congress of the Federal Reserve.  He has apparently forgotten that the U.S. Constitution gives Congress - not the Federal Reserve - the responsibility for "coining and regulation money."

Watch the Federal Reserve's ineptitude and arrogance here

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The Rise of Global Governance will show you how the world has been prepared to accept Global Governance that Al Gore says is now unfolding (at 1:15). 


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