Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 2:58 AM
Subject: Washington's Dirty Little Secret

Washington's Dirty Little Secret
"An Actuaries Nightmare and the Bankruptcy of America!"
So told by David Walker, the Nations Top Accountant....Comptroller General of the US.

What Democrats and Republicans are RARELY talking about on the campaign trail...


This is truly an eye opening video, and everyone needs to view it on: You Tube.

Click here to see it at...

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernake validated what is being stated is this video.

The Fed. runs the system and prints the money. It also borrows the money to the US with interest. This is due to our Past and current Presidents spending sprees. It  includes their spending of all our social security monies away. 

The rest of the secret is, our Government is only paying the interest on our national debt, and nothing is being paid on the principle owed on it's/our loan to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. The Fed. owns the US.

It sounds like the current ARM mortgage fiasco, only A LOT BIGGER.....a giant financial disaster for everyone.

As the saying goes.... history always has a way of repeating itself. Was anyone around during the Great Depression, and is anyone ready for it again? Unless this current course is somehow changed, we are all in for some very hard times ahead. All at the expense of, and due to, the well-to-do the world's moneychangers and moneymakers...the Fed. and the World Banking system.