Are you a member or Veteran of the Armed Forces?



Imagine this... current and former members of the United States Armed Forces stand with the people to show their support for the message of abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to sound money!

Imagine, uniformed police officers and members of the local fire department standing in unity with us when we gather at our fed locations.

If know a Vet, enlisted man, police officer, or fireman please pass this email along to them or stop in to your local police station or fire house and share our message, remember they are Americans to and we need them on our side in the fight to save our Republic.

If you are a Vet, enlisted man, police officer, or fireman... please come dressed in your formal uniform or wear something that designates your service to this country.

America needs you now more than ever to take a stand for your oath to the republic.  PLEASE join us and please dress for the occasion.

The people are calling on you once again.

Forever in Freedom,

Gary Franchi
RTR National Director


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