Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 4:56 AM
Subject: A Sermon WE can all listen to!

Every American needs to watch this!
"God has inspired a wise man"
Here is a sermon by a extremely gutsy southern preacher (Rod Parsley) who exposes the Federal Reserve System and our fraudulent paper money system for what it truly is.
It's 49 minutes long and is very riveting. Please watch and heed what is said here. The BANKS through the Federal Reserve System, can create inflation / deflation and ultimately a depression at their whim. Our money has become an instrument of THEIR control.
For this reason we all need to get our financial house in order. No one is going to put this genie back in the bottle. Knowledge is power. Do whatever you have to do to get out of debt now! I wouldn't be surprised if the IRS attacks this guy sometime soon for telling the truth.
I personally don't like to watch most TV preachers, but this Video of Rod Parsley hits the money nail right on it's worthless paper head. This video should be watched by every person in America at:  
They print it, we borrow it, and we pay the interest. 
"We have been taken captive"
Pastor Rod states: The Federal Reserve System is a central banking system, owned by private individuals, is drawing profit from the ownership of shares, and controls OUR nations issuance of money. It has as its command, our entire nations resources, and it is able to mobilize and mortgage the United States by involving the US in major wars.  
The method that the conspirators used to defraud the American people, was to divide the Federal Reserve System into 12 districts so that the American people could not believe that this bank was a central bank. The fact that the Fed had a central chairman was said to be irrelevant.
After the legislation that created the Fed. was written, it needed a president who would not veto the bill. During that time, Taft was elected in 1908 and said, he would veto a bill that came to his desk concerning a central bank. He was a shoe-in to be re-elected in 1912, but he wouldn't go along with the scheme. So in the republican primary, Teddy Roosevelt ran against Taft on the Republican ticket, and he was backed by this group of central bankers, but he lost in the primaries.
So the bankers decided to do something about it in the regular election. The banks financed Teddy Roosevelt to run against Taft on the "R" ticket and divided and minimized the Republican vote, so that Woodrow Wilson a democrat who supported the Federal Reserve System and said he would sign the bill, was elected.  It's not about republican or democrat, but IS about the federal reserve banking system of our nation.
They print it, we borrow it, and we pay the interest. This is a PRIVATE COMPANY, an independent corporation and group of bankers. Woodrow Wilson did what Thomas Jefferson said we must never do, and he took control of the money away from the people and Congress and gave it to private individuals. We now had to pay taxes on the money the bankers (the Fed) loans our government. The Fed has never been audited one time.
Listen to his whole sermon....and pass it along to your loving friends...Pray with intent, and rejoice in the LORD, for he brings his truth to us. God's Blessings