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Time to De-Centralize American Power

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By JB Williams
Tuesday, July 07, 2009 - 1:16:20 PM ET

I apologize up front for the length of this column. But trust me; this one must be read and absorbed in total!

Drastic situations demand drastic measures. Democratic Socialists running Washington DC have the American people on their heels as they launch a continuous barrage of attacks on all fundamental American principles, values and rights. Their strategy of attacking on every front all at once makes it impossible for the average American to keep up, much less defend against the daily attacks on an issue by issue basis.

Democratic Socialists are working at a fever pace to dismantle the United States of America before the people can mount a viable defense, and they are taking no prisoners. They are well organized and well funded and American patriots will not stop them one bill at a time.

In the year of our 233rd birthday, the United States of America has officially reached the moment in history when the centralized power vested in 546 career politicians no longer serves the best interests of more than 300 million legal American citizens.

The federal government no longer exists at the pleasure of the states and their people, but rather as a dysfunctional global dictatorship, an oligarchy of 546 career political thugs ruling with an iron fist over 300 million dissenting subjects.

Whether discussing the House, the Senate, the Oval Office or the Supreme Court, the story is the same. Combined, they make up 546 national leaders who fit in to one of two equally unacceptable categories. Either leftists who don't care at all about the people or their Constitution, or spineless faux conservatives who don't care enough to stop the leftists.

The Founding Fathers knew that this day would come and they prepared accordingly.

“whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, [life, liberty and the individual freedom to define and pursue happiness] it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government” – Declaration of Independence

546 politicians are ignoring the fact that the American people and the states do not exist or serve at the pleasure of the Fed.

Unlike any other nation on earth, our unalienable rights are not arbitrarily distributed or redistributed by some centralized cast of elitist Ivy League lawyers interested only in feathering their own nests at the expense of the people. Our rights are endowed by our Creator and they are unalienable by men, including all false messiahs.

In America, every man is free to govern his own life. Only God is trusted with dominion over the affairs of others. The Founders never entrusted freedom to 546 self-absorbed career panderers. They entrusted freedom to the people and as a result, the power as well.

But over 232 years, specifically the last 100 years or so, the people have neglected their duty to keep a tight reign on politicians driven only by greed and an unquenchable lust for power. As a result, Americans are waking up in a country they barely recognize today and they don't like what they see.

Destructive of These Ends

“Destructive of these ends” is a gross understatement today!

As Americans awaken from their deep slumber, they find that the federal government has become so destructive of these ends that life has been replaced with a right to kill -- individual liberty replaced by a false promise of some greater communal good, -- and happiness is defined by 546 career politicians rather than 300 million citizens.

Americans have not only lost their unalienable right to life, liberty and happiness, they don't even have a right to a constitutional president anymore and not one member of the House, Senate or Supreme Court gives a damn.

Ideally, the time to have saved our free-market economy would have been before 546 politicians bankrupted it. The time to have saved the private banking and auto industries would have been before the Fed bankrupted them and confiscated control. The time to have defended freedom would have been before we traded it in for a false promise of free-stuff. The time to worry about constitutional qualifications for president was before Obama became an unconstitutional president. And at this late date, the time to protect our Second Amendment rights is before they register and confiscate our guns.

The time for serious action has arrived.

The People Must Alter or Abolish

Too much is too far gone now. It took politicians seventy years to put the most prosperous nation on earth a trillion dollars in debt. It took our nations least productive citizens less than four months to increase that to more the TEN TRILLION in debt. At that rate, six months is more than we can afford of this illegitimate regime.

Before we have no choice but to abolish it all and start over again from a state of complete anarchy, the people must take the necessary steps to alter that which has gone wrong and right this ship before 546 career criminals finish sinking it and we don't have a moment to waste...

The People are the Answer

Washington DC must be stripped of the power it uses to abuse the states and the people. The federal government was contracted to function at the pleasure and benefit of the people and their states. They have breached that contract and broken that trust. They now expect the people and the states to exist and function at the pleasure and benefit of the Fed.

Don't waste another phone call or email on one of the 546 elitists in DC - all of whom are part of the problem. The people are the ONLY solution and they don't need the approval of career political criminals to retake control of their country.

They only need their silver bullet and the will to use it!

Over 60% of the federal budget is now nothing more than unconstitutional waste. It will end the minute the people take back control of the money used to fund it.

The 16th Amendment is the silver bullet, but do we have the will to use it?

The Single Shot Solution

Complex problems require a simple solution! Complex solutions are never successfully implemented. The clock usually runs out before you can get everyone on the same page.

I refer to the single shot solution as the Donald Trump solution. Trump is a well known successful American business man. His true claim to fame is the fact that he has perfected the art of selective bankruptcy.

Non-productive entities are saddled with unwanted debt and liability, while productive assets are shifted to “keeper” entities worth saving. Then the debt and liability loaded entity is bankrupted, leaving Trump's personal wealth intact. It's brilliant! Our Fed is doing it with Chrysler and GM as we speak.

The same plan must be implemented to save our country. In order to save our union, we will have to dump some liabilities and some non-producing assets.

It's now clear even to many Obama supporters, that the leftist Fed is going to bankrupt every American unless the people bankrupt the Fed first. The tide is shifting... As of this morning, only 33% of Americans polled still “strongly approve” of Obama's leftist leap. 35%, a small majority now “strongly disapprove.” (
see trends)

The people have no choice but to bankrupt the Fed before the Fed finishes bankrupting every American with a laundry list of unfunded leftist spending bills.

De-Centralize the Power

97% of the federal budget is funded by unconstitutional income taxes made possible by the 16th Amendment of 1913. Repealing the 16th Amendment means instantly removing 97% of federal funding and eliminating the Feds means of directly confiscating personal earnings and assets to fund their Marxist agenda.

Prior to the passage of the 16th in 1913, the Fed operated at the pleasure of the states. The states collected and donated funds to the Fed for initiatives approved and assigned by the states. After passage of the 16th, the Fed no longer needed to serve the states or the people in order to receive funding. With or without the people's approval, the Fed was free to confiscate whatever it wanted from the states and the people.

That hasn't worked out in the best interest of the people or the states.

To reverse it all, we simply reverse the 16th which made it all possible. Without 97% of its funding and no means to confiscate any more private wealth, the Fed is instantly out of business.

The Power is Returned to the States and the People

Less than 10 states are in so much fiscal trouble that they cannot survive without federal funding. All of them are bastions of leftist leadership, rotten with leftist policies that have bankrupted their local and state governments, leaving them dependents of the Fed, or more accurately, the other 40 states.

The other 40 states will be far better off without heavy handed federal intrusions. Saving the 40 states is as easy as letting the Fed and the other 10 states that have already bankrupted themselves with leftist policies. Belly up! It's the Trump Solution.

As the Constitution will be reinstated by this move, the states will once again hold the power and the Fed will once again be forced to operate at the pleasure and benefit of the individual states. They have no money, no power, to do otherwise.

The REAL Power of the People

The real power of the people is not in their vote or even the money they send politicians at election time. It's in their ability to use their local state legislators to force the Fed back into compliance with the contract between the states and the central power in Washington DC, the Constitution. Read
Obama Re-Unites the States!

The Founders opposed unbridled centralized power, and now modern Americans can see why with their own eyes. So, it's time to de-centralize American power. To remove all power from the runaway federal ape and place it back into the hands of the people at the state level.

He who controls the money controls the power. The Fed's ability to tyrannize the people and the states is only possible under the 16th Amendment, which gives the Fed the power to confiscate private wealth at will. Without that amendment, without unfettered access to the earnings of others, the Fed is powerless and the people are back in charge.

Do We the People have the Will?

Sooner or later, the people will muster the backbone to do what our nation's Founders would have already done. The open question is - must every American be bankrupted by the Fed before they will get in the mood to let the Fed belly up?

The people have known for some time that defunding the Fed would force the Fed into constitutional compliance, or put them out business. But fearful of their government and its IRS, they dare not defund it directly and risk tax debtor's prison. It's no secret that the IRS has more statutory tyrannical power than the FBI, CIA, ATF and DOD combined. That's because without robbing the people of their money, none of it can exist.

But working behind their state legislators, who have also grown sick and tired of the federal abuses of power, there are no such risks for the people.

What Difference Can One TRUE Patriot Make?

The People MUST work through State Legislatures

The people only have to move their state legislatures into action. They don't have to deal directly with the runaway Fed at all. Just cut them off like a child addicted to self-destructive behavior. Stop enabling... If the people move their state legislators to action, the states will take care of the Fed.

More than 40 states are already working on reclaiming state sovereignty and rights. The next logical step is to cut off Fed power at the state lines. The most complete and immediate means of cutting off Fed power is cutting off their funding by repealing the 16th Amendment, state by state if we have to.

Repealing the 17th Amendment would be the next natural order of business, re-establishing a Senate that represents States rights again. Passage of the 17th - also in 1913, ended state representation in Washington DC. To regain state representation, state legislatures must reclaim their representative house, the Senate.

The states could then revamp their tax codes to manage their states without federal intrusions and the people will be much better off with local governments solving local challenges.

At the moment, the Fed is operating as a dysfunctional dictatorship running roughshod over the states and the people with the “strong support” of only 33% of the population. How long did 546 career political fools think 300 million Americans were going to sit quietly on their hands and fund this nonsense?

Obama's Fed is wasting trillions in taxpayer funds that they don't have, to bailout (buy up) private industry, all to benefit their union buddies and international socialist friends. They are able to get away with it only so long as the American taxpayer is willing to bailout the Fed via punitive taxation.

No! - The time to de-centralize American power and eliminate DC dictatorship over the people has arrived. The people and the states are fed up and there isn't time to defend this country one ill-conceived bill at a time, being rushed through congress before anyone can even read the bill.

The people don't have to stand alone against this federal gorilla run wild in DC. They can stand together behind their state legislatures. It's the constitutional thing to do! It's the single shot solution to a runaway Fed.

And once the people have control of the government again, we can institute a new federal government that exists and serves at the pleasure of the people and the states once again.

It is the peaceful solution to an otherwise dangerous situation that will only grow more violent as the people are pushed against the wall. The time for serious peaceful action has arrived, before only violent solutions remain!

Contact your state legislatures TODAY and begin to work towards saving this nation while we still can! It's up to the people to make it happen at the state level. If you want your country back, you will have to take it back. The left will never give it back!

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