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Subject: The Fed....Gross Negligence at the Federal Reserve

This really is unbelievable..........no one is minding the store



View the video at the above link.....
Gross Negligence at the Federal Reserve 
The drama unfolds slowly at first, so make sure to watch to the end.  First-term (anti-bailout candidate) Democrat Alan Grayson questions Elizabeth Coleman, Inspector General of the Federal Reserve.  The issue is oversight of the Fed's ever-expanding balance sheet.  Watch it and weep. And then get ready to fight back with your computer.
Then go here to see what Judge Napolitano and Representative Paul has to say....

Judge Napolitano makes the comments about Kohn's threat last week that interest rates will rise if the Federal Reserve's monetary independence is in any way threatened.  He calls it extortion.  He makes some solid points.  His comments are in the first 3 minutes.  Paul gives status update on HR 1207.  (Broadcast July 15th.)  Watch.

Ron Paul says the pressure has to come from the people.  May I present exhibits A and B.  People, please do your thing.