Every time I travel, it amazes me how many times I hit on a channel in my hotel room and get a program blasting the NWO -- at a church. I see local programming in places like Tuscon to tiny towns in Nevada dissecting world government, the FED, etc. Years ago it surprised me to see one here and there, maybe Tennessee. But, now, it's every hotel room in a different town and state.
Yesterday my niece told me that last Sunday at her church they ran a film about the FED and how the central bank is stealing America blind and how it ties in with the agenda for global government. I forgot to ask her, but they must not be under the thumb of the IRS. She said the film included so much of what I've been telling her for so long. She also said people at the church were shocked when they learned I was her aunt....uh oh!
This is rewarding. It's taken decades and now this financial disaster, but every day our numbers grow. Now, if we can just get everyone going in the right direction to abolish these agencies growing like a cancer, that will be grand.