Melissa -
As a long time customer of BA I have been increasingly concerned of the growing deterioration of the banking system and most especially Bank of America.  The FDIC et al guarantee are hollow, as the government also collapses itself into a sea of debt.  All this is on my web site here
Also I suggest you sign up for Edward Griffin excellent free online newsletter  He is the author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island" which is also a must read for anyone especially in the banking business. 
Please note page 7 in Martin Weiss newsletter attached above and the link below, this is copyright newsletter I receive so it is not for public distribution. 
I have transferred my direct deposits from Bank of America to Fidelity Investments effective Oct. 1 I am told,  and will be closing my account with BA in a couple months after I change auto billing and all checks come in, et al.
All this falls right in line with my message in the Brotherhood of Darkness Word 2007 pitch also attached which I believe I sent you before.
I have been researching and following this global to local picture for 6 years and networking with fellow rural property owners and the growing freedom movement.  Millions of property rights folks, 2nd Amendment people, tax freedom groups, ranchers, farmers, people generally fed up with government tyranny are waking up to this picture.
The irony is you have a great staff at the Enumclaw BA which I will truly miss.  You and your people are the best and you are convenient, however your bank is a mess.  Sometime ago I looked at all the local bank and credit union ratings around Puget Sound and did not find any bank or credit union which made me feel much better.  After much agony I have decided to "bank" out of Fidelity Investments which has been my long standing brokerage service with high Weiss ratings.  They refund all cash machine transactions so that will make it easier also.
As you probably know, Martin Weiss is the raters rater, i.e. he can be trusted more than Moody's and Standard and Poors who are influenced by the corporations they rate.  This information is all over the internet so the banks can no longer pretend or hide the truth.
Jack R. Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington