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Subject: Conference explores how to answer the feds

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Conference explores how to answer the feds

'What's next step?' after Obamacare, bailouts, vanishing rights

Posted: July 30, 2010

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Tom DeWeese

Valley Forge, Pa., again, will be a rallying point for American freedoms, according to the organizers of a conference scheduled there Aug. 12-14.

The event is the Freedom Action National Conference that will feature speakers including individual freedom, privacy and American sovereignty advocate Tom DeWeese.

The event will focus on the growing number of concerned, dedicated Americans who are finding it necessary to protest inflating taxes, the nationalization of health-care decisions, various federal bailouts of private interests, the increasing level of government surveillance of U.S. citizens and other issues.

"The question now is 'what's the next step?'" according to promoters

DeWeese said the event at the Dolce Hotel in Valley Forge will discuss what can be done to resist such moves to nationalize private interests and give federal agents more control.

"If we stand firm at home, against federal mandates and international policies, we can go a long way toward limiting the power and growth of the federal government," DeWeese's announcement said.

Topics will include biometric surveillance, "fusion centers," the Second Amendment, state sovereignty, Obamacare, new limits and restrictions on food and natural cures, why a Constitutional Convention may create more problems that it would solve, and the impact of organized labor.

The speakers include:

  • Six-time state lawmaker Rep. Daryl Metcalfe

  • The "Annie Oakley of the airwaves" Laurie Roth

  • Sheriff Richard Mack

  • Washington state Rep. Matt Shea

  • Oklahoma state Rep. Charles Key

  • Pennsylvania state Rep. Sam Rohrer

  • Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt

  • Constitutional Convention experts Chuck Michaelis and Larry Greenley

  • IRS experts Steve Hempfling and Tom Cryer

DeWeese's announcement continues, "These experts will not only educate on the vital threats Americans are now facing, but will also focus on action all of us can take to fight back. The 10th Amendment movement is catching fire as state legislators are finding ways to add 'teeth' to law rather than mere resolutions.

"Rep. Matt Shea will explain how it's being done. Sheriff Richard Mack is teaching local sheriffs that they have the power to say no to federal agents," the announcement said.

The conference also will have a "radio row" that will include the "Laurie Roth Show," Sam Bushman's "Liberty Round Table," Kay Beach's "AXxiom for Liberty" and Earnest Hancock's "Declare Your Independence."

"I have been an activist for more than 40 years and I personally put this conference together as a tool for activists," said DeWeese. "If you want to make a difference and want to win in the battle to restore our Republic then you need to be at the Freedom Action National Conference!"

Among those behind the conference are the American Policy Center, Constitutional Alliance, The DeWeese Report, FIRE Coalition, Gun Owners of America, Institute on the Constitution, Liberty Watch Radio and Restore the Republic.

Information is found at the conference website.