UPDATE - 01/08/09 - CAFR1 Video - "The Biggest Game in town"

It was apparent right after the first upload on 12/25/08 the "Video View" stats were being fudged in an attempt to block visibility of the Video. The article on the front page of CAFR1.com  per that issue locked in the screen shots of when the true view stats were reflected over a four day period. Those screen shots also show the effect as the video was stripped from view. Even in light of that, the video received 450,000 views in four days, on Jan 3rd it was the #1 Google video of its length viewed world wide and for January 3rd it maintained as spotlighted on Google Video's front page.

Here is the amazing part: Google has a massive "automated" statistics / search engine. To fudge numbers it requires manual intervention in "many" aspects of the separate tracking features of that automated statistics / search engine. It can be difficult to manually modify or strip all aspects of the stats and search engines results.

Here are a few unique criteria searches that shows the video "The Biggest Game in Town" still as of 01/08/09 in place as getting massive viewing world wide:

A search on Google video for a very common key word of: "The" which yields 14,190,000,000 (14 billion) hits on the Google web and tens of millions of hits on Google Video, the "Biggest Game in Town" as of today's date is #4 out of millions.. - https://video.google.com/videosearch?q=The&hl=en&emb=0&aq=f# 

A search on Google video for a very common key word of; "in" which yields15,360,000,000 hits on the Google web and tens of millions of hits on Google Video, the "Biggest Game in Town" as of today's date is #27 out of millions.. - https://video.google.com/videosearch?q=The&hl=en&emb=0&aq=f#q=in&hl=en&emb=0&start=20

On January 3rd 2009, the "Biggest Game in Town" was on the front pages of "Most Viewed" "Movers and Shakers" "Most Shared" "Most Blogged" but as of today the 8th of January, that record was stripped from the January 3rds date, but they missed one category of "Most Shared" where the video is still reflecting that days activity with it being #3 on Google video -  https://video.google.com/videorankings?type=shared&cr=usa&hl=en&range=d2009-01-03  (beat out Barney and was the next runner up to Zeitgeist, The Movie in 2nd place.

From seeing the stats when not stripped, it is very possible the "Biggest Game in Town" video may just have had over 1.2 million views in the last two weeks which for a video of its length and as a Google video over Youtube, it has established itself as the #1 viewed Google video in  its class worldwide in all English speaking countries over the last two weeks.

The People are learning the "Biggest Game in Town" one view at a time times a factor of a million plus!

Now let's find out what the People are going to do about it??

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