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Dear Reader,

I was doing my usual browsing of the Internet, looking for some grade A material to sprinkle in today’s A-Letter…when I stumbled upon this headline…

Bloomberg’s Offshore Millions

In the article, I found this bombshell…

“According to an extensive review of the mayor’s financial records by The Observer, even as Mr. Bloomberg was trying to counter the loss of taxes and other income from the richest New Yorkers, the foundation he controls was in the process of shuttling hundreds of millions of dollars out of the city and into controversial offshore tax havens that would produce nothing at all for the city in terms of tax revenue.

Aram Roston, New York Observer

While begging New Yorkers to keep their tax dollars in state (and in the “state’s pockets”) Mayor Bloomberg was quietly taking his money offshore.

How much did he move offshore?  About $290 million dollars!

I immediately thought of Bob Bauman’s newest book, Forbidden Knowledge.  Inside he reveals the secrets of America’s unofficial royalty, affectionately called the Uber-Class.

I’ve attached a letter that’ll give you a sneak peak at the Secrets of the Uber-Class, and what you’ll find in the pages of “Forbidden Knowledge”. 

It should make for some interesting reading…


Matt Collins,
Editor of the Offshore A-Letter

Former Congressman Reveals…

The Secrets of the

Responsible For Growing And Protecting The Greatest Fortunes The World Has Never Known

…And For Bolstering The Strength Of The World’s Most Powerful And Fiercely Private Families

These Secrets Have Remained Cloaked In Secrecy For Centuries…Until Now!

Dear Reader,

They cherish their anonymity, and don’t flaunt their wealth…happily amassing enormous fortunes, great influence and power away from the spotlight.

Very little is known about this secretive group, that comprises just 1% of the population, but controls over 1/3 of the world’s wealth.

In real money terms, that's about $22 trillion dollars ...which makes their wealth $7 trillion dollars larger than the entire U.S. economy!

And the further you go up the Uber-Class ladder, the more extreme and concentrated the wealth gets.

“The 25 (Uber-Class) families on our list are worth a combined $418 billion. Given the stance of secrecy often adopted by (The Uber-Class), all of the net worth figures should be considered at least estimates.”

Forbes December 2009

Just 25 families own about 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.

This may not sound like much at first…but consider this…roughly, 100-1000 people conservatively control that $410 billion! 

It Makes You Wonder…

What Do They Know That You Don’t…?

How are they able to own country estates and oceanfront homes around the world free and clear…while many Americans owe more than their homes are worth?

How do they insulate themselves from government regulations…while you and I live with Uncle Sam's threats of IRS reprisals, and Patriot Act snooping?

Because they have inherited more than wealth…they have inherited the secrets of the Uber Class…

The little known techniques, strategies and legal loopholes that make their wealth practically invisible, keep their rights and freedoms bulletproof and allow them to keep their most private details confidential.

For centuries, these secrets have protected the world’s most powerful families, and have helped them accumulate incredible “under the radar” fortunes. 

And now these same Uber-Class secrets can be yours...

  • Score a second passport from one of these two countries…without long waiting periods, any family connections or “green card” marriages.
  • The Nine steps to protect your most important asset…your home…with nearly unlimited equity protection, and a rock-solid asset protection strategy for your most valuable possessions!
  • The thirteen steps to ensure your email and all your internet activities…you can’t avoid…remain 100% safe and private…
  • Keep your money safe and ensure your banking information remains private with these six simple, sure-fire tactics.
  • How, in this one country, foreign residents can negotiate their own tax bill!
  • Pack your IRA with previously forbidden hard assets – impervious to market downturns…
  • The five easiest, simplest and fastest ways to obtain a dual citizenship…
  • Five steps to converting your offshore incomes…whether from rent, royalties, interest, dividends or capital gains…into tax-free income! 
  • The six different ways to plan a safe, and legal escape route from America…put these in place to make sure  you aren’t vulnerable to Uncle Sam’s Orwellian restrictions…
  • Ensure your most private conversations with your lawyer stay private…by learning when attorney-client privilege applies, and the shocking exceptions that aren’t covered that could cost you dearly…

It’s Your Turn To Grow Your Wealth, Lighten Your Tax Load, And Ensure Your Privacy Remains Secure…

Erika NolanMy name is Erika Nolan and I’m the Executive Director of The Sovereign Society.

Twelve years ago, The Sovereign Society was formed to help people like you protect your rights and privacy, safeguard your assets, grow your wealth, and secure your retirement.

Compared to today, the world back then seemed like a vast ocean of opportunity… 

Uncle Sam was distracted with Monica Lewinsky, cigars and blue dresses…

Fast forward 12 years and we are now neck deep in a very real Orwellian nightmare of joblessness, declining housing values, ailing investments and an ever-growing government that oversteps its bounds at every turn.

We can’t even move an inch anymore…without being taxed, scanned, poked, prodded or asked to remove our shoes.

Now, with the threat of more bailouts, and even more looming restrictions on your rights and freedoms by Uncle Sam…

I’ve asked former U.S. Representative Robert Bauman to use his considerable experience and his thick rolodex of contacts…

To provide you with the greatest wealth growing, asset fortifying and privacy protecting secrets the world has ever known.  

And he has with his latest and perhaps most controversial book, FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE.

Inside, Bob reveals the little-known, closely-guarded (yet 100% legal) secrets of the Uber-Class…including hundreds of the most powerful secrets, they’ve used for centuries to grow their wealth and power.…

If you are at all concerned with the safety of your wealth, and privacy…and desire a life filled with freedoms, and free from government interference, then...

The Secrets Of The Uber-Class are Exactly what You Need To Protect Yourself…

Inside, you will discover investment, asset protection, and financial planning strategies you’d never find in any textbook or even the most prestigious Ivy League schools.

Strategies like…

  • The one English-speaking nation that desperately wants to hand you a passport, and 50% off your taxes if you qualify…Page 85
  • Three advanced strategies to ensure your most valuable asset…your identity…remains yours and yours alone…Page 649
  • The hidden consequences of bankruptcy, plus when you should file and which specific chapter offers the best protection for you…Page 316
  • The three biggest problems any aspiring expatriate will face…find out how to solve these and make your expatriation smooth sailing.  Page 94
  • Eight simple strategies—from some of the world’s most successful global investors—to consistently find deep value and massive profits in any investing climate…Page 245
  • The one (and only) way U.S. citizens and long-term residents can eliminate U.S. tax liability on their non-U.S. income…no matter where they live.  Page 89
  • The most popular “privacy ensuring programs” of the Uber-Class…make your computer and emails virtually unreadable, and your telephone conversations private with these two programs…page 620
  • The ingenious, somewhat sneaky, and yet 100% legal solution that could keep your securities, precious metals and other valuables away from snooping government officials…Page 136
  • The four “must-follow” steps to protect you and your business from frivolous lawsuits…Page 345
  • Achieve personal philanthropic goals, slash your income tax liability, avoid all capital gains taxes on donated appreciated property, and guarantee retirement income for life…all with this one incredible structure…Page 353

Why Listen To Bob?

Bob BaumanAs a former U.S. Representative (R, MD), Bob Bauman has spent nearly 50 years moving in the highest circles of political and economic power. 

From trade missions to China in the 1970s to European private banking summits today, Bob has fought to maintain the privacy and property rights of U.S. citizens.  And along the way, he has learned the secrets of the Uber-Class.

He is a graduate of Georgetown Law School, where he earned his juris doctor degree, and after less than a decade practicing law, Bob served as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1973-1981).  

Since then, Bob has become a respected advocate for personal liberty and a best-selling author writing on the offshore world…

He has authored the highly-regarded books The Passport Book, Where to Stash Your Cash Legally, Lawyer Proof Your Life, and Swiss Money Secrets.

Bob’s iconoclastic ideas and writings have also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Review, and many other notable publications.

For the last 12 years, Bob has been The Sovereign Society’s legal counsel and contributing editor...keeping him on the cutting edge of financial privacy and asset protection strategies.

With the help of his vast network of contacts, Bob has filled FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE with secrets that can help you avoid nearly any hurdle Uncle Sam could possibly throw your way.

Secrets like…

  • How a small $300 investment could save you from bankruptcy…it is literally like outfitting your assets and wealth in a suit of armor! Page 319
  • Save thousands of dollars by not falling victim to these six most common offshore investing scams...Page 242
  • The chilling details of what the “aftermath of 9/11” truly cost you…including the sacrifices you are still making without even knowing it...Page 171
  • Discover the offshore banking secret that makes the life of the Uber-Class easier…including custom-made portfolios that would make you drool with excitement…Page 126
  • How to make consistent portfolio growing profits…by avoiding these four “hidden” risks your portfolio could be facing right now...Page 266
  • How to ensure your children and not Uncle Sam, get everything you leave them...even once the “death tax” is reinstated next year! Page 313
  • The eight ways an APT can save you from lawsuit-happy lawyers, scammers, crazy ex-spouses and ex-business partners…Page 322
  • How you can…legally…exclude up to $91,400 from your income taxes every year, for life.  Page 412
  • Three 100% legal options to move your retirement plan offshore and protect it from the faltering US dollar…Page 357
  • Discover the #1 asset protection structure of the super-wealthy…and believe it or not, it’s even easier to implement than a trust.  Page 336

A Must-Have Addition To Your Personal Library…

The truth is most of us (about 99.9% of us) will never have the opportunity to learn the secrets of the Uber-Class directly.

It takes contacts, access, time and money that most people simply do not have…

But thanks to FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE…you no longer have to spend a fortune or travel the globe to find these secrets…

When you order your very own copy of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, you’ll get the money-making, wealth-protecting and liberty-preserving techniques, tips and strategies the world’s wealthiest families use all in one place. So you can pore over them while relaxing in your favorite chair at home…at your leisure.

I’m sure you can now see the immense value in terms of security, peace of mind and new profit opportunities that FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE can offer you…

So far, I’ve only hinted at dozens of the wealth secrets of the Uber-Class…yet hundreds more are waiting for you when you order your very own copy.

Secrets that can help you...obtain a second passport for unregulated freedom, acquire safe, secure and private offshore structures to guard (and grow) your wealth, implement strategies for ironclad privacy and find profitable investments in today’s volatile marketplace.

However, as I’m sure you can also imagine…you won’t find a book like this in some discount bookstore. In fact, you won’t find this information anywhere else at any price.

Not even on Amazon. Forbidden Knowledge is a self-published title by the Sovereign Society, and will never make its way onto any mainstream retailer.

It’s the only way we could assure that this sensitive and extremely powerful information would get to you unfiltered.

The only other way to get these secrets…especially unfiltered…would be to fly around the world…

From Washington to London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Vienna, Panama and a dozen points in between—to talk to the offshore bankers, private money managers, international tax experts and other offshore professionals who are Bob’s confidants and chief sources for this remarkable and powerful book. 

That’s if they even agreed to see you (and not all will—they only take referrals from their wealthy clients)… you could spend thousands in fees getting the information you need just to begin to build a truly safe, secure and private financial future.

This makes 700+ pages of Uber-Class secrets, delivered to your door without any hassle, or wasted time—almost priceless.

That’s why you need to add FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE to your personal library right now!

All The Most Vital Wealth Creating, Privacy Protecting And Life-Changing Secrets For Just $79.97

Now despite the incredible value of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE and the sheer wealth of information you will receive…

I understand you may think $79.97 is a little expensive. 

But let me ask you, what’s more “expensive” or “costly” to you…

A small one-time investment, for a complete manual filled with little-known and life-changing secrets or…

  • Paying thousands, every single year in additional tax dollars that you legally don’t have to pay!
  • Missing elite global investment opportunities that post high returns…year in and year out for the Uber Class…while ordinary investors are stuck on the bull-and-bear-market roller coaster.
  • Not getting the second passport that gives you greater business, investment and lifestyle opportunities around the world and can help protect you from political turmoil at home and abroad… 
  • Never discovering the tools the world’s wealthiest 1% regularly use to protect your wealth, and instead leaving it vulnerable to scammers, sue-happy lawyers and greedy bureaucrats?

You’d probably agree that this small investment to protect yourself and your family against these and many other potential nightmares is easily worth it.

Just imagine how you would feel if…

  • You jumped on the next explosive economy and made gains of 100%, 250% or even 450%...or locked in a steady foreign currency deposit with profits off yield and currency appreciation, safely…each and every year…

  • You implemented the best tax strategies and put an extra $91,400 in your own pocket instead of Uncle Sam’s…

  • You fortify your business in a cocoon of the best asset protection structures, and save yourself from the high potential cost of a nasty divorce or a frivolous lawsuit …

  • You became the “smartest person in the room” at any party when the topic of money is brought up….because you know the secrets of the Uber-Class…

You’d probably feel a lot better equipped to deal with the challenges of a shrinking economy and ever-growing government…wouldn’t you? 

To make sure you have peace of mind…and utter confidence then FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE is exactly what you’ve been looking for. I’m giving you a full 60 days to look it over …

Our 60 day, 100% money back guarantee…

After you receive FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, you’ll have a full 60 days to examine this treasure trove of wealth and asset protection secrets of the Uber Class.

If for any reason at all, you honestly feel it isn’t for you…just send FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE back to me and I will fully refund the price you paid…immediately.

– Erika Nolan, Publisher

Click on the “Add To Cart” button below to place your order for FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE to receive these life-changing secrets —it is 100% risk-free, you have nothing to lose.

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Get Your Copy Today!

Here are just a few more of the asset-protection, privacy and investment secrets you’ll find in FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE

  • Earn up to $1.95 million in income—in the currency of your choice!—and tell Uncle Sam to keep his dirty paws off it…tax free!  Page 412
  • How to get excellent asset protection, offshore banking options and unbelievably affordable beachside real estate…with this (thankfully) little-known tropical offshore haven…Page 501
  • Discover how you can legally shield yourself from the unconstitutional Patriot Act!  Even as you read this…your personal banking information could be at the fingertips of some government agents in a cubicle…Page 60
  • Learn the five separate ways you can profit off this beaten down, and finite investment class that historically has offered immense profit potential…Page 291
  • The financial privacy strategy developed from the witness relocation program, and how to easily and quickly apply it to your own finances so you’re virtually invisible to prying eyes…Page 658
  • How to maintain your anonymity on the Internet, without spending a small fortune…by using this FREE Google trick, and social networking!  Its dead simple…Page 618
  • How you can score offshore banking benefits, painless travel and freedom from Uncle Sam…if your parents or Grandparents are from Ireland, or one of these five other countries…no matter if they’re dead or alive! Page 76
  • In 2010 China will flood this “Blue Chip” opportunity with Yuan…setting off a mini bull rush and a potential avalanche of profits for those in on the ground floor…Page  297 
  • The nine different offshore accounts the leading private bankers use themselves…and more importantly…which is the perfect fit for you.  Pg 133
  • Learn the three top banking havens of the world for 2010 and why placing your money in any of these three heavily fortified fortresses of wealth is your best decision…Page 176
  • Five bankruptcy myths debunked, including how bankruptcy…really…effects your retirement and your life insurance policy!  Page 316
  • Are you tired of Uncle Sam, love to travel, and hate paying taxes?  If so then the “PT lifestyle” could be the refuge you’ve been looking for…find out more on Page 21.
  • Discover how you can qualify for a full EU passport without travelling to Europe…in one of these two Latin American countries…Page 81
  • The five steps to ensure your offshore wealth is in good standing with the IRS…Page 410
  • Protect your wealth legally with these five specific, and profit earning assets you don’t have to report to the IRS! Page 157
  • Avoid these 10 travel tips that everyone is giving you…but are actually putting you in harm’s way…Page 669
  • Get nearly unlimited investment potential, asset protection, privacy, and liquidity…while deferring any harsh tax penalties with this one investment….Page 280

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When You Order Today, I Will Also Send You A Free Copy Of “The Black Book Of Forbidden Contacts”…

I want to make sure you have the best chance to be successful with FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE…whatever that means for you personally.

Now I cannot help motivate you to get started…but…

What I can do is make sure you have not only the tactics and strategies, but also the contacts necessary to be successful.

Just imagine moving to Hollywood to become an actor, and having a rolodex filled with all the major studios, and directors…and having an “in” with every single one of them.

Could those contacts give you a leg up, and help you become a star? 

Of course they could…this type of information could help rocket you to the top in record time…

The same is true here…because it’s not just what you know, but who you know.

The “Black Book of Forbidden Contacts”is your personal wealth rolodex…jam-packed with the offshore contacts Bob Bauman’s spent a lifetime compiling…from bankers and asset protection specialists to offshore lawyers, insurance experts and elite money managers.

These are literally the “Who’s Who” of the offshore world.

On each page you’ll find a contacts complete story…their name, phone number, fax number, address, qualifications, and  most importantly…exactly how they can help you accomplish things like…

  • Quickly and easily opening a secure, private offshore bank account …
  • Saving thousands on your taxes with 100% legal strategies the IRS can’t touch and top lawyers can’t crack…
  • Fortifying your privacy with unique spy-like strategies that make you nearly invisible…plus innovative ways to make sure your privacy is safe on the World Wide Web as well…
  • Creating simple strategies to protect your business from scammers, and crazy ex spouses…using easy-to-implement yet rock-solid asset protection instruments.
  • Investing with confidence offshore…not only making capital gains, but banking far bigger dividends than you’ll find at home… and doing it while keeping your money protected.

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And You Get It Absolutely Free When You Order Your Very Own Copy Of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE…

With “The Black Book of Forbidden Contacts” in your personal library…you’ll have instant access to some of the most accomplished, respected (and certainly most discrete) professionals in the offshore world…

Act now and, order your copy of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE for your personal library and get this very special report…absolutely FREE.

Think about how your life could change for the better…how many new doors could open for you…how your hard–won earnings could be protected…how you can legally keep more of what you earn and how you can finally rest easy knowing your retirement is safe.

Act now and, order your copy of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE today and claim your free subscription to the Sovereign Society and the Black Book of Forbidden Contacts to add to your personal library FREE.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button above, and I’ll rush you this very important book—chock full of the real-world wealth secrets of the Uber Class—today.


Erika Nolan
Executive Director of the Sovereign Society®
February 2010

P.S. Remember this is a 100% risk free offer! You have 60-days to read over FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE and make sure it’s exactly what you want. If for any reason at all, you honestly feel it isn’t for you…just send FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE back to me and I will immediately refund you in full.

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P.P.S.  When you order your copy of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE today, you’ll get a FREE copy of “The Black Book of Forbidden Contacts”…this will be your only chance to receive this valuable resource of vetted, leading private bankers, asset protection attorneys, international tax specialists, insurance and annuity experts and offshore money managers 

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