Okay, last one. It caught my eye because of the email I just sent about the FDIC and that "newly formed" LLC.
They do a lot of the types of property in this news item and some of the principles have past employment with Credit Suisse.
Like Basel II, just one, big, incestuous octopus.

"A Swiss bank with a drop box in the Cayman Islands makes a fortune by illegally handling financial transactions for Iran.

"In doing so, it helps an "Axis of Evil" nation skirt international sanctions for its nuclear ambitions.

"The bank then puts its ill-gotten gains from this scheme into the U.S. real-estate bubble, knowing full well what is about to happen next.

"It lends the money to wealthy American resort developers, who are too stupid and too greedy to realize they are over-financing their properties and will face bankruptcy when the entire U.S. economy is wiped out in a wave of lending fraud.

"The Swiss bank with the Cayman address just wants to ruin these developers so it can foreclose on all their hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, condo complexes, private clubs, swimming pools, ski runs, golf courses and casinos.

"It's an international "loan-to-own" scheme. And, no, I am not trying to top the last Tom Clancy novel.

"I read it in a $24 billion, federal lawsuit filed in Idaho this week against Credit Suisse (CS) and the U.S. company that allegedly helped it inflate appraisals for the alleged frauds, Cushman & Wakefield."

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