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Subject: This is a real BURN from the Libs'......China would like their money back

China Cold Open.....

China would like their money back!


WOW!!!! Check this outů.Lorne Michaels is a capitalist after all....

This is a real BURN coming from the libs' and is rated "R" for language and subject matter.....read the comments below.....

view video at: https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/clips/china-cold-open/1178451/

This is the best Saturday Night Live skit since the Palin/Clinton parody. Well done!!
Leia Fulstone 2 hours ago
Oh my gosh, that was utterly hilarious.

"How come all of your plans to save money involve spending even more money?"

Tydawn 2 hours ago
It's about time someone is waking up to this. Now that the honeymoon is over the media (except for FOX network) will follow suit, you can count on it!
Mofire 3 hours ago
Oh my word-- I thought I was going to DIE LAUGHING! SO true, about Obama--right on the mark! Congratulations Lorne and Crew-- you hit this one on the head! Obama is a fool-- keep using all the material he seems to want to provide us! How bout trying the terrorists in NYC? If that isn't stupidly insanely funny, I don't know what IS.
One of your best skits, but very true.
I used to watch SNL all the time. For decades! Then they seemed to lose it. No longer funny. And in the past year, cowardly; afraid to take on the Obama establishment and the constant "spin" coming out of the White House. I stopped watching. Last Saturday I watched for the first time in a long time. SNL is BACK! They were bold! They were hillarious! This is what SNL does best and they should stick with it... or their ratings will once again start to tank. Keep up the good work, SNL!
Renee11 3 hours ago
Tom Smith
This so true and so funny. It's about time that SNL start using all the material obama seems to be creating
Tom Smith 4 hours ago
David Ben-Ariel
Humor can often relay a message dry facts often fail to do as effectively. However, it's terribly sad and true the United States is increasingly a loser nation, especially with president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, Obama/Soetoro/Obama polluting the White House.
David Ben-Ariel 4 hours ago
Best SNL skit in a loooooonnnnnnggg time.
rod50 5 hours ago
Funny but so true its' sad!
Facebook User 5 hours ago