World Affairs Brief, October 2, 2009 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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Despite a blank denial by the FBI, it is now obvious after viewing the security tapes that the government systematically edited out the same section out of each tape--which would have shown the approach of the truck before the explosion. What doesn't the government want us to see?

James Ridgeway writes, "At the heart of the Oklahoma City bombing case lies a lingering question: How did just two men----Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh----manage to mix up a large bomb overnight at a Kansas lake, drive it into Oklahoma City and set it off at the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995? For a time, the FBI believed there was a third accessory to the crime, referred to as John Doe No. 2 and depicted in a police composite sketch as a muscular man with dark hair. Investigators initially pursued the possibility that John Doe No. 2 was in the cab of the truck, jumped out before the bomb blew up, and made a clean getaway. But then the government dropped all references to John Doe No. 2 [after revealing to some investigators that they knew his identity, Al-Hussaini Hussain, and that he was a known informant/operator working for the FBI]. Early on in the case it maintained that there was no evidence supporting the existence of a third participant, and insisted its extensive investigation proved that the bombing had been carried out by two main players: McVeigh and Nichols.

"In the July/August 2007 issue of Mother Jones, I wrote about a strange twist in the investigation: the case of a laborer called Kenney Trentadue. His brother Jesse, a Salt Lake City attorney, has accused federal agents of wrongly suspecting Kenney of being John Doe No. 2. When Kenney did not confess to aiding the bombing, Jesse Trentadue alleges, the agents beat him to death in a prison outside Oklahoma City and tried to cover it up by claiming he had killed himself [Actually, the FBI was looking to frame Kenney as a co-conspirator since he looked a lot like John Doe #2. The Bureau was under pressure to produce the third conspirator and wanted to shield the real agent provocateur who knew too much to put on trial. Kenney apparently resisted the government thugs who were trying to persuade him to confess and he died]. Kenney's death was indeed ruled as a suicide, but Jesse said his body bore numerous injuries that could not have been entirely self-inflicted. (The government later awarded the Trentadue family a $1.1 million settlement for its handling of the death.)

"Ever since the bombing, Trentadue has been fighting the Bureau and Justice Department in one lawsuit after another to try and figure out what happened to his brother. In the process he has delved deep into the bomb case itself. He has sought to interview Nichols, a move opposed by the FBI and denied by a federal appeals court. He has submitted FOIA requests to obtain CIA files on the bombing, with scant success [the government is stonewalling on every front, trying to hide the involvement of agent provocateurs]. Now his search has at last borne some fruit. As the Associated Press reported Sunday, the government has released a set of surveillance tapes filmed moments before [actually, they only begin AFTER] the bomb went off----tapes which have, until now, been withheld from the public. When Trentadue looked at footage from the various cameras around the site, he said the tapes had a blank spot in the minutes before the blast----eliminating imagery of the truck carrying the bomb and people in the vehicle. Trentadue concludes that key parts of the tapes have been edited out----an accusation certain to fuel suspicions that the government may have withheld relevant evidence in the case. You can see the newly disclosed footage here.",0,6351709.story?track=rss

This is clearly a cover-up. Some of these tapes that were edited were taken inside stores and buildings and would not have shown the truck or the explosion. So, why cut out the portion recorded before and during the blast? It is because there were two blasts, not one, proving that there were other explosives planted inside the building that McVeigh had nothing to do with. The shaking of the camera and/or sound recordings would have detected that. That is also why the FBI confiscated all seismic recordings in the area that also showed two blasts, and threatened geologists at the office with prosecution if they revealed what they saw. At least one talked anyway.