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 Man on a Mission - 911
  by Walter Burien

William “Willy” Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who helped save hundreds of lives, and the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers.

Rodriguez who for nearly twenty years worked at and for the WTC complex is also polishing up a brilliant new documentary of his own called, “From The Rubble,” which will be released in time for the 10th anniversary of 911.

I recommend that everyone track down this documentary and view it, and then make sure that all others that you know do the same when it is released.

It’s a brilliant bit of work—profoundly emotive, incredibly detailed, fact-filled and chockablock with riveting interviews with first hand accounts from WTC employees, firemen, police officers, paramedics and other first-responders.

Before joining the WTC staff, Rodriguez had worked for ten years as an aide to New York Governor Mario Cuomo, helping organize press conferences for high-level policy-making events. He knows the games that are played of Truth vs. Fiction.

He has been on a ten year mission to make sure truth wins out over the fiction we have all been spoon fed to cover up the crime of the century. A crime that was nestled intentionally within a contrived and vile political agenda allowing for massive wealth and power transfer to take place from the planed event.

KEY information per 911 from: WJB

The following is my personal knowledge from being a tenant of WTC1 back in 1978 - 80 and my own look at what I would consider to be the "connect the dots" as to the underling motive for the event. Please share with all 911 researchers that you may know. The following points I bring forward NEED to be the focus of "connecting the dots":

1. When the NY/NJ Port Authority presented plans back in the 60's  to build the WTC complex they were hit with multiple law suits from surrounding building owners to stop the project. The reason being was that they did not want the tallest building in the world at that time being built that could in the event of collapsing (falling over) take out twenty or thirty other near-by buildings.

SOLUTION PRESENTED by the NY/NJ Port Authority that got the law suits dropped and the WTC complex project underway was to build a center steel core that all floors would be suspended upon and in the event of a collapse the center steel core would act  as a guide post where the collapsing floors would pancake down in their own "foot print". The KEY point here is that the center steel core that was to act as the guide post would then be left standing. There is no way in hell that the center steel core would collapse simultaneously with the suspended floors except under one and only one circumstance, with that circumstance being controlled demolition. Even if for some reason a massive explosion took place that fictionally generated and maintained 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit and melted the steal core at a section on the floors, the top unaffected steel core would have toppled over and the bottom would have remained standing as it was designed to do so. (the powers that be back in the 60's, when they saw the population upon spoon fed presentation and marketing would get all hyped up and spend $10 to buy a "Pet rock", they knew they could present any story-line and the public would buy it)

This point of unique design makes it: No ands; ifs; or buts, controlled demolition is what brought the towers down. All other explanations are just fairy dust presentation to sway a naive population that is by design a masterfully conditioned controlled entertainment society..

2. After the WTC complex was built NY/NJ Port Authority found out they had a big problem. That problem was: Asbestos was banned in the US. The WTC towers were built with potential fires in mind and the inside walls and steel columns were sprayed with a thick coating (millions of pounds) of asbestos foam fibers. This was a big mistake on Port Authority's part.

SOLUTION PRESENTED:  by the NY/NJ Port Authority in 1978/79 was to instal a special micro fiber filtration system in the air filtration system of the towers to filter out the asbestos fibers as they broke down and then circulated within the building. If my memory serves me correctly they spent about 131 million dollars on this special and unique filtration system.

Additionally being that the asbestos problem was not going to go away, the NY/NJ Port Authority commissioned a study around the years of 1980/81 to see what the cost would be to demolish the towers. The findings of that study were disconcerting to say the least. The cost for demolition and clean up was about nine-billion dollars and that was not accounting for the thousands of law suits from people who claimed to be exposed to the asbestos fibers from the demolition that could amount to billions of dollars extra.

NY/NJ Port Authority though from 1978 forward did try to pass the buck and "lease" the WTC complex to another but no takers for obvious reasons...

The other serious problem the NY/NJ Port Authority realized they had was the towers were built to withstand 155 to 165 MPH gusts.  Keep in mind the towers had flat sides the size of about a hundred football fields each. If a level 4 or 5 hurricane hit Manhattan with "sustained" winds of 155 to 175 MPH, guess what was going down?  ANS: WTC towers 1 & 2.

Did you ever hold your arm out the window going 65 MPH and feel the 25 lbs or so of force from the wind on your arm?  Well, the force on those "flat" walls of the WTC towers with 125 MPH + sustained winds would be how many millions of tons of pressure? I am not a design engineer but those out there that are can do the math please do so. It was not "if" the towers would go down under those circumstances it was a matter of when. All tall buildings since have been built with a twist design to defuse directional wind sheer forces when hitting the building.

3. From 1978 until 2000 no takers on the NY/NJ Port Authority's offer to lease the WTC complex. But then in 2000/01 along comes Larry Silverstein accepting a 99-year lease on the WTC complex for 3.5 billion dollars. Keep in mind the lease required monthly payments only. I think it was 33 million dollars per month and he got a deferral on the first several months. When the trade center towers went down I think he had about 110 million into the deal.

So what is the first primary thing Larry does? He takes out a double indemnity insurance policy on the WTC complex. (Total of 7 billion dollars coverage). It took a while to get the insurance company group together that would underwrite the total amount of coverage on the policy but finally the insurance coverage was obtained by Larry. What happens next?

 *  I think the ink was not even dry yet on the insurance policy and down goes the trade center towers; in goes Larry's claim for seven-billion-dollars (biggest profit on 110 million that I am aware of in the shortest period of time)

** There goes the NY/NJ Port Authority's big problem of asbestos and flat sided towers that would go down in the event of a level 4 or 5 hurricane.

*** No billions of dollars of law suits against the NY/NJ Port Authority due to planned and "open" demolition of the towers that would trigger law suits from all residents in lower Manhattan due to
asbestos exposure.

Motive; Means; Staged Event; Problems solved!

4. Last but not least:  From before I was a tenant of WTC1, the military since 1975 ran constant air drills per protecting the WTC towers being that they were a known target to militant types who did not like what the US Government was doing around the world. The air space around the towers was a "no fly zone" to non-commercial aircraft. The Air Force command back in 1978 boasted that it maintained attack craft at the several bases around the towers and that their response time from "threat" to "Jet Fighter intercept" in the air was under four minutes. From 1975 until September 10th 2001 there were probably several thousands of sorties run in drill; potential threat; or genuine threat in the air. The only one day an intercept(s) were not launched with not just one threat in the air but four, with the Air Force having an exemplary 25-year record of launching within minutes an intercept on "every" occasions was September 11th 2001.

When I saw that back on that date in 2001, it was conclusive to me "They were allowing this to happen". Every air line pilot I have spoken to since then who were very aware of the flight policies in place around the WTC complex also agreed that the event was "allowed to happen". If they as Air-Line pilots had not responded to a call and were off course they would have expected an F-15 to buzz their noses within a few minutes. The flight logs of the military sorties from the military bases around the WTC complex over that 25-year period should be available if proper channels are used to secure them.

The 911 event WAS NOT the Air Force's fault. On that day they were told to "Stand Down" and not launch intercepts. They were ready to do so as was the case over 25-years within five-minutes of the passenger planes not responding to communications, but on that day, and only on that day, they were told to "Stand Down" and not launch. It was not their fault the event happened.

Hey folks, the gang that pulled this off did...

The gang that did this are connected at the highest levels and they move in the trillion dollar world of finance and government power. Their objectives HAVE been accomplished.

The objectives were not just getting rid of the liability from the design flaws of the WTC towers, that was just the first objective. The overall plan was to trigger the take-over of the Middle-East starting with Afghanistan, then Iraq, and all of the other dominoes you are seeing falling one after another over there with Libya being the "at this time" one. Additionally they got the chance to lock down the entire population here for under the thumb control and management.

This gang chuckles behind closed doors as the population is played as complete idiots while each step on their agenda falls into place. Have the players from this gang had consequences for their actions? Yes they have. The consequences have been the building of their fortunes and personal power bases.

What should have happened to the players of this gang that facilitated the playing out of this event? : They should have been drug out of their offices and been executed on the street. But then that did not happen being that we have all been masterfully entertained by design with distraction intentionally orchestrated to make sure there would be no consequences for the  gang of players that pulled off the event. Plus if we are to be a civilized society the old fashion way of  grand jury indictment; arrest; conviction; and capital punishment to the players would be the better "civilized" way to go. If the public ever figures out a way to make that happen, THEN consequences will come to play.

Keep in mind that anyone from law enforcement; Attorney Generals Office; or Government Commissions that intentionally cover up or protect the players of the gang from having adverse consequences for their acts become accessories to the crime itself. They too become subject to grand jury indictment; arrest; conviction; and capital punishment.

We are at war here folks. It is a war between a multi-trillion-dollar syndicate with unspeakable resources and tactics to back up their acts vs. a population who has been financially drained; sound-bite conditioned for cued responses; and saturated with "shut up; follow instructions; and do what you are told"

But then I have always been a believer of: Stay to the basics without being distracted by the intentional distractions thrown at you, and in doing so if the population finally gets the basics,  the education of the masses begins for corrective action.

Would the gang of these players threaten to blow up the world if consequences for their 911 action come closing in on them with the sword of capital punishment swinging over their heads?   They would probably try, but then I have confidence in our military to TAKE THEM OUT before they could do that.

You see our militarily is learning all to well OVER THE LAST DECADE that their job is to protect "the people" first from enemies foreign and domestic (emphasis added to the latter)  and not to protect corrupt political regimes from the people.

It is rather interesting that our military is being trained and conditioned to protect the people of the Mid-East from corrupt political regimes afar. I wonder when the same training given them can be applied here. From what I have seen over the last few years the people of the US are crying for that protection here to happen and happen soon.

On a last note, a day or two latter after 911 Condoleezza Rice who was acting as the national spokes person at a press event per 911 said: "If we only had known they would use planes as a weapon"  it is a good thing I was not standing next to her when she said that. My reflex punch would not have been able to be held back.

Sent FYI to humans who will hold those responsible for 911 accountable.

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