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Subject: Re: A Prescreening of Freedom From Water Takings - A New Web Page Documenting How YOUR Water is Taken From YOU

I've heard Fitts often on the all-night radio program coast to coast am. This bombardment is coming in all packages big and small. Here is a link to an article in yesterday's local paper:
The Institute for Ecology and Culture have tentacles all over the world, including Kenya and Indonesia. Nothing you send is unbelievable. What is unbelievable is this kind of global enterprise forming what amounts to cherry-picked clandestine committees (they won't say where the actual workshops are - I suppose chosen participants will be given instructions at the next drop site) will be influencing public agencies to the exclusion of 99.9% of citizens and the paper publishes it as if nothing is out of the ordinary. We have for years seen the murky public/private partnerships operating in the shadows but in the past couple years there has emerged a new brazenness. Call it a reserve six degrees of separation - people being distanced from faceless ruling authorities under the guise of public outreach.
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Subject: A Prescreening of Freedom From Water Takings - A New Web Page Documenting How YOUR Water is Taken From YOU

TO: Property Rights Folks, Evergreen Freedom Foundations, Friends

Please find linked below, a new web page documenting how water is taken.  This represents 7 years of incoming & outgoing email plus additional material .  
Please consider this a preview for your feedback. 
Most of this material is from rural property owners fighting to save what is left of their lives, family and property. I have tried to scrub out the email and names of everyone except those of us, who I believe, have made our views more public. 
If there is any material or names you wish removed before I make this material more public, please let me know over the next few days.
This material is certainly not complete.  However, all of the posted material connects to the same bundle of takings which root themselves to a centralized "Brotherhood of Darkness" which poisons our minds, land, water and laws.  Every week I connect to more people and takings who have experienced this directly, indirectly or both.
This material may be unbelievable to some of you.  I understand that and have been there before, uncountable times.  It's called a learning curve.  More unbelievable, is the vast network of ALL agencies of the USA, Inc. and other countries which have systematically taken over our lives using lies and deception. 
Even more unbelievable, none of this tyranny nor deception is necessary.  
Catherine Austin Fitts states the hard truth below and at the new web page for your preview.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, Washington
Here is a sample of what you will see at -
Catherine Austin Fitts
The central banking-warfare investment model” is really a control
model, through which a small group of people can control the most
resources on the most profitable basis
. Essentially what happens is:
Central banks print money and then the military makes sure that other
parties accept it and that the financial system continues to have
liquidity. The question many people ask with regards to a fiat currency,
which is a paper currency, is: Why would anybody take paper, which
has no value? They take the paper, because it’s part of the enforcement
and military supervision, if you will, of the network that is printing the
money. The system has created a fantastically profitable way of
controlling large populations and access to resources very cheaply.

Let’s say for a second that Mr. Global is in charge of “the central
banking-warfare investment model”: Mr. Global prints money and
then people take that paper and give him in essence what he needs to
buy up and control the
national resources.
The population is dependent on his paper and then he controls all the real
things. Also through the military, he can steal whatever he wants. And
organized crime is a very important component as well, because it can
be expansive to drop an army and to occupy a place. If he can take
over a place and buy that place with the place’s own money, it’s much
more efficient, and that’s where the drug business traditionally comes
in. It’s basically part of a model for controlling a territory with huge
resources in the cheapest way possible."
Catherine Austin Fitts
Catherine Austin Fitts is a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania (BA) and the Wharton School (MBA). At the Chinese University of Hong Kong she studied Mandarin. She served as a managing director and member of the board of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co, Inc. (now part of UBS). Later, she was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush. As such, she was responsible for the operations of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the largest mortgage insurance fund of the world.
In the years afterwards, Fitts spoke publicly about the degree of fraud endemic in the federal mortgage operations, trillions missing from government agencies and the connections to drug trafficking and “black budgets.”[2] Moreover, with her mentioned expertise, she was one of the first to warn of an approaching housing bubble. Her prediction that the ”strong dollar policy” would lead to a weakened federal credit is currently being proven correct.