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Subject: PS - The State of Washington Constitution That Never Was Preview for Feedback

Just thinking out loud what is behind this web page. 
I threw the maps in and the treaties because of the following.  After 5 years+ of threading through all of the orchastrated legal fiction nothing is as it appears.   So called constitutions are invented as the equivalent to corporate bylaws.  They  do not apply to the natural born.   These by laws are being used aggressively to separate us from our rightful position as the true sons and daughters of this Constitutional Republic making us the natural born state Citizens the new sovereign and indepenent Kings and Queens. 
We are the rightful owners of all the land for free with allodial rights. What has happen is just the reverse.  Combing through the congressional docs. in the David Carrol Stephenson material I notice congress again trying to assing a price for this free land to sell it to us.  This is more bull shit.  Homesteading gave it to the settlers with conditions they develop/farm it not for $x/acre but for their own blood sweat and tears.  One of the more intellegent Congress members Mr. Payson on pg. 847 brought these points up.  They were arguing how much to sell us OUR free allodial land, e.g.$10/acre, 1.25/acre or market value.
We have been conned big time and the vast majority of Americans do not have a clue.  I am trying to find more documentation to this effect.  The treaties are very vague and the so called enactments are even worse.  You can also check out some research on allodial rights here https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomToOwnLandWithAllodialRights.dwt.asp
There is a grass roots awakening in America.  We should have allodial rights, no taxes, no usuy and no regulation on all our private property.  The natural born have protected natural rights to own their land free and clear.  The principal can be contracted without usury, regulation or taxes and once that is fully paid, they should be given untouchable land patents with allodial rights.  Commercial corporate legal fiction enitities cannot have allodial title because they are not natural born.
They have turned us into corporate state employees against our will.
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Subject: The State of Washington Constitution That Never Was Preview for Feedback

Amy -
Yea its all a syndicated racket.  The more I research the takings the more I see the cancer of lies and distortion networking itself though all living matter.
Would you check this new page out below on my site and see if there are any obvious mistakes or other material which is not true at least in your mind.
I have been working on this off and on for months in-between changing Mom's diapers, dealing with my 4th corneal transplant, a titanium implant for a tooth root gone bad, computers going out and in the shop constantly, one dogs leg that have to have surgery, on and on.
I am trying to frame it up so people will get the drift at a glance and then can go into the detail if they wish. 
I am interspersing some of the key documents of this finding between maps of the geography of how we became a state to pull the readers into this debauchery.
Bottomline here is there is a very strong case we have an illegitimate constitution.  They threw out the legitimate one and completely rewrote it.  You can see what they left out.
Don't send out yet as this in development.
I would greatly appreciate you feedback so this is as clear and true as it can be.
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Ever look at this site? https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_globalization37.htm  It has a lot to say about the oil companies. 


NRDC is one of “them” (whose livelihood depends on our believing them) and their using Gristmill as a reliable source is like believing Clinton is an authority on morals.   You probably already read this from Freedom 21: https://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/illegitimate_government/abusing_the_system_through_ngos_and_csos_20100405403/.


Funny, I was reading the environmental section in my son’s 7th grade science book (Christian).  It tells of the make-up of water…how could we possibly be alive after having ingested carbon dioxide all these years?????


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Just the stationary heading duplicted itself for some reason sorry



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Subject: you must have a virus??? RE: Mean Green Extreme NRDC




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TO: Natural Resource Defence Council - NRDC

bcc: Washington State Governor, House, Senate, Supreme Court, Puget Sound Media, Friends



Dear Jeffery:


Sorry for the 3 year delay in responding to you.  It has been a tough go with health issues of myself and my 99+ Mother who is living with us.  Its my turn to change her diapers. 




1.  There is NO such thing as man caused climate change.  This is a myth created by eastern elite groups to take private and public property.  This is well established.  All the evidence is on my site.  This is over 5 years of research.   Man's contribution to CO2 is only .117% of the total CO2 gas.  Green house emissions are predominantly water. 

?    https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromManCausedGlobalWarmingMyths.dwt.asp


2.  There is no such thing as "alternative energy" because it is NOT economically viable and it cannot provide the power at the necessary commercial load to power first world countries.  Green energy only exists because it is funded by government which is based on fraudulent debt and taxes.  This is called the green triangle whereby government, green manufactures and eastern extreme groups like yours all profit from the misery of tax payers and property owners forced to deal with this gangrene.


?    https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromAlternativeEnergyMyths.dwt.asp



3.  Too address each of your issues



Your point 1 below:  Its all about money, profit and gain and control NOT the environment.  The environment is the tool.  Green extreme is based on junk "science", i.e. there is no science behind it.  The entire belief system is based on an agenda of illegitimate taking of private and public property by tyranny and deception.  The funding to propagate these lies comes from the national and global extremist who use it to herd the masses into higher density urban areas while parking out the rural areas.  This is called "Sustainable Development", i.e. Agenda 21.  This too is political junk "science".  The multinationals and big national corporations are playing the game because they created it for their profit and gain.  "consensus" is NOT science it is a funding agenda.  Engineering and science is based on  INDEPENDENT collaboration  of theories without extortion and pressure from complicit corporate state groups. 


You are making my point with your examples.  The corporations, foundations, green extreme cereal gvt departments, green manufactures, green liewyers are enjoined, entrained, complicit and colluding an agenda of junk takings going against the founding and fundamental laws of the land.


Your Point 2 below:   Again you make my point,  vis-a-vis  "80% of your funding goes directly into our programs" .  You have been so thoroughly brainwashed in believing your programs are goo, you are totally blind to the down stream collateral impact of your programs.   Your programs are destructive because they are based on deception, lies, tyranny, legal harassment and the use of illegitimate taxpayer funding, debt and junk political nonscience to manipulate a global taking of private and public property.  Your programs are shutting down communities, states, countries from the use of their own natural resources which give them employment and a means to be independent.  Your programs have deified and pervert what the earth has to give freely.  Your programs assume man cannot learn from his mistakes and make changes.  Your programs live in the dark ages where you assume man's "surgical" techniques were non existent.


Your Point 3 below:    Both of these web sites your reference are green extreme agenda junk environmental scarcity and fear mongering.  They are funded by one sided very liberal families and groups.   These families and groups have a stake in perpetuating big government at the expense of the ignorant and apathetic.  The grist mill folks are people who predominant have no scientific credentials.  They are funded by local Seattle families who are totally ignorant of the collateral impact of these nonsense green extreme programs.


The so called "NewScientist" is a British based publication that has little to no independent scientific credentials or basis.  Here is one readers opinion confirming this https://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/2006/09/a_plea_to_save_new_scientist.html


These two sites illustrate my point.  We are living in an era of intentional manipulation of data by the global and national elite who own the media, academia, government, and all those who are living on government.  We are living in an era of lies, myths, urban legends all used to separate us from our rightful private and public property.


You are so immersed into this gangrene you cannot see the truth.  I used to be like this too.  It took me 5 years to crawl out of the cloak of lies and propaganda I grew up in via the media, government, academia, et al.  And I was raised in a government family.


Wake up for God sake, you are killing us. 


Please check this site out to understand the big picture of how the green extreme are killing us.









Jack Venrick

Enumclaw, Washington

Montana State University

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.S. Applied Science

The Boeing Company

Systems Engineering

30 Years Service Retired




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Subject: RE: Mean Green Extreme NRDC Tries To Stick It To The automakers again. Fight back Property Owners!


Dear Jack,


Thanks for sending us your thoughts. I read almost your entire email. I have only a few comments.


1)      First, a response to your statement that “The only people advocating this are those who live off the grants and income that is generated by the hysteria, i.e. eastern environmental lobbies, government who get bigger fanning the hoax, academia who get the grants and green business who get the grants.” I would refer you to a quotation from the webpage at https://gristmill.grist.org/story/2006/11/11/23656/027, which follows. If the links below aren’t working, paste the URL into your browser and check them out on the original webpage:

“But if scientists are too liberal and politicians too unreliable, perhaps you find the opinion of key industry representatives more convincing:

?         BP, the largest oil company in the UK and one of the largest in the world, has this opinion:

There is an increasing consensus that climate change is linked to the consumption of carbon based fuels and that action is required now to avoid further increases in carbon emissions as the global demand for energy increases.

?         Shell Oil (yes, as in oil, the fossil fuel) says:

Shell shares the widespread concern that the emission of greenhouse gases from human activities is leading to changes in the global climate.

?         Eighteen CEOs of Canada's largest corporations had this to say in an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada:

Our organizations accept that a strong response is required to the strengthening evidence in the scientific assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We accept the IPCC consensus that climate change raises the risk of severe consequences for human health and security and the environment. We note that Canada is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Have the environazis seized the reigns of industrial power, in addition to infiltrating the U.N., the science academies of every developed nation, and the top research institutes of North America? That just doesn't seem very likely.”

A response to your statement that environmental organizations are only in this to get rich: Please check out our the following page from our website: https://www.nrdc.org/about/finances.asp. Here, you will see that 80 cents out of every dollar we receive goes directly into our programs, not towards paying our staff.


2)      Finally, here are two websites that provide exhaustive rebuttals to most arguments against the existence and importance of man-made climate change.


Climate change: A guide for the perplexed


How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic


I hope you find these links interesting. Thanks again for contacting us.


Jeffrey Young
NRDC Membership


From: Jack Venrick [mailto:jacksranch@skynetbb.com]
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To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Cc: NRDCinfo; Frances NRDCBeinecke; Frances NRDCBeinecke
Subject: Mean Green Extreme NRDC Tries To Stick It To The automakers again. Fight back Property Owners!
Importance: High


Cindy  - 


After sending me three emails now on the polar bears dying, mining is killing us and now the big bad automobile companies and fossil fuel, I have to respond. 

I love you guys and with all due respect, this letter below and the other two you sent me in the past, is liberal environmental extremism rubbish. 


The environmental industry is about as corrupt as they come.  They prey on innocent people by distorting the facts.  As we discussed before, there is no such energy as "alternative energy".  The auto companies are near financial ruin anyway with all the environmental and labor control nonsense.  America will loose the auto industry just like we did with steel and what is happening to the airline industry and just about any other business that can get out of this freedom forsaken country of socialism.  Increasing government regulations on anything is the problem not the solution.  America is suppose to be a free society not encumbered by bureaucratic and environmental straggling nonsense regulations. Both of these groups do not produce anything except more costs to all of us.


A young man renting above Mom, works at Pac Car in Renton.  He told me the new catalytic converters that are being forced on them weigh 200 pounds.  This green government nonsense has crippled their sales and caused lay offs.  The truckers cannot afford the extra price, weight and fuel loss of these converters.  They are ordering the older models and used trucks.  You cannot impose environmental straggling regulations on anybody without consequences.  That is why Boeing is leaving America.  The NRDC and all those who innocently support this green extreme taking nonsense are driving American business abroad. 





It is because of these environmental whackoes that are energy costs are so high and we have no property rights or any other rights.  The green extreme movement is moving America from socialism to communism.  They have managed to amass more power and wealth than they could have even imaged.  Check out NRDC and others wealth here. https://www.sovereignty.net/p/ngo/wealthy.htm


Gas prices are high because we do not have enough refineries.  When one goes down, like every year, gas goes up.  It takes 20 years for investors to get their money back on a refinery investment.  Who wants to invest with returns like that.  NRDC and Nature Conservancy and all the rest of the eastern environmental extremist cannot see beyond their own long green noses.  The 1960's start of the environmental tree huggers and spikers has shut down American logging, drilling, lumber mills, mining, use of private property, increase in government oppression, stripped away our individual freedoms and liberties, etc.  


What we property owners are experiencing is a tsunami of taking of our individual freedoms and liberties because of all this environmental extremism nonsense which has become a religion of distortion, lies, corruption, big money, political pandering, etc. Do not believe one word in the NRDC letter.  


There is only fossil fuel and nuclear energy for our energy needs that are capable of producing economical power at the heavy commercial loads our nation needs.  These are relative clean sources of power and becoming more so as technology improves.  To throw out hundreds of years of fossil fuel beneath our feet is like throwing out the baby with the bath water.  We would be thrown back into the dark ages without fossil fuel.  Our two Senators Cantwell and Murray have no scientific background and are not capable of understanding politics let alone how to produce energy.


"Alternative energy" was invented by the environmental extremist like NRDC and green contractors and the government because they can all live off of the public pig trough and our tax dollars.  i.e. Solar cells, wind mills, fuel cells, grain alcohol, bio fuel, et al are totally uneconomical and are not even viable in power production capability and Return On Investment. 


There is no "kicking the oil habit", it is all we have besides nuclear.  Frances Beinecke is not an Electrical Engineer and does not have a clue what it takes to produce energy.  And even if she did, she is only interested in getting your money.  She is very good at generating funding for RDC.  You have to just follow the money.  NRDC Action Fund is not about the environment, it is much more complex than that.  The UN, the eastern environmental movement, American government, political pandering, green business are all directly and indirectly destroying our individual freedoms and liberties and private property. 




Global warming is not man caused and has nothing to do with oil.  This is more liberal political environmental bull shit.  I cannot believe you buy into this Al Gore nonsense.  Check out Al Gore here https://www.cei.org/gencon/019,05394.cfm


The property owners have been the brunt of this environmental nonsense too long.  We are all over this for the last couple years. More and more Americans are waking up to the environmental extremism politics of raising money on urban myths.  Let me give you a few examples.


Here is a NRDC  web site to "stop global warming", by turning down your thermostat and buying their DVDs and books.  

This is fraudulent and total fund raising hysteria rubbish.  Any business pumping money out of people using Global Warming OT to shut down for false advertising.


I have read and researched global warming for a couple years along with just about every other rural property owner and we all conclude the same thing. 

There is no man caused global warming.  The only people advocating this are those who live off the grants and income that is generated by the hysteria, i.e. eastern environmental lobbies, government who get bigger fanning the hoax, academia who get the grants and green business who get the grants.  I have a number of books you can borrow.  Here are a couple of hundreds of credible source debunking global warming.





Here is an article by a well respected and credentialed individual, Jim Beers on "The Stench of Corruption".  He mentions NRDC.


Here is some more distortions and fear mongering from NRDC.

Natural Resource Defense Council
SCARE: A March 2004 advertisement funded by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the political group MoveOn.org claimed that mercury "is swallowed up by fish, and could wind up on your plate. Exposure to mercury can cause learning disabilities and neurological damage in kids and the developing fetus." Predictably, the ad included a tear-off coupon for financial contributors.

FACT: Judging from the mercury levels that the federal government actually believes to be "unsafe," most Americans would have to eat a massive amount of fish before they'd be in any real danger. (How much?
Try our mercury calculator to find out.) What NRDC calls a "dangerous level of mercury" is actually the EPA's "Reference Dose," which is ten times lower than the government's theoretical risk level.

SCARE: NRDC's website includes a section about mercury, including this dubious claim: "Humans risk ingesting dangerous levels of mercury when they eat contaminated fish."

FACT: The levels of mercury in Americans' bloodstreams are far lower than those in other countries whose citizens eat more fish than we do. For instance, 87 percent of Japanese men, women, and children (compared to less than 10 percent of Americans) have mercury levels that are above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's "
Reference Dose." And given Japanese kids' track record of outperforming Americans in math and science, it would be hard to argue that millions of Japanese children suffer from "learning disabilities and neurological damage."



NRDC does all of this for profit and power because there are so many people who will believe anything without doing their homework and due diligence.




Here is an excellent video of how private property is being abolished in America by the green eastern extreme. 


Here is another good summery.


All us property owners in the property rights movement are disgusted with this environmental distortion.  Check out my email attached above "How Runaway Environmentalism is Wrecking America.




By the way, you mention some time ago that you believed another environmental urban legend of the NRDC, that the polar bear population was declining.  After I presented you with a couple pages of data and links proving this was not true, you said you wouldn't change your mind because there were just too many studies showing the polar bear populations were declining. 


What NRDC and others living off of grants and public hysteria don't tell you, is it's NOT the number of studies that determine the facts and scientific consensus.  It is the number of INDEPENDENT UNBIASED AND REPEATABLE studies that determine the facts.  Any government agency, academic or environmental group can do a study that substantiates their theory.  We used to call it "dry labbing" in engineering. 


The Polar Bear scarcity stories are more mean green urban legends.  Property owners now have too much data from far more credible sources than NRDC or Nature Conservancy or the Sierra Club, ad nausea that show there is no Polar Bear problem.  This myth has been debunked so many times over the last three years.  Please note my email response to NRDC attached.





You sent me another email from NRDC I believe regarding how some mining activity in Canada at the mouth of some river was a disaster.  This is more eastern environmental nonsense.  Everything you uses in your life is mined is some way, i.e. it comes from the ground.  Without it, you have no life.  The earth is abundant and regenerates itself and loves to give us the resources we need.  Mining techniques have evolved to precession surgery.  Just as the tools of dentists, doctors and us engineers have evolved from crude almost laughable instruments to surgical precession instruments, it is similar with mining.  No business can afford to not invest in state of the art tools.  This is what makes capitalism so great.  Completion forces continual, waves of quantum technological change.  Mining is no different.  I worked with mining engineers from the Montana School of Mines in Butte and these guys are extremely sharp.


 NRDC and all the other eastern environmental extremists are living in the past and are fear mongers.  That's how they get rich.

Check out my email attached above entitled "Mine Your Own Business Web Site.  We watched this at our property owners rights group sometime ago.


Cindy, with all due respect, you are on the wrong side of this environmental fence.  This mean green extreme movement is no longer the good guy.  They have long long ago, gone too far and taken too much of our precious freedoms, liberties, and used our own money to rob us.  We property owners are alerting our congress, media, friends, neighbors and anyone who will listen. 





Example #1.  Here is an extract from a recent email of a property owner in our property rights group.  Bottom line, it appears Washington State has an employee who does not think we should have horses in western Washington and they all should be in Ellensburg. 


"Now my husband still thought there might be "hope" and went and spoke to the little gray head and asked her something about horses which we have.  She then said that "horses should not be in Western Washington since she had a horse as a child (which was not yesterday) and that horses could not live in Western Washington.  Since the meeting was over I asked "why" and she said that Western Washington has too high a water table for horses.  I mentioned to her that many wells in Western Washington are as much as 600 or 700 feet deep and if the that area had a high water table would that be reflected.  I mentioned that most wells seem to be 300 or more feet deep and that too would seem to dismiss the high water table.  I also mentioned that every horse owner that I know feeds hay and grain all year long to their horses here and in Eastern Washington as well.  "In Eastern Washington they do not need to feed hay."  I then told her that "my friends to not have range horses."  I then asked her where the thousands and thousands of Western Washington horses should go and she looked around and looked at my husband who was also waiting for the answer.  She then said "Ellensburg."  My husband turned and left the building and when outside he said "these people have no idea what in the world they are doing or talking about."  Being somewhat different from my Jack I did say "told you they did not know shit from shine o la."


Now what was she doing with the State guys?  I will have to see if anyone knows about that.  She was introduced as being from State."


Example #2.   I recently attended a King County Ag Commission of some 14 rural property owners along with some of our Citizen Alliance For Property Rights after we were tipped off that something strange was being pushed through.  At least two rural property owners and a number of the King County Staff were trying to push through a proposal, without public notice of course, to restrict the size of a house on 5 areas in rural King County of no more than 1950 sq. ft.



You have to understand that environmentalism is no longer nice, if there ever was.  It has become a systemic cancer in every branch of government especially the judicial, legislative and executive branches of our federal, state, county and city governments plus the pandering green business and environmental companies that live off of the public pig trough.  It is all about money and power and it is taking every individual freedom and liberty we have. 


Washington State and King County government are as corrupt as the come.  Most of the cites are takers also.  They are all driven to take our individual freedoms and liberties, our money, our due process, our constitutional rights, our land, our homes, our animals, our privacy.  Every time you try to regulate, legislate, judicate or administrate someone else to get what you want, you straggle everyone else.  That is what I have learned in the last two years working with all the rural property owners.




We all must go back to a totally free society with very limited government, preferably no government.  When you force others to do your bidding, you no longer have a free society.  America is in the throws of going from socialism to communism because everybody is meddling in each others business vs. minding their own dam business.  It is time to say hell no to anymore of this green gagging government nonsense.




With Love,


Jack Venrick

The Boeing Company

Retired - 30 years Service

B.S. Electrical Engineering

M.S. Applied Science -

Industrial Engineering

Business Administration

Montana State University






Dear C.,

Grab your phone! The U.S. Senate will cast a vote tonight or
tomorrow that will determine whether America starts kicking the
oil habit and breaking the automakers' stranglehold on our
environmental future.

At long last, the Senate is on the verge of passing an energy
bill that would improve fuel economy standards for our
gas-guzzling nation. The vast majority of Americans want these
tougher standards -- to break our oil addiction, slash global
warming pollution and save billions of dollars at the pump.

But the auto giants are not about to surrender their hammerlock
on your car, your environment and your wallet without a fight.
They've engineered an amendment that would throw America into
full reverse.

Compared to the 35 mpg standard in the energy bill, their
Pryor-Levin-Bond Amendment would raise our gasoline bill (by
$31 billion) . . . worsen our addiction to oil (by 800,000
barrels per day) . . . and increase global warming pollution
(equal to 20 million more cars and trucks!).

Fight back by calling your two Senators tonight if at all
possible -- or else Friday morning:

Senator Maria Cantwell
(202) 224-3441

Senator Patty Murray
(202) 224-2621

Your Senators' staffers will be happy to register your opinion
on this fast-moving amendment. Urge your Senators:

* Vote NO on the Pryor-Levin-Bond amendment to the energy bill

* If the Pryor-Levin-Bond amendment passes, then vote NO on the
energy bill (H.R. 6).

If you get your Senator's answering machine, please leave a
message opposing the amendment. If the voice mailbox is full,
please try again Friday morning. Every call counts!

After you've placed your call, please reply to this email
message so we can track the progress of our campaign on Capitol

We've waited two decades for Congress to pass legislation that
could start breaking the chains of our enslavement to oil. We
have a rare opportunity to do that this week -- if we can beat
back this disastrous amendment.

Call your Senators now. Tell them to obey the will of the
people, not the bidding of the car companies!


Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund

. . .

If you would prefer not to receive NRDC Action Fund updates, you
can reply to this email message with "remove" or "unsubscribe"
in the subject line. To update your information, including your
email or mailing address, visit your subscription management
page at https://www.nrdconline.org/actionfund/smp.tcl?nkey=we6g686r1wj8im7&.

The NRDC Action Fund is the 501(c)(4) affiliate of the Natural
Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

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Subject: Fwd: The automakers want to stick it to you again. Fight back!


From NRDC................


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