July 11, 2007


Tom Cryer and Becraft Best the DOJ

According to our court-watcher we can tell you the following:

At the start of the trial the DOJ withdrew the felony charges, leaving two counts of willful failure to file.

The Constitution and the law were allowed into the courtroom. Although Cryer was able to tell the jury what he read, he was not allowed to show the jury what he read. Cryer was also able to tell the jury what he did not read in the law because he could not find it in the law - the law that made him liable to file and pay the federal income tax. 

Tom did a good job of explaining to the jury what he read in the Brushhaber, Stanton and Eisner Supreme Court cases about the legal meaning of the word "income" and what he read in the Internal Revenue Code - everything but the law that required him to file. Tom had asked the IRS to show him the law that made him liable but the IRS did not respond.  

Larry Becraft's closing arguments were "flawless." 

Compared to the judges in the Simkanin and Schiff cases, Cryer's judge was "Cinderella."

Congratulations Tom and Larry. We are looking forward to your full report.  

More details to follow on our website.
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