October 3, 2007
Schulz to Speak at California
Freedom Conference

The director of We The People, Robert Schulz, will be speaking at the 2007 Tax Freedom Rally in Sacramento California. The event is October 19-21, 2007.

He will be joined by many authors researchers and attorneys on the subject of taxes and freedom and the US Constitution.  Victor against the IRS Attorney Tom Cryer, former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister, constitutional attorney Larry Becraft, former IRS agent Sherry Jackson, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, 911 video producer David VonKleist, Dave Champion, Rae Copitka & Loma Wharton on county lien procedures, and the Award Banquet speaker Tom DeWeese on the North American Union.

The event is being hosted by the Free Enterprise Society. For more information go to www.FreeEnterpriseSociety.com.

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