Roni -
Sales taxes are an indirect tax which cannot be legitimately applied directly upon natural born sovereign state Citizens. 
Property taxes currently applied are also unconstitutional as they are not apportioned by every man, women and child.  At least 4 high state courts have so ruled.
The current so call 16th Amendment "Income Tax" is an indirect tax that may only be applied to legal fiction corporation.  Our high courts have ruled on this several times to this effect.  The 16th Amendment never changed the tax laws at the time when it was ratified in 19143 our US Supreme Court ruled.  The 16th Amendment was also never fully ratified, i.e. it never received the necessary 3/4 votes of the then 48 states.
The only time a direct tax may be laid upon the people is during a grave emergency, apportioned evenly to every man, women and child, as a temporary measure and then for 1/4 to 2% max.  There is also a school of thought that these were to only be voluntary.  This was hotly debated during the Constitutional Conventions and skullduggery arose to push this through.  It is also illegitimate.  If you read my advance copy I sent you of the Corruption of the Constitutional Convention.
The legitimate and more than sufficient sources of government revenue are -
  1. uniform indirect taxes,
  2. customs/duties/imposts
  3. sale and lease of state natural resources
  4. the authority to print money, gold & silver based, fractionalized low percent
  5. The sick irony is that the government does not need to tax the natural born sovereign state Citizens because...
The natural born sovereign and free state Citizens cannot be legitimately touched or taxed.  The government employees can be since Congress and the state legislatures rule them as they do rule over the territories.
If the Laws of Nature and Natures God would rise again over the dark side, the natural born, sovereign state Citizens would be free.  This is how it was from 1776 to 1913 more or less. 
I have attached some prior emails on this research FYI.
Flat taxes, VAT taxes, "Fair" Taxes, sales taxes upon the natural born sovereign and free state Citizens are unconstitutional and go against The Laws of Nature and Natures God. 
Think of it this way, if you allow anyone to get into your pockets, you have undermined all of your rights.  The act of directly taxing a free person is an oxymoron. 
The dark side wants to convince you own them your private property including your wages.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
Not only are direct and indirect taxes applied directly to the natural born sovereign state Citizens unconstitutional, they are NOT NECESSARY.
Jack Venrick'
Enumclaw, Washington
“The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly
self-administered by its victims. The most
perfect slaves are, therefore, those which
blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.”
"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional
 to how deeply the lie was believed.  It wasn't the
world being round that agitated people, but that
 the world wasn't flat.
When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold
gradually to the masses over generations,
 the truth will seem utterly preposterous and
its speaker a raving lunatic"
(Dresden James, Author)
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Subject: Challenge to Congress: Institute fair sales tax by Roni Sylvester

The Greeley Tribune
Friday, November 14, 2008

Challenge to Congress: Institute fair sales tax

To Betsy Markey winner of the 4th Congressional seat in Colorado, we have a challenge for you.

Being editor of for the past two years has given me a real opportunity to hear uncensored heartfelt concerns from individuals who are Democrat, Republican, Independent, liberal, conservative and Libertarian, and cross over all social economic levels, professions, religions, ethnicity and gender.

What have I learned? We share a common and deep anger over the way we're taxed; i.e. federal income tax.

Recognizing the necessity for national security, international trade policies, skyways and byways, none begrudge paying taxes, but abhor facts including: Takes the federal government 70 cents to process one dollar of one's income; breeds corruption in both the prospective receivers and distributors of the remaining 30 cents; banishes incentive to develop a product and subsequent business; enables IRS agents to use mobster collection tactics; opens doors for non-profits like The Nature Conservancy and Defenders of Wildlife to lobby with profits gained via government grants and private contributions; unnecessarily creates and maintains a class warfare that strengthens the socialistic march on America.

Here's our challenge:

Go to Congress and fiercely push to transition out income tax, and replace with a fair form of sales tax.

The mathematics of, for example, a 17 percent sales tax, would bear out the best form of wealth redistribution.


When the wealthy guy or gal buys a Lear Jet at a cost of $50 million, he or she would pay a 17 percent sales tax, or approximately 8.5 million, which would most likely exceed the amount they'd pay at a 60-percent rate of their annual income.

Comparatively, when Joe the Plumber buys a $100 wrench, he'll pay $17 sales tax bringing his one time cost to $117. Using his new $117 wrench he could make $240 in one day, leaving him wholly keepable net income of $123.

His income would grow to such an extent he'd naturally buy more goods and maybe hire employees.

You can clearly see the phenomenally positive ripple affect this would have on America's economy.

Food and medical should be exempt from sales tax. What can be more equitable and compassionate than that?

An agreement between states and the federal government would establish states receiving a certain percentage out of this federal sales tax. No carrots dangled, just a straightforward agreement that would honor states rights to take care of its own unique needs.

After all, history has born out how economically imprudent and cantankerously unreasonable it can be for a senator from New York to tell Wyoming how to run cattle, or a Senator from Wyoming to dictate to New York how it should run Broadway musicals.

Eliminating income tax and replacing it with a sales tax, would grow a larger willing base of contributors to needy than any government mandate.

I believe the human spirit is innately loving and giving. Contrarily, the federal government is not.

Markey, please heed these words that come from the diverse hearts and minds of many throughout Colorado.

We will keep pushing and encouraging you to follow through on our fair sales tax request.

Failing our request leaves us with another choice, and that is to have me run for your seat in 2010.

<i>Roni Sylvester lives with her husband, Chuck, on his century farm on the South Platte River in La Salle.</i>