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Thanks Jack.  Just found this on Restore the Republic:


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About 25 years ago a guy told me I could do anything I wanted if I could take the heat in court. He was right! I found out that there is no law, yes that’s right, NO LAW, and the only way I could take the heat, was to know more than the cops, judges and lawyers. More what? More ways to get the case dismissed than they knew how to keep the case going.

Although it takes more than sending emails and watching a few videos, once one learns the “word game” and how it is played, your rights, freedom and liberty can be yours…but you must take action!

The remedy, along with honest money, is for each individual to understand their role in government, to protect personal constitutional rights, through the exercise of Judicial Power.

A lawyer cannot, will not, and does not exercise Judicial Power. It's up to us!

For those who have known about the corporate takeover through the federal reserve system and the dual jurisdiction of the Constitution for more than a year or so, it's time to stop preaching to the choir, sending emails telling everyone to wake up and generally rehashing the same old story line! It's time to DO SOMETHING!

It's time to learn how to exercise the power we have through the Judicial Branch of Government. This means YOU must learn how the COURT works and what the words mean and how to protect your rights. Get a Black's Law Dictionary. Preferably 6th Edition or before.

We must know more than the cops, lawyers and judges. It takes real thought and study…not just forwarding emails with a bunch of rah, rah, crap. Each person is going to have to learn how to defend their rights in court…with words. One way or the other, we had better get studying!

Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1856 Edition index:https://www.jusbelli.com/Bouvier/bouvier1856idx.html

Black's Law Dictionary 1st & 2nd Editions:https://www.zavvi.de/blackslaw/

Online Law Library at TruthAttack: