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The evolving nature of today's world means much change for us as Free Americans. Now, more than any other point in our history, we have the opportunity to communicate, organize, rally, and retrieve information better than any other time in the past. In light of this fact, Freedom Law School knows that we too must keep up with the times, and make sure we are able to communicate with you, our loyal Freedom-Seeker, in order to make sure our message of Freedom and Liberty reaches a maximum audience. 

Freedom Law School will do relaunch on all of our platforms in order to get our message to a broader audience. This means a revamp of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), email marketing, blogging, and general outreach. This change means so much to the goal of Freedom Law School to restore America to the way our Founding Fathers visioned for us. We will continue our fight against the IRS, and we will continue to do battle in the legal system to implement change, but it's going to take a larger effort from us to reach as many people as we can reach in order to do this. We plan to share more of our victories over the IRS and state tax agencies. We also will to continue to travel the country to hold seminars and conferences to bring the best speakers and lectures for your education!

There is only one call to action in this email: tell one (just one!) person about Freedom Law School. Tell them about our Facebook, our website, our YouTube...anything! Call us to get a free information packet. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter...there are so many options! Tell them to get ready for the new and improved Freedom Law School...and following now will get them in for all the action from the start!


Freedom Law School 

PS: Don't forget our free weekly conference call every Tuesday night starting at 6pm - 712-432-3900 (ext: 460421)

9582 Buttemere Rd, Phelan, CA 92371, USA

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