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Operation Save America - Mission Accomplished

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Because of Tom...

As you may know by now, Tom Cryer passed away during the wee hours of the morning of Monday, June 4th. He was supposed to have been interviewed by Joyce Riley of the Power Hour on that morning. When he did not call in just before 9:00 A.M. EST, the producer call his home. His wife answered, I'm sure totally devastated, and gave the sad news. Joyce had interviewed me the Friday before and we were both excited about his sharing of the victories he was achieving in the various court cases he represented. She spent almost two hours in a lively conversation with him Sunday June 3rd. They both went to bed reeling about the good news he was to share just a few hours hence.

I was about to share those victories with you in the June NFTF, but, because of the nature of the subject matter, he wanted to save it for July. He wanted to make sure that the explanation of the victory was clear and its import resounding. Lord willing, I shall attempt to do that in coming issues.

As long as I have accurate, valuable, relevant material to report to the TA Troops, I will continue being the editor of NFTF. This is not the time to quit. Because of Tom and his transparent desire to inform us, to equip us, to know our enemy and his strategies, we must go on. Let us count him among the great cloud of witnesses whom we will be honoring this 4th of July.

Operation Save America - Mission Accomplished

Tom Cryer knew that litigation in any court where the topic is "income" tax is tedious and expensive. That is why he wanted the Save America - Phoenix 2012 seminar to be a huge success. And, it was. The elderly couple for whose benefit the seminar was held thanks all of you from the bottom of their hearts for easing their plight.

Success is measured by quality if not much more than by quantity. We had a small crowd but they were enthusiastic and left pumped up and ready to get to work. Steve Hempfling put on his portion about his experiences with the IRS and the successes Free Enterprise Society had, and using humor and an interest-grabbing power point presentation, made the point that the IRS is unable to show it has any right to ask us for a return, much less for money.

Tom's presentation began with a panoramic description of the kind of government our Founding Fathers had contemplated for us, with the federal government kept beyond reach of the citizen. He showed why the freedom movement was failing, as we bang our heads against different parts of the wall the government has erected between us and our freedom. They were careful to create a government that could not reach into the states and touch us unless we initiated the contact, as in the case of a patent or copyright application, or mailing a letter, or filing for bankruptcy protection. The income tax, however, as it is misapplied, has allowed the federal government to lay hands on all of us, making all of us subject to its intrusions and usurpations. Thus, the first tentacle that we must put back in the box is the IRS' misapplication of the income tax laws.

Tom proceeded to expose several IRS lies which most Americans swallow as unequivocal truth: What is income? It is NOT gross receipts, i.e., everything that comes in. What is taxable income? It may be GAIN or profits derived from gross receipts. Who is liable to pay income taxes on taxable income? Only those clearly and plainly identified by statute as liable, i.e., withholding agents for non-resident aliens and foreign corporations. Is that you? These lies hide in the color of truth. That is the fundamental attribute of deceit.

Finally, Tom unveiled TA's plan of attack: consolidating the freedom movement into a single, focused critical mass, pounding on one brick at a time. There are many "leaders" within the movement to hold government accountable to the people and the Constitution. But if we are fragmented, we are easy targets for the snipers.

I would like to hear from some of you attendees to tell the rest of us Troopers what pumped you up, what got you fueled to keep on keeping on, what gave you the vision to persist and never desist. Were there any new recruits to the TA legal mentality? Did the seminar equip you with new weapons of legal and political warfare? Let's keep Tom's goals alive.

Knowledge is Power at "The Power Hour"

Joyce Riley, hostess of the radio show The Power Hour was speechless when her producer told her on the air that Tom Cryer has passed away that fateful morning of June 4. You can go to the Archive and listen to the comments of disbelief and encouragement from callers. You can also listen to the June 1st interview of yours truly. The topics covered were life in communist Cuba, the similarities between Cuba's and America's downward political and economic prossecion,  the "un"Fair Tax, human capital, and anything else that might suit the audience. If you missed it, you can catch the show at . If you have problems downloading the file, fee free to contact me.

Truth Attack Radio Hour Update

Tom Cryer not only left critical gaps in the legal arena, but he also left them on the radio airwaved. His daily, Monday through Friday shows will be filled with Troopers that want to pick up where her left off. Starting June 26th and every subsequent Tuesday, Lord willing, I will be hosting a one-hour Truth Attack talk radio show on LWRN at 5 P.M. EST. If you want to be a part of any of the shows, call in at 1-410.848.9191. Go to LWRN Programming for times and hosts.

Field Communiqué: Support Our Troops

  • On Saturday June 9th, ex-special CID agent for the IRS Joe Banister gave up his time slot on LWRN to honor Tom Cryer. Many of us called in and told stories of our friendship with Tom. If you would like to listen to the three-hour special, contact LWRN at (410) 857-5444 to access the archive which will available very soon.

  • Remember to support our own LWRN Radio Truth Attack Hour weekdays from 5-6 P.M. EST. Call in with your comments and questions at (410) 848-9191. As Tom said, "Take Notice: Liberty Works Radio Network is OUR network, NOT Rupert Murdock's, NOT General Electric's, NOT Disney's, and, above all, NOT under the thumb of the power-crazed seditionists who have overthrown and hijacked our government."

    Support your fellow Troopers and the LWRN transmission by becoming a member of the Liberty Works Radio Network Fellowship. Freedom has never been free, but at $10 a month it has never been so cheap! Click here to join!

Relay The Standing Orders

  • Give the Memorandum to future inductees, including judges, lawyers, and law students. It is one of our most important operations manuals. Without knowledge, the people perish in the battlefield. Click here to download the Memorandum! Visit the TA Law Library and Resources for more valuable information.
  • Mission Required Reading: The REAL Truth About the IRS's "Truth" About Frivolous Tax Arguments. Click Here to download.
  • NFTF Editor's pet peeve: decode the Fair Tax myth with Rebutting the "un"Fair Tax. To download your FREE copy Click Here. Email a copy to your future inductees. Infiltrate Tea Party and Fair Tax meetings, workshops, and seminars, and ask permission to give a five-minute synopsis of it. Put some on display for free. Send a copy to potential congressional defectors, especially those in the Tea Party Caucus and the sponsor and co-sponsors of the Fair Tax Act of 2011, H.R. 25, by clicking on House Sponsor Robert Woodall (addresses on the right column), Senate Sponsor Saxby Chambliss, House Co-sponsors, and Senate Co-sponsors.

My digital door is always open at

From the front lines,
Tayra Ondina Caridad Soler-Antolick, Editor
(With a name like that, who needs an SSN!)

Quote of the Month

"There is no one more dangerous than he who does not consider his life."  (Revelation 12:11)                                                                                                                                            ---Tayra Antolick




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