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Subject:                          THE MURDER OF SHERRY JACKSON - Another Victim of Another "Flat Earth"  Myth

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Sherry Jackson ex IRS agent now dying in prison

Our Free Choice  For The Women Fighting For Freedom For All Seasons For 2009



bcc: Property Rights Groups, Freedom Foundations, Washington State House, Senate & US Representatives and Senators, King County Council & Ag, Friends, Media, Washington Courts Ethics  

cc: Colin Jackson


Please print out the above two attached reports if you do nothing else and at least print this short "treatise" out and stuff it into your brief case or hand bag to read on the fly, as you have time.




Irwin Schiff said it best, "Sherry Jackson and many, many more like them are in prison because a jury "knew" the earth is flat so could not believe those defending "believed" otherwise. The jury gave the lie to the government and placed the burden on the defendant to prove her own innocence while the courts prevent him or her from showing the law to the jury so it could see for itself."


Irwin Schiff is also in prison, targeted because he has made it his life to expose this treason & fraud.  Irwin is right on, no brainer conclusion after 5 years of research into the theft of our property rights.


Sherry Jackson and Irwin Schiff are both victims of the mushroom syndrome whereby institutions (public & private) black out the hard truths and feed their people lies and misinformation for profit and gain.  It's all about short term gain and long term collateral damage to our morals, principals and values.


There is convincing evidence that the IRS was never approved.  Senator William V. Roth in his book "The Power to Destroy" exposes the horror stories of how a tax ILLUSION goes viral not unlike Climategate, "Alternative Energy Gate", "Sustainable Development Gate", Bailout Gate, "Endangered Species Gate, ad nausea.  You cannot protect people from themselves.  You cannot "help" one class by destroying another class and certainly by force.  


The entire American system of government & those who abuse it create these "illusion gates" to push through their debased treachery and lies.  Government types, and academia train them in rigidity of a myopic one sided world, where nothing else is real except the agenda they are funded and programmed to believe and force upon other non believers.


The juries are manipulated and lied too.  Most Citizens who are awake and are waking up, stay away from these CO..urt room drama circus.  Only the brave go to the front lines to fight.  Those who know their rights are culled out in the juries.  The judges and the PA's assure the predetermined decision by not informing the jurists of their rights.  Once you eliminate the power of the jurist to decide the law, freedom, liberty along with your property and your unalienable rights are soon gone. 


As Edmund Burke, an English statesman in the 1700's, told the House of Commons, there should be little surprise that a colonial revolution was brewing against growing oppressive taxes upon the colonies.


American's must raise their perspective far above the petty media and political party Hollywood distractions.  100% of the NET NET collected federal taxes go to pay interest.  The big picture is a fraudulent and unholy tax system feeding a fraudulent and unholy monetary and financial system as well as those departments is funds.  When these systems implode more frequently and more violently, the dark side "stimulates" the instability with further printing of debt and demand for more illegitimate taxes upon the once free and sovereign states and state Citizens. 


The natural born state Citizens and the states who were intended to be independent, free and sovereign were instantly subjugated and ultimately crippled with this insane devouring cycle of cannibalism. The natural born now are made into common criminals using legal fiction created by "professional" associations who obtain massive profit and power from convincing others that the earth is flat.  The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


An honest limited Constitutional Republic is sworn to this simple table below, i.e. individual rights are protected at all costs not visa versa.  This is a simple table but not so simple to understand, thus I bring it up often in applicable current issues.  You will notice the root of our problems are rarely solved because the roots of the tree of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness have been destroyed long ago.  Your natural rights cannot be represented, voted, litigated or sold away to a higher bidder.


"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,

...." US. Constitution, IV, 4.



America has lost its understanding of its own history.  The so called "United States" Constitution was never voted on by the colonists or their legislatures at the time.  Even the 1648 Constitutional "delegates" were strongly against direct taxes and then only with crisis conditions, for a short time and for a very small amount, 1/4 to 2%.  I keep repeating for many reasons. The Constituion was not even written to reflect the intentions of the delegates let alone the 3 million colonists let alone the 13 several independent republics and commonwealths let alone the "Laws of Nature and Natures God".  This is very hard for "God fearing All American" to swallow, me included, it only took 5 years and counting.





The vote for a Federal Constitution did not even obtain a super majority vote, i.e. 66% or 75%, let alone a 100% unanimous vote required by the Articles of Confederation.  (See table below, i.e. 65/35%) This is why Article VII of the "U.S." Constitution declares "The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States shall be sufficient...".  This is why Professor Randy Barnett has dedicated this site to Lysander Spooner  



This small artificial 10 square mile District of Columbia created by 9 of the 13 "states" was to be the servant to the Union NOT the Master!  


There are hundreds of millions of Sherry Jackson's whose life, property, wages and health have been taken and tortured to one degree or antherby a system that was originally intended to free the natural born.  Please do not dismiss these atrocities as necessary and a price to pay to be free or just a necessary learning curve.  Also please do not be deceived that the natural born CANNOT be completely free of ALL indirect and direct taxes.


I repeat, the only necessary and legitimate forms of taxation are; indirect corporate taxes, customs imports and exports, the sale and lease of government natural resources and the printing of VALUE based coin and currency. This is more than enough.  The natural born and their family businesses only pay taxes voluntarily when they go out into the free market to purchase goods and services.  Many so called tax foundations, conservative and liberal, paint deceptive pictures proposing alternative tax systems directly and/or indirectly upon natural born American state Citizens.  They make their money by soliciting you with flat earth ideas for their profit and gain. 


There are two classes of citizens under American laws that hve never been repealed, State Citizens and federal citizens (Citizens of the United States).  A natural born state Citizen living in one of the several sovereign states is a nonresident alien to the federal government.   


The Federal Zone


The sons and daughters of a truly free society do NOT pay taxes of any kind by force.  


The horror created by this war upon American natural born. is absolutely unnecessary.  The system is devouring those who created it because it has too much, not because it has too little.  Most government employees, media and the state propaganda training system and those who use them are on drugs of ignorance, arrogance and greed.  America has been bankrupted more than once in its history. 


No amount of taxes or "stimulus" of debt will ever save America now.  The debt is beyond its revenue, thus the collateralization of all its private and public property.   The initial experiment does NOT work nor did it ever.  The system must be changed completely to a very limited Constitutional Republic where the states are given the privilege to print their own value based currency and coin IF they commit to absolutely no directly or indirectly applied taxes of any kind upon the property of their own state natural born free and sovereign Citizens. 


The first state to free itself and make this happen will see a transformation and migration of America and Americans not unlike the Isralites leaving Egypt for sanctuary.  This will assure the formula for true and honest taxation, no usurious interest upon the natural born and no legal fiction non allodial titles.  All natural born Americans must be totally secure in there personal property.  Currently, corporations pay less in total that the natural born while the government brokers make trillions off of it.   This is exactly how the dark side wants it.  Walter Burien has discovered this problem and the solution too at  


If  you need an example of IRS treachery, read the attached article on a local Seattle single Mother. The states, counties and cites are equally complicit, colluding as an integral part of this borg created by the dark side.


I called Sherry Jackson's Representative office in Georgia.  "They are receiving lots of calls & trying to help" per staff.  However, the dark side responds to no human pleas.  That should be enought to tell you who the beast it.   It only submits to forces much higher than itself.  A system such as the IRS based on tyranny & deception is divinely programmed to self-destruct. 


Please pray for a miracle for Sherry Jackson's release and complete cure.  God has a plan for her in our life to free the natural born from this corporate state imposed insane asylum.  She and He are implementing the plan before our eyes with our united prayers.  United we stand for love and peace NOT waring upon our own kind and the rest of the world. 


May God Bless Sherry Jackson and her family during these dark times for the blood, sweat and tears they have gone through to expose this escalating taking and torture of the working class and their property, sanctuary and life.



Jack Venrick

Enumclaw, Washington

Faxed to Representative Johnson's three offices




"America: Freedom to Fascism" Star Sherry Jackson is Being Murdered



The feds seem intent upon MURDERING SHERRY JACKSON.  See her own report below, and you'll understand.  She details how the feds denied her medical care in prison and right now she IS IN THE PROCESS OF DYING.


Sherry was one of the stars of Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism. She was the former IRS agent who cried out, "SHOW ME THE LAW!".  Right now she deserves the support of the entire Freedom Movement. We can give it to her by calling her Congressional Representative imploring him to intercede to save her life.  For her service to the Cause of Liberty, WE SHOULD DO NO LESS!! 

Sherry's Representative is Hank Johnson, representing the 4th Congressional District of Georgia.


Call and fax him at each office and demand immediate medical attention for Sherry:

Washington, DC Office
1133 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-1605
Fax: (202) 226-0691

Lithonia Office
5700 Hillandale Dr., Suite 110
Lithonia, GA 30058
Phone: (770) 987-2291
Fax: (770) 987-8721

Tucker Office
3469 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 205
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: (770) 939-2016
Fax: (770) 939-3753


Slam his Facebook page with comments demanding immediate medical Care for Sherry:


Forward, post, and blog this email EVERYWHERE!!!




From: "Colin L. Jackson" <>
Date: November 30, 2009 12:34:03 PM PST
Subject: Sherry Peel Jackson

Hi Friends and Family,

    Please, pray for my wife, Sherry Peel Jackson.  She's still having challenges while she's incarcerated.  Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and encouragemenet.  Here's a letter from Sherry to our Congressman, concerning her current situation.


God bless you.

In Christ, Colin



Dear Congressman Johnson

    I am Sherry Peel Jackson, your former CPA.  I am writing you because I am concerned about my health and my life.  Prior to becoming a political prisoner I was the picture of health.  In late June, 2009 I started experiencing a rapid heart beat on an irregular basis.

    Since this had happened infrequently in the past I did not think much of it.  However, in Mid July it started happening on a regular basis and I became concerned.  I went to the medical staff twice in Mid July only to be given a one-minute EKG test and powerful meds without proper diagnosis.  I did not take them because I had not been seen by a specialist.  One week later, on July 21 at 12:45am I left the dorm in flip flops to go tell the officers that I was having a heart attack.  The officers on duty called the ambulance and the ambulance checked my heart on their portable EKG machine.  It was beating at 150 beats per minute.  They took me to Leesberg (spelling) hospital where I remained until Friday, July 24th at 11:30pm.  During the hospital stay it was determined that my heart was healthy but my thyroid was producing too much hormone, thus speeding up my heart.

     This is called hyperthyroidism or Graves disease.  I was given two medications by the hospital - Methimazole, which is an anti-thyroid agent used to reduce the amount of thyroid hormone produced by the body and Metoprolol, which is a beta blocker used to slow the heart.

    The hospital doctor told me that in four weeks (approximately August 21) the prison medical unit was to do blood tests to determine how the thyroid medication was affecting my body.

    The blood test was taken in late August and I was told that I would be placed on the appointment schedule to come over and review the results.  I was never called.  I went over in early September and inquired of Dr. DeLeon as to how to get blood test results.  He told me to put in a request to staff, so I did that on September 15th.  It simply asked to see the results of the tests.

    Sometime after September 23rd I received a response in writing, from Ms. Marich, that stated that I could either make a sick call (come over early in the morning wait in line and fill out forms) or come to Open House to see the results.  Open house is held only on Thursdays from 3:00pm to 3:30pm.  I went to Open House Thursday September 30th and was told by Ms. Marich that she could not find the results! I watched her look through and around several piles of folders in her office but at no time did she look on a computer for them.  She told me to check back later.  On Wednesday October 28th I passed out around 4pm and was taken to medical and cleared.

    On Friday October 30th my lips started turning black as if I had been a lifelong smoker.  By Sunday November 1st my lips were fully black.

    My boss, the Chaplain, called medical and a male nurse was sent over from the medium security men's prison on this complex (there are two maximum security, one medium security and one low security men's prisons on this complex with the women's camp).  He took my blood pressure and oxygen and said there was nothing else he could do.  He told me to go to sick call Monday morning, which I did.

    I showed Mr. Coucho my lips and told him that something was wrong with my blood, I could tell. (I am leaving out gross details here).

    He said I would be put on the schedule.  However, the very next day, Tuesday morning, November 3rd, I found blood in my stool and rushed over to medical because I am smart enough to know that this is a major problem.  I was chewed out for coming over to medical without a staff member telling me to come.  I told Charlie, the female nurse and Mr. Coucho the PA that I was in the hospital in July, never got the blood work results and something was terribly wrong.

   I am 46 years old and I know my body!  I finally convinced them that I was not playing and was not stupid, so they 'treated' me with a packet for a stool sample test.  Mr. Coucho looked on the computer for the blood test results from August and found them there!

    The blood test showed a problem with the thyroid way back then!

    He said I would be put on the schedule for new blood work later that week because these results were too old.  He had a short conversation with Dr. DeLeon in Spanish and then said the thyroid count was off.

    This was November 3rd.  I administered the stool tests and returned them to Nurse Charlie on Friday November 6th.

    Today is November 26th, Thanksgiving.  I have not received the results of the stool test.  I have not been given any new blood test.

    My neck is swelling up like a blow fish and I am having trouble talking.  I have been feeling very ill for the last two weeks.

    Congressman, I don't want them to kill me in here.  As you well know, I am being punished for exposing government fraud.  However, millions of people don't file tax returns and I was just used as an example by the DOJ for their new program called the Tax Defiers Initiative.

    I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.  I have already spent 21 months in prison for a non crime, and I refuse to come out dead or maimed for life.  I have not caused these people any problems.  This is no threat but just for your information.

    I also wrote the warden today.  Things can't go on this way as I languish in here for someone's political gain.  God doesn't like ugly and He is the ultimate judge and vindicator.


Sherry Peel Jackson 59085-019
P.O. BOX 1032
COLEMAN, FL  33521




Please do not pass up this email. Take action with us today and all this week as we call for immediate and proper medical care for Sherry.


Do not let another voice go down.


In Freedom,

Gary Franchi


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