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Taking Est. Year = Government Crimes Against Rural & Urban Property Owners By Conflict To Founding = Laws C= onflicts w/ Co= nflicts w/ C= onflicts w/ C= onflicts w/ Co= nflicts w/ Hi= gh Court
  Visible<= /td>   Laws of = Nature Bill of = Rights Declarat= ion of Founding= Constitu= tion Rulings<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'> 
      & God   Independence Intentions   Against
1 Always Property Taxes are not apportioned nor can they be X X X X X X
2 Always Sales Ta= xes are indirect excise taxes misapplied upon property wages X X X X X X
3 Always Silent t= aking of allodial and patent title and dilution into fee simple title X X X X X  
4 Always Usurious= loan interest & lending practices X X        
5 Always Increasi= ng foreclosures caused by increasing property burdens X X X X X  
6 Always Increasi= ng difficulty to own property including  not loosing $ or break even let alone profit from any land based activity X X X X X  
7 Always Increasi= ng risk vs. reward to own and manage rural land  X X X X X  
8 1913 Unconsti= tutional "Income" tax takings against private property wages X X X X X X
9 Early 19= 00's Unconsti= tutional drivers & vehicle licenses which are misapplied commercial vehicle ex= cise taxes X X X X X  
10 Early 19= 00's Increasi= ng abusive interpretation of eminent domain & easements, e.g. Puget Sound Transit, hospitals, clinics, parking, etc. X X X X X  
11 Late 190= 0's Unconsti= tutional Sales tax on Home real-estate sales is an indirect tax & unapportioned tax  X X X X X X
12 Late 190= 0's Illegiti= mate use of licensing, permitting, fining of private property to restrict property usage X X X X X  
13 Late 190= 0's Threats = to non commercial vehicles re. trespass, privacy, rts to freely travel w/o speed traps, red cam lights, police state X X X X X  
14 Late 190= 0's Destruct= ion of private property, e.g. jobs, land, wages & security by intentially not protecting borders & flood of illegal aliens X X X X X  
15 Late 190= 0's Increasi= ng urban density demands creating collateral blow back on surrounding rural proper= ty owners X X X X X  
16 Late 190= 0's Increasi= ng Blow Back From Junk political nonsense science (BAS) which impacts our private property & life X X X X X  
17 Late 190= 0's Increasi= ng cost & difficulty in obtaining insurance to cover increasing risk of owning private property X X X X X  
18 Late 190= 0's Increase= takings via environmental myths, e.g. man caused global warming, alt. energy, spe= cies extintiction  X X X X X  
19 Late 190= 0's Escalati= ng double standard of taxing &taking rural land & natural resources = for urban use while choking owner usage X X X X X  
20 1983 Rails To= Trails harassment & takings, legal threats & suits, e.g. trespass, crime, legal hassle,etc  X X X X X  
21 1980's Increasi= ng green extreme oppressive extortion blocking improvement to one's own private property X X X X X  
22 1990's Legislat= ive Targeting via Harassment creating green & social myths - e.g. GMA, CA= O, SAO, DOE, DOT, DDES  X X X X X  
23 1990's Executive Targeting via Harassment & Takings - e.g. Interagency Committee For Outdoor Recreational  X X X X X  
24 1990's Illegiti= mate takings of private property for parks using unconstitutional revenue sour= ces, e.g.  property, income & sales taxes X X X X X X
25 2000's Judicial Targeting & Harassment  & Takings - e.g. State, county & city PA overlaying legal fiction on natural born sovereigns X X X X X  
26 2000's County Harassment - e.g. DDES coding, trespass, ticketing, fining, sueing, foreclosing, permiting, licensing property X X X X X  
27 2000's Governme= nt programs encouraging community, neighbors & other government depts. to report property owners  X X X X X  
28 2000's Escalati= ng trespass upon private property X X X X X  
29 2000's Escalati= ng invasion of privacy on our homes, land, vehicles, animals & tradition= al way of life X X X X X  
30 2000's Life lost (drowning) due to insane county program installing woody debris in rivers= and streams X X X X X  
31 2000's Increase= in legal costs & stealth tactics of green gvt to defend ones individual property and rights from being taken X X X X X  
32 2000's Increasi= ng inability to fully use on ones own private property & enjoy life, lib= erty & property X X X X X  
33 2000's Warring = Upon The Sovereign Citizens - increase in costs, stress & time  to fight takings by organizing others= X X X X X  
34 2000's Taking of private property against the will of  rural property owners via roundabouts X X X X X  
35 2000's Taking o= f rural property via million dollar concrete intersection fish bunkers forced upon local property owners X X X X X