Devvy interviews Niki Raapana (5/7/09) about Communitarianism/Third Way

What is communitarianism? (Source:  <  >):

Communitarianism is the final phase of Hegelian induced communism. It originated with the founders of a communist world empire. Why should we care what it is? It's the foundation for our new Imperial Community Government. It's the purpose for new laws in every State of our Union. It's immensely powerful. It's the legal philosophy establishing the Rule of Law under "reformed communists"
[. . .]
    Every day our elected legislators introduce and pass communitarian initiatives, bills, and acts, yet it's rarely considered as the philosophical grounds for new safety, security, and faith-based programs. They all cross clear constitutional lines between our public servants and the private sector, but nobody seems to know why. Communitarianism blends the sectors, it removes the authentic checks and balances our system depends upon. Communitarian balancing Acts completely remove the balances that make America work. It corrupts and destroys our free system.
       Communitarian ideology is the foundation for all new unconstitutional programs and policies, no matter what country you live in. . . .


Also, read online (noted in the interview):

By Niki Raapana | March 29, 2009 |

-- COP (Community Oriented Policing)
-- POP (Problem Oriented Policing)
-- SARA (Scanning, Assessment, Response, Analysis)
-- GIS (Geographical Information System)
-- UN Local Agenda 21
-- Smart Grid
(COMPASS database program)
-- Asset Mapping
-- Fusion Centers
-- UN Declaration at Rio
("based in the theory of communitarianism")


. . .  The Third Way is a synthesis of the right and the left that originated from Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Lynn Forrester (later de Rothschild), Michael Steinheart and Al From. Bill Clinton was the first candidate chosen by the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) to run for US president. Tony Blair, Clinton's buddy from Oxford, was the Third Way candidate in Great Britian. When Clinton and Blair won, the New Democratic Movement transcended the right v left conflict and reinvented the world.

"New Democrat policies transcend the stale left-right debate and define a Third Way for governing based on progressive ideas, mainstream values, and innovative solutions that reflect changing times. New Democrat ideas that have become law include national service, work-based welfare reform, charter schools, community policing, an expanded earned-income tax credit, and market incentives for environmental protection." Overview, June 1, 1998


The blueprint for restructuring the world and global economic revitalization is called UN Local Agenda 21. This plan calls for a complete reorganization of local government based on expanded data gathering and mapping plans, using multi GIS information layers requiring clearances where personally identifiable facts or gossip is stored (called anecdotal data).

Adhering to the successful SARA model, City inspectors began ticketing homeowners for violations of Local Agenda 21 land use regulations. Since Safe and Affordable Housing is a UN Human Right, all housing must be regularly inspected for code violations. Thousands of Seattle residents refused to invite the inspectors inside their homes. Unable to gain entrance to so many homes without a valid warrant, and thus unable to complete their interior safety inspections, the City planned other innovative ways to gain access to the insides of private dwellings. In a memo to Seattle neighborhood groups in 1998, SPD Chief Stamper called the 4th Amendment requirements for a legal search warrant "an identified barrier to the program."


. . . While there he helped create an innovative way to expand the GIS database using a program called COMPASS.

"One of the core elements of the COMPASS initiative is the creation of a data infrastructure which contains information from a variety of sources. These data will include extant social indicator data (e.g., employment statistics; housing information; land use data; school data; hospital records; asset mapping) and a host of safety information (e.g., incident-based crime data; arrest statistics; calls for service; court and corrections data; victimization surveys; and fear of crime data)."


COPS [Community Oriented Policing], like every other program coming down via the UN Declaration at Rio, is based in the theory of communitarianism. Promoted as the sensible solution to the conflicts posed by too many individual rights and not enough community rights, . .

The founder of the Communitarian Network was praised by both Bill and Hillary Clinton as an inspiration and for helping to achieve a new communitarian vision for the country. (Bill Clinton told Americans about the communitarian ideology twice during the latter part of Obama's campaign; Hillary accused Iowans of not being communitarian enough.)


Obama is a Third Way politician (Etzioni: "no philosophy that better describes Obama's position than communitarianism"), and he fully supports the 1 billion in COPS funding that was recently inserted into the federal Stimulus Bill: . . .


In November, 2002 writer Doug Thompson expressed his concern over the creation of the DHS in Capitol Hill Blue, Welcome to the American Gestapo:

"Some may argue the current terrorist threat requires such drastic measures. But what happens when that threat is met? The Department of Homeland Security and its draconian powers will still exist. Who will determine the new threat? Who will decide who becomes the enemy? "An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child of this great nation," the leader of another country once wrote. "We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland." That was Adoph Hitler, writing about creation of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany."

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