Here are the stories posted for this few weeks on the Citizen Review Online. (Or go to the homepage, and review all the stories over the past couple of months, along with resources for research.)

Dec. 2010 Stories

Food Safety Bill Passes - or Does It? - LMNS

Global Taxation Being Discussed at the UNFCCC COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico - Report #3 from Cancun - COP 16 - Sovereignty Int'l

State workers' pay may be cut - Budget: Republicans say they would support 2.5 percent reduction - News Tribune

“Climate Change” is Not About the Environment, but About Redistributing Wealth" - Report #2 from Cancun - COP 16 - Sovereignty Int'l

Make an Informed Decision about Conservation Easements - LMNS

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree - Star-Telegram


Nov. 2010 Stories

Report from Cancun - COP 16 - on Climate Change - Sovereignty Int'l

Point to heavens means penalty for Tumwater running back - KOMO News

Empty promises on health care will haunt Obama - Washington Examiner

Sequim, shopping center developer reach settlement on lawsuit- PDN

The End of Small Farms? HR 2749, HR 875, HR 759, NAIS and Monsanto - Commentary & Video, Shelly Roche

Agenda 21 ICLEI opposed at meetings across the country - Testimonies with videos

Is your town, city or county an ICLEI partner?

Another Obama stealth land grab: Salazar and the NCLS - Michelle Maulkin

Airports consider congressman's call to ditch TSA - AP

City, AGs fight McKenna's suit over Obama health care plan - The Olympian

The NGO Army of George Soros & Maurice Strong - Canada Free Press

Ron Paul on TSA Abuse: "Enough Is Enough" - New American

Video: The TSA is out of control - a compilation of national and local news media reports

Senate Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on U.N CEDAW Treaty - HSLDA Alert

CEDAW: A Global Tool That Would Harm Women - CWFA

Lame ducks at work! by Henry Lamb

The 10th Amendment Nullification Movement strives to reduce federal power - CRO

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