To: Property Owners, Freedom Movement, Government Types, Media, Friends, Neighbors:

Here is another example of local  WA State government DOT arrogance, quote below. 

"The project engineer, Moini, has been consistent in his statements. He said engineers believe a roundabout is the best answer for the intersection and will proceed in that direction, since funding has been assured."

The counties, cities and State have a political agenda.  The first step in that agenda is to stage mock hearings and then ignore the locals and go around them.  This is what King County did on the CAO and Olympia did on the GMA plus just about every piece of regulatory taking they shove down our throat.

This is what Representative Lynn Schindler experienced in her district (4th).  See her great comments in the email attached above.  This is what we are experiencing in the 31st Enumclaw legislature district with the DOT stupid proposal on the roundabout.

What the DOT doesn't tell you, is 100 are planned in WA State whether the locals approve or not.  Property owners are hearing through the grape vine that the DOT engineer pushing this, has studied in Great Britain and loves European turnaround.

This is another reason that all government needs to be dismantled and severely reigned in and fenced off too protect everyone else.   Cities must only be limited to take within their own city limits, county governments must be completely dismantled.  State governments must be stopped from using force. Rural townships should be formed by rural people who run their own affairs.  Government must be reformed to be totally free and voluntary network with no authority to use force.

We need citizens groups to form up to monitor and discipline all government employees who use their position to ignore, force upon others or harm others private property, personal lives.  Government has gone to far and taken too much.  It is upside down and backwards from what our Founding Fathers intended.  American government has become King George III, just what our families ran from over 300 years ago.

Government has become a Ponzi scheme of taking.  We The People must revolt and take our rights and liberties back.  Freedom and liberty are surely dead relative to what our Founding Fathers intended.  Government can only take when the people are asleep.  There are 6.2 million of us in Washington State and a few hundred thousand government takers.   


Jack Venrick

Enough is Enough

It is Time to Take Back

All Our Freedoms

Enumclaw, WA


Roundabout plan blasted

By Kevin Hanson -The Courier-Herald Wednesday, May 2, 2007 12:46 PM CDT
The state's Department of Transportation came to Enumclaw last week, hoping to show off its plans for a roundabout north of the city, a traffic-calming device aimed at slowing drivers and preventing accidents at a busy rural intersection.

Local folks took the opportunity to let the DOT know exactly what they think of the idea. And it's not much.

At issue is the intersection of state Route 169 and Southeast 416th Street, which the DOT has deemed dangerous due to the number of accidents during the past five years. Looking at ways to move an increasing number of vehicles safely, DOT engineers started work on a roundabout, which gets rid of the traditional squared-off intersection and eliminates the potential for the most serious type of accidents.

Supporters boast that roundabouts keep everything moving because no one has to stop for signs or traffic lights.

Many of those attending the April 25 session at the Enumclaw Expo Center, however, had other ideas. They told DOT representatives a roundabout is not feasible at the busy intersection due to the high volume of large rigs that pass through. Others were simply unhappy that the state began planning for a roundabout before consulting the public.

Project engineer Mehrdad Moini, after getting peppered with criticism while standing in the Expo Center's north parking lot, said the response was just what he had expected. Studies throughout the nation show there is initially 70 percent opposition when roundabouts are proposed, he said; after drivers become familiar with roundabouts, he added, the numbers flip to 70 percent support.
In the north lot, the DOT had used sandbags to outline the type of roundabout proposed for state Route 169, a single-land design that measures 170 feet by 150 feet. A rig pulling a long, flatbed trailer negotiated the course at a very slow speed and the public was invited to drive the same course.

Politicians on hand supported the anti-roundabout forces. State Rep. Christopher Hurst said he opposes the DOT plan and promised citizens “this is not a done deal.” State Sen. Pam Roach expressed her displeasure with the idea and got a DOT official to state the plan could be scrapped.

The project engineer, Moini, has been consistent in his statements. He said engineers believe a roundabout is the best answer for the intersection and will proceed in that direction, since funding has been assured. The project could be stopped dead in its tracks, however, if those higher up the political chain decide to pull the necessary dollars, he said.

Kevin Hanson Courier Herald 

Senator planning highway council

Wednesday, May 2, 2007 12:46 PM CDT

Spurred by the state Department of Transportation's planned roundabout on state Route 169, Sen. Pam Roach has announced she is creating the Plateau Transportation Working Group, a citizens organization whose purpose is to interact with the state Department of Transportation on issues impacting highways in the Enumclaw area.

Everyone is invited to attend and participate, Roach said.

“DOT has been making decisions without consulting the Plateau community, and we don't want that to happen again,” Roach said.

Roach said the working group's first meeting will take place at 7 p.m. May 31 at the Enumclaw Public Library, 1700 First St. The second meeting will take place June 7, also beginning at 7 p.m. at the library.

The May 31 meeting will focus on state Route 410. The June 7 meeting will concentrate on state routes 164 and 169.

Roach said she plans for the working group to conduct meetings quarterly or as needed after the initial meetings to discuss possible solutions to problems related to the three highways that impact the Enumclaw area the most. The 31st District senator said DOT officials will be there.
“DOT will present its studies and possible solutions. The public will have time for input,” Roach said.

“We want the DOT to know our priorities, just as we want to know theirs. From the citizens' perspective, they should be the same. Enumclaw is the confluence of three state highways. The transportation working group will learn about DOT's plans for our area and evaluate the department's plans before they are put in place. What we don't want is a situation where DOT dictates to us how it wants to spend our tax money,” Roach said.
"What saves a man is to take a step. 
Then another step.
It is always the same step,
but you have to take it."
Antoine De Saint-Exupery