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Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 4:07 PM
Subject: Representative Lynn Schindler's Response re. One Engineer's View or How I See The DOT

To: All property owners, media
My suspicions about Washington State DOT agenda for a local rural area turnaround at 416th & SR169 are confirmed by WA Representative Lynn Schindler email below FYI .  Thank you Representative Schindler!
Freedom is not about ignoring local rural farmers regarding the use of their own property whether it is over regulating extreme controls for traffic, land, water or wildlife.  
We no longer have truth in American government, let alone freedom or a government of "We The People".  
We need a miracle to  stop this government nonsense.  Only the truth can set us free from such government tyranny.  Power centers in Seattle, Olympia, Washington DC and New York are ruling this country.
The State, counties, cities and federal government are going around private property owners constitutional and natural rights shoving in their own agenda.   The WA State DOT needs to be corralled, dehorned & neutered.
This is exactly the same tactic King County Council used on us rural folks during the taking of our land via the so called critical area ordinance.  The correct title should have been the critical land taking hoax. 
My guess is that The State DOT, King County, City of Enumclaw, U.S. Dept. of Interior, Rainier National Park and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service and all the local environmental extremists have all conspired together.  Its  an inside government deal before hand to push onto the locals with a mock meeting and comment period.  It is all a rouse. 
These comments will only be used if they are in the government's favor or near enough they can be manipulated.  They will not be used until someone takes them to court. 
Then the government attorney for the city, county, State and Fed., will pull out the dusty public comments and wave them and tell the judge, see your honor, the people have spoken.  And the government judge will say, yes indeed they have, and I rule for the government, by the government and of the government, so help me God!  Eminent domain those adjoining farmer's land for the good of the State.  Case closed, court dismissed.  Next case of taking.
Jack Venrick
Enumclaw, WA
United States of Government
Enumclaw Government Town, USG
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From: Schindler, Rep. Lynn
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Subject: RE: One Engineer's View or How I See The DOT

They dismissed all the comments made by the farmers in my area, took sections of their land and constructed a round-a-bout in farm country.  I understand and sympathize and wish you the best.  If you succeed where my farmers and I failed, I will see how to fight them in the future.  Lynn

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Subject: One Engineer's View or How I See The DOT (Rev A)

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From: Jack Venrick
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Subject: One Engineer's View or How I See The DOT

To: Property Owners, Government Types, Media & Freedom Movement  
Washington State has sprung a plan to install a European style "roundabout" on the rural road  416th Ave SE and SR 169, the Enumclaw - Renton route.  The intersection borders 3 farms and a gas & market store.  This is 1 mile from my land.
Lastly, I would like to leave you with this picture and thought.  Ask yourself why the State has raised the seat belt fine and even why their is a seat belt law.  The answer we have come up with is to generate more money.  Americans have to start understanding that the government no longer and never was our friend.  The laws are not made to protect us, they are made to protect the government and generate more for them and less for us.  Ever piece of legislation in Olympia takes away our freedoms.  They are mostly political correct takings of no use to any independent freedom loving person.
If the government could legislate a cure for death, they would do it, not for you, but to tax you to death