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From: Jack Venrick
To: AJack R. Venrick
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 12:07 PM
Subject: NO Roundabout or Light at SR 169 & SE 416th St Intersection

Dear Mr. Moini and Mr. Murphy:
The last thing we need is a roundabout at this intersection.  The name alone should give you enough reason.  Roundabouts are for streets not highways or State Routes.  The average speed on a roundabout is 15-25 MPH.  SR169 speed is 45 MPH as well as 416th.
Roundabouts require more land and take away private property.  No private property owner wants his or her property taken away by big government.  There is too much of this illegitimate stealing of private homes and land going on now, especially in King County.
The idea is to increase the flow of traffic not slow everybody down to unacceptable reduced speeds going in circles. 
I have lived out here 30 years and am within a mile of the intersection.  We already have a signal light at 400th and SR169.  If people need a light to get  onto SR169 during commute hours, let them use the 400th signal.
Another signal is not the answer either.  SR169 is a highway not a street to force people to stop every mile or two.  If you have to decide who waits a few minutes, let it be those on  416th, not the people on SR169.  I say that as a property and home owner on 10 acres off of 416th near the intersection.
I have any number of ways to get into Enumclaw and onto SR169 beside 416th.  If people don't want to wait for a few minutes, they can go to 400th and use that signal. 
We have too many signals lights on SR169 already.  The DOT has added a new signal every few years between Enumclaw and Renton.  You are turning the only  highway we have north bound out of Enumclaw and south bound into Enumclaw into a rural stop and go street.
Highway SR164 does not have any lights from Enumclaw to Auburn and the Muckleshoot gambling casino area.   Where is the evidence a light is needed.  Just because a few people complain or are impatient, does not justify stopping  up SR169 for the majority of the traffic.
Jack Venrick
41250 250th Ave
Enumclaw, WA