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From: Jack Venrick
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Cc: Posse, Myly ; Murphy, Mike ; Newman, Mike ; Rilling, Matt ; Simonsen, Randy ; Cook, Jeff ; East, Russ ; Roberts, Rick ; Brown, Rob
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 11:14 AM
Subject: Leave Us Alone - DOT Go Home - NO Roundabout or Signal on SR 169 & SE 416th St Intersection

bcc: Property Owners, Media, Freedom Movement, WA House & Senate
Dear DOT Project Engineer Mr. Mehrdad:
Thank you for your response.  (see below)
If you are so worried about "safety" around Enumclaw, WA, why is it you are stealing private property?  Your sense of value leans extreme to the left.  The owner of the farm land you are taking from does not like your idea.  My property is not far from his.   Why is it you are not taking the gas station and market also?  Why do you have to steal anyone's private property, not too mention, spending a million dollars? 
Why don't you simply put up a flashing yellow light and/or a few caution signs at the intersection of 416th and SR 169 and not steal any property?  If you are really worried about safety and want to solve the root of the problem, you would build a "goaround" Enumclaw not a "turnaround". 
Montana DOT has installed signs along rocky cliff areas of State Route 200 warning of the number of mountain sheep that have been killed. There are no stop lights, turnarounds, slow downs.  If the City of Auburn was running Montana highways, they would put up cameras to take pictures of the license plates.  This is how ridiculous government thinking is in this State.   You people have no concept of what freedom is all about.
I suppose you are so concerned about safety, that is why you are planning on building 100 more roundabouts in this State?  We would all be a lot safer in the rural area, if the State and County left us alone.  "Turn around" and go home.
The "Safety" you should be worrying about is not the traffic but the stealing of our land, water, rights, liberties, no choice schools, fraudulent elections, allowing illegals to vote, etc.  Washington State and King County have a growing history of taking first on trumpeted up political correct reasons, selling the land for profit or turning the land into a green sanctuary at the property owners expense.  If you were really interested in my safety, you would kick out your illegitimate governor.   The voting error was over 10 times the 130 votes.  This State and King County are incapable of holding or counting a "safe" election. 
Both the State and King County have a reputation of staging mock hearings for citizen feedback while they have already cooked the agenda.  Representative Lynn Schindler's email comments attached above have seen the DOT in action.  You people have no right to force your pet projects on us at our expense. 
I am telling property owners that all government people should be challenged when they are seen in the rural areas.  You people are not welcome out here any longer. Government has gone too far and taken too much.  Your behavior and actions are criminal.
I just counted 132,625 Washington State employees as of 2007.   Of that 7,547 is DOT, 1601 is F&W, 1481 is DNR, 1540 is DOE, 1155 is the Liquor Control Board, 1254 is Dept. of Licensing, 1068 is the Dept. of Revenue.  All these departments and more are stealing our jobs, money, homes, land, land use, water, and access to our private property.  We are fed up with you people in government who think you can take anything you want and force it down our throats with some green extreme excuse or the ruse of  "safety". 
We already know what the results are of the comments in Enumclaw and they are overwhelmingly against your ideas.
Please leave us alone.  DOT GO HOME.  ET come back.
Jack Venrick
B.S. Electrical Engineering
M.S. Applied Science
    Industrial Engineering
    Business Administration
The Boeing Company
Montana State University
Waiting For The DOT
To Change Their Name to
Department of Turnabout or
Department of Taking
Enumclaw, WA
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From: Moini, Mehrdad
To: Jack Venrick
Cc: Posse, Myly ; Murphy, Mike ; Newman, Mike ; Rilling, Matt ; Simonsen, Randy ; Cook, Jeff ; East, Russ ; Roberts, Rick ; Brown, Rob
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007 1:19 PM
Subject: RE: NO Roundabout or Light at SR 169 & SE 416th St Intersection

Dear Mr. Venrick:

I apologize for the belated response to your original e-mail on April 25th and thank you for your subsequent e-mails you sent to us on May 5th.  We appreciate your time to write and sending all the information on property rights and your views on the Government.  Itís all helpful in getting us to better understand the community issues regarding the intersection and potential for a roundabout.  As this was our first public meeting in the community regarding the intersection, we know that any changes will have much more involvement before we move forward.  As you may already be awareSenator Roach is asking for a transportation planning group to form in the area to address this and other transportation investments in the community.  WSDOT will participate in these forums as requested by the Senator. While I understand that you and others in the community have many concerns about our approach to this roundabout project, I would like to emphasize that our primary focus is in addressing the safety issues along the SR169 at this intersection and the corridor in the Enumclaw area.  We look forward to working with you, the community and your local officials on this in the near future, and will be sharing the results of the comment forms we received during our open-house at our next community meeting. 

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me if there are any questions or further comments.  Thanks again!

Mehrdād Moini, P.E.
Project Engineer 
WSDOT, Northwest Region, NB82-117
Phone: (206) 440-4312
Fax: (206) 440-4812
e-mail: moinim@wsdot.wa.gov

From: Jack Venrick [mailto:jacksranch@skynetbb.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 2:50 PM
To: Murphy, Mike; Moini, Mehrdad
Subject: Re: NO Roundabout or Light at SR 169 & SE 416th St Intersection

You think I could get my address right after 30 years.  Its  41250 250th Ave SE  just west of the subject intersection less than a mile.
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From: Jack Venrick
To: Michael WADOTMurphy ; Mehrdad WADOTMoini
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 2:33 PM
Subject: NO Roundabout or Light at SR 169 & SE 416th St Intersection


Dear Mr. Moini and Mr. Murphy:
The last thing we need is a "roundabout" at this intersection.  The name alone should give you enough reason.  Roundabouts are for streets not highways or State Routes.  The average speed on a roundabout is 15-25 MPH.  SR169 speed is 45 MPH as well as 416th.
Roundabouts require more land and take away private property.  No private property owner wants his or her property taken away by big government.  There is too much of this illegitimate stealing of private homes and land going on now, especially in King County.
The idea is to increase the flow of traffic not slow everybody down to unacceptable reduced speeds going in circles. 
I have lived out here 30 years and am within a mile of the intersection.  We already have a signal light at 400th and SR169.  If people need a light to get  onto SR169 during commute hours, let them use the 400th signal.
Another signal is not the answer either  SR169 is a highway not a street to force people to stop every mile or two.  If you have to decide who waits a few minutes, let it be those on  416th, not the people on SR169.  I say that as a property and home owner on 10 acres off of 416th near the intersection.
There are any number of ways to get into Enumclaw and onto SR169 beside 416th.  If people don't want to wait for a few minutes, they can go to 400th and use that signal to get on 169.
We have too many signals lights on SR169 already.  The DOT has added a new signal every few years between Enumclaw and Renton.  You are turning the only  highway we have north and sout bound in and out of Enumclaw into a rural stop and go street.
Highway SR164 does not have any lights from Enumclaw to Auburn.   Where is the evidence another light is needed on 416th.  Just because a few people complain about this intersection or are impatient, does not justify stopping up SR169 for the vast majority of us locals and out of town people through this intersection.
Jack Venrick
Rural property and home owner
41250 250th Ave SE
Enumclaw, WA