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This from a friend.  I so wish it were an exaggeration, but I believe it to be the most brutally honest evaluation I have seen of the situation yet.


Omnibus Land Bill


I believe that this ominous effort is a follow-up to the demand for collateral and capital behind our nation's ballooning debt. Fight it, yes.  But I think the shock of this bill is another example of congress insuring that there is equity behind the loan they have repeatedly promised in exchange for security of their vast investment holdings.  They have no intention of heeding the protests of the people in this matter.  If you do the research concerning their obese CAFR accounts, you will find the method behind their madness.  This will have the same effect as protesting the bailouts.  It is already a done deal by the fact that it was timed for passage during a lame duck session.  The docs have already been signed, now it is up to congress to put it in writing and put their signatures to the ransom payment.  I know this is a hugely oversimplified explanation, but if we want effective protest, experience has shown all of us that calling in and sending e-mails is not enough..  What are we going to hold them accountable to?  Simpson totally went against the will of the people and he won overwhelmingly.  A very small party of folks showed up at our Boise rally to speak out against Simpson.  We have not even addressed the issue of a fixed election.  How do you hold anyone accountable when they are the ones counting the votes?  There is NO paper trail in voting machines.   
Why do you think Clinton and Bush made personal visits to McCall, Idaho?  They came to inspect their holdings; the equity at their disposal to be used as a fractional reserve for trillions of advance money.  I know, I was there when they flew in.  In the case of Clinton, the forest was on fire and closed to all logging.  Bush did NOTHING to reverse this trend and also toured the area.  This Omnibus Land Bill is no different.  I personally know of folks who have lost their private land to the Rails to Trails program which is funded by the UN.  People have been fighting and largely loosing these land battles for decades.  And their battles lead to defeats because they simply run out of money.  They DO NOT and WE ARE NOT the holders in due course of the original titles to these lands.  All of it has been passed over to the federal corporate government.  We HAVE NO GROUNDS for dispute.  
I am asking for a change in strategy.  The letters, protests, phone calls and precinct commitee route has been tried over and over and over, all largely to no avail.  Why?  Because we have no effective recourse.  Our elected officials are NOT elected, they are pre-chosen.  They have nothing to fear.  We passed a Sound Money plank at a statewide Republican convention for goodness sakes.  How closer can you get to the source?   And yet, there it sits.  The Republican platform as a whole is LARGELY ignored by the very folks who passed it and are elected to uphold it. 
The pain and awful sting of a private and public debt amounting to some $50-60 TRILLION is never going to hit home to Americans until it starts to really hurt.  This land grab is the reality coming home of what it means to be drowning in an ocean of debt.  This is responsibility knocking at our door.  And can you really blame the title holders?  They made the trillions available and the first balloon payment has come due.  Only, we have no money to give them--it is worthless.  SO...in God's holy name, what are we to give them if we are not willing to give up our land?  OUR CHILDREN?????  Maybe, just maybe, when it comes to that, people will be motivated to do something different.  But I'm not sure--they are already taking our children to fight and die in their wars.