Dear "jswol":
Stealing private property is no blessing on anyone.   It is a curse.  If you are cheerful that hundreds and thousands of abutting and near by private property owners are having their private property stolen, you have a sick sense of happiness and or ignorance.  In fact most private property owners do not have a clue their property is being stolen because the green groups, bike groups and the complicit green government  do not inform anyone of their rights.  
You cannot steal private property from anyone and this includes ones wages, home, land, vehicles, animals, water, personal property, etc.  You cannot steal private property, e.g. wages under the guise of "Income Taxes" or "Property Taxes" and form of taxes upon private property.  This goes against all of natural law, c 
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Jack:  You're really missing the whle blessing of this this.  Actually its the Trail oc Cheers.  You'll see that for yourself when used by so many Tax paying citizens.