To: Feudal Urban Forts in Seattle, Olympia, King County, Media 
bcc: Rural and Urban Freedom Movement
Ron Ewart's is right on again with his email above regarding  Ron Sims going more gangrene.   Non executive Sims is one sick puppy and needs to be kick out sued for abuse of office.  He no more represents this county than Seattle represents us.  In fact King County and Seattle are in the same urban fort. 
Seattle and Olympia have become fortresses built with stones of fear, greed and tyranny.  Urban forts have built moats around themselves further isolating their inhabitants from those who they war upon.  
Seattle, King County and Olympia governments have sucked in their city inhabitants & burned their bridges across their moats.  They are islands of green social arrogance debased on simple minded one sided political and junk science.  They are surrounded by millions of enraged rural and urban folks who are enslaved through their political tyranny.
The strategy of a fort was to provide an impenetrable structure often built on high unapproachable ground backed up against the sea.  This was an effective defense until new strategies and weapons were developed to breach their defenses, e.g. sieges, catapults and gunpowder.
Seattle, King County and Olympia government can only survive by force, fear and illusion.  Forts only work as long as their supply lines, moats, perimeter control and ammunition hold up.  Urban forts do not exist in a natural state., i.e. they are extremely codependent.
Urban forts are strangling all forms of life around them.  Ironically, they are extremely vulnerable to strangulation themselves, via natural and man caused disasters, e.g. fire, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, terrorism, revolution, pollution of their water supplies, disease, assault and ambush.  All their food, water and power come from outside.  Their water lines, power lines, highways, freeways, bridges are easily taken out by nature or man.  Urban forts are disasters waiting to happen.  History is replete with examples.  Look at New York during 9-11, New Orleans floods, Oklahoma City, California quakes, Gulf and SE states hurricanes and tornadoes .  Urban forts are now on the top of list of terrorist targets.
One would think urban kingdoms would respect the rural countryside free choice, knowing their fortresses are easily rendered useless.  One would think, the urbanites would treat the rural folks with great respect and honor their choices of life, knowing that their life line comes  from us.  But, that is not how the kings and their courts think.  They live in walls of smoke and mirrors, seeing only fear, greed and control of all our natural resources & unalienable rights.  
This is why you see the urban kings in body armor with body guards in armored vehicles.  The kings courts have been reduced to armed prison camps where no one is allowed to enter without body searches.  In turn, the kings men can no longer roam free into the country side for fear of their own lives.  Urban tribunals that are forced to go out into the countryside have standing state force at the doors and concocted displays of force as if to justify themselves and protect themselves.   Most clear minded country folk see through this deceit.
Eastern Washington and the rural counties surrounding Puget Sound siege and catapult back to isolate Fort Seattle and Fort Olympia.  The tyrannical kings and many of the occupants in the fort continue to war upon private property owners, voters, businesses and employees outside and inside who supply them with their resources.  There are never enough resources coming through these vulnerable life lines back to the urban forts so they continue to war upon and ravage the country side for more.  There are never enough regulations, legislation, judication, administration for the urban forts to survive.
The end game of the kingdoms of Fort Seattle, Fort King County and Fort Olympia is to illegitimately extract as much of the resources they can from outside the fort, moving the resources and control into their applicable forts. This is done through a siege process of attacking and dismantling the laws of the land to breach individual sovereignty and unalienable rights. 
Urban forts have their own special green and social forces trained to steal private property, e.g. DDES, DOT,DOE, Futurewise, CELP plus a massive source of illegitimate and unconstitutional funds, i.e. our money and green eastern money.   The kings and the kings men have debauched the tax and monetary system to do this.  It's called treason and stealing.  A hundred years ago, men were hung for just stealing a horse or rustling cattle.  Now cities small and large and counties and states steal our private property, land, homes, water, wages, vehicles, children, education system, highways, privacy, and convert them into higher forms of revenu for themselves.
The kings and queens within these urban forts will tell you, this is all done for your own good, your own safety and for the sake of a good education for your children.   A coworker who worked at the Oregon State DOT on their DMV database claims over 95% of Oregonian drivers had at least one traffic "violation" going back in history.   Another source told me, there are so many traffic codes enacted, that the average driver will "violate" at least one over a three block distance.  These "violations" are unconstitutional breaches of your individual unalienable rights.   Most cities are incorporated into a private fictional body with no rights.  This is done to go around your unalienable rights.  It is all done for power, control and revenue.
Urban mass media catapults propaganda to those inside and outside the fort.  Ignorant peasants pick up these pieces of communication and pass it around to others believing it is true.  Karmically, the quality of mass media catapults  greatly diminish with range.  You can read some of the poison coming out of the feudal urban media below.
While these urban forts expand their moats and perimeter with their weapons of choice, they choke and strangle all forms of life and civilization around and inside them.  See email above from Seattle Neighborhood Coalition. Urban kingdoms debauch the courts, councils, legislature, executive offices and the laws of the land to maintain control over the country side.
Urban fortresses tie up and corner natural resources around their forts.  They take these free resources provide to all of us by God and then sell them for profit to businesses who will pay them the most taxes thus strengthening the coffers of the fort to further suppress those who live in it and around it.    
So called sanctuary cities for illegal aliens is another example of how these feudal forts ignore the laws of the land to support their illegitimacy at any cost. You can read what state Senators commit Constitutional fraud in the attachment email above "The Senators Who Voted To Give Illegal Aliens Social Security Benefits".
In a Constitutional Republic, once free men, women and children lived mostly in the rural countryside.  We The Free were bound by Common Law and Natural Law with a bundle of unalienable rights and self evident truths.  These unalienable rights included allodial title upon our private property including our land, homes, animals, machinery, children and lives. 
We The People once held complete and full title to our private property in perpetuity with indestructible interest.  It was the right of a king.  We are kings answerable to no one concerning our private property. This bundle of rights has a divine shield around our private property, land, home, wages, children, animals, fowl, water, machinery, etc. Not even kings could touch us.  This is still our right which has only to be reclaimed.  Stand up a take your rights back.
These bundle of rights was endowed by our Creator and preceded all forms of man made laws.  No government, national or foreign, nor non government body national or foreign, nor individual, nor taxes, direct or indirect, can penetrate or be placed upon the owner without consent.  No encroachment of any kind was tolerated.  State forced zoning, ordinances, acts, regulations, codes, licenses, urban spy cameras, environmental and climate junk regulations or laws of any kind could not usurp these endowed rights from our Creator.  These are feudalistic tyrannical illegitimate laws all repugnant to the founding and natural laws of the land.
No Constitutional Republic government, nor elite majority democracy, nor unelected non government body, can touch or trespass upon a natural free born state Citizen private property.  The Framers knew well how their rights had been debauched.  These contrived takings originated in England and Europe.  These families of tyrants live on today, taking our life force.  Our forefathers fought and died for our unalienable rights.  At least 20,000 of them died to protect the other 2,980,000 who either betrayed them or waffled or did nothing.   Nothing has changed.
Come now Cooperative Federalism which is imposed through fraud and illusion.  The dark side has created private fiction corporate bodies which they overlaid upon our state and individual sovereignty.  We The People now have the following cloaks of deception;  states territory, states sovereign, states corporate, United States founding, United States, United States of America Constitutional, United States of America corporate. 
Better said, the cloak of corporatism was thrown over government, the Constitution, common law, natural law; thereby neutralizing our unalienable rights.  This is why city, country and state courts are private tribunals not based on founding or organic laws.  They make up what they need, to extract your private property.  99.9% of the gullible public do not have a clue.  Stay out of the courts unless you have a patriotic guide with you who knows where the traps are laid.  Bar attorneys will get you off on legal technicalities, if you are lucky, if you have the right judge and the right Clerk of the Court.  They are members of the debauched court system and are no friends of the free natural born state Citizen. 
The "United States District Court" and the "United States of America" isn't what it seems.  To understand what I am trying to say you must order this astounding research; "Masters of Washington De Ceit" by Dan Meador, edited by Dale Pond.
Urban warfare upon the land of the free and the home of the brave, has enraged the countryside.  Rural catapults are slowly being pushed into range of the inner city.  Urban fiefdom must wake up to understand how they too become enslaved.  We have two classes of fifes living in two fiefdoms (red and blue, urban and rural) being enslaved by the same kings. Yet 99.9% in both kingdoms think they are free and/or they blame the other. Many justify one kingdom of slavery over the other.  99.9% of the fiefdom, do not want to "dirty" themselves with talk of freedom.
What sort of conspiracy can completely debauch all of our individual and state freedoms, liberties and rights plus paralyze us into being deaf, dumb and blind in a mere 232 years?  How pathetic are We The Once Free, to allow this illegitimate, unnatural, ungodly and unconstitutional tyranny to continue. 
Those of us wishing to be completely free once again must become completely free ourselves.  We must free ourselves from the government.  We are keeping the monster alive by  demanding illegitimate services from it and binding ourselves to it, and allowing it to have unlimited power over us.

The only solution to urban and rural enslavement is.
Free choice for everyone, unconditionally, no exemptions,
Within a strict limited constitutional republic intended in the era it was established
A return to common law, natural law 
Reestablishment of our unalienable rights 
Reestablishment of our constitutional and common law court system
The primitive county governments must be done away with
Cities must rule themselves
Rural areas must be completely independent of cities going to a township volunteer local body only rural property owners
The separation of powers must return
The separation of the federal territorial government and the sovereign states must return.
Freedom, liberty and free choice will return ONLY when the shield around our bundle of unalienable rights is reenergized to full power as given to us from the Creator.  No man can give these rights to another nor take these rights from another.  They are preexisting, self evident, fundamental and endowed by the omnipotence of the Creator.
Individual free choice and the bundle of unalienable rights must be raised up above all forms of government, non government fish, fowl, animals, water, dirt and life itself, if we are to transform ourselves.  When you breach my unalienable rights, you have breached your own.  This is a sacred key from near 6000 years of experiential law.  If you cannot understand this scared contract, honor this divine line, we are doomed. 
Archaic and feudal county governments must be dismantled and broken up.  Urban and rural people must be freed to rule themselves separately.  One cannot hold another captive any longer.  Revolution and violence are in the wind.   The rural areas are armed to the teeth.  The era of taking by force is ending.
We must give the gift of absolute free choice to everyone, otherwise we are all dead men, women and children walking.  No man can hold anyone a prisoner on his own land for long.  Once you have absolute free choice, other miracles will follow.  First the spirit, then the body. 
We must go back to basics quickly.  Truth, love, righteousness, nonviolence, and peace are the idealist basic ingredients for the recipe of free choice.   Only individual free choice and sovereignty will transmute the dark era of taking.  Urban castles have usurped the recipe of life and light, from this once free land.  States must reestablish themselves along these sacred and historical principles.
There is no law that forces any natural born state Citizen to do anything for anybody in our Constitution and the organic laws our Constitution rests upon.  You cannot lay and collect taxes directly or indirectly upon any natural born free state Citizen without their consent.  The Framers never met to use force upon or lay and collect upon free and independent state Citizens.  Business comply as they consent to contract.  Once you remove the force factor and go to free choice, tyranny in America and those who use it, will fall faster than the Berlin Wall.
Yet a few tyrants and kings and special interest groups live off our bundle of unalienable rights.  Educated bright respected teachers think they are justified to take private property without consent of the owner, to fund their state run educational system, state run social systems by extortion, embezzlement, larceny, swindling and subversion of private property. They know of no other way than to steal private property.  They are totally ignorant of our history and the laws of the land and the laws of the laws and the intentions of that historical era. 
The kings and their courts and many in their kingdom, still live in a modified dark age.  They can only take with force and torture upon the countryside.  This behavior and belief system is long past its time of chronic codependency.  Ignorance of our history, principles, founding laws, natural and organic laws have cloaked our land in darkness. 
Once the sacred laws are subverted, force quickly fills the void.  Force begets more force which begets tyranny which begets socialism which begets communism which ends in collectivism and rebellion and destruction.  The use of force becomes a death knell of all civilizations into self destruction.
Feudal urban forts are like butterfly collectors.  They only know how to destroy life and organize its death is demonic pretty social collector patterns.  They cannot tolerate absolute freedom.  Freedom to the urban kings and their courts is too chaotic, random, unsocial and uncultured.  They cannot understand, nor have the eyes to see, that under the chaos of free choice, lies divine harmony waiting to unfold.
Force is the only option when free choice is usurped.  The urban hierarchy war upon the laws of the land debauching high truths, prior high court rulings, high principles, common law, natural law and God's law.  One tyrant can ruin generations of blood, sweat and tears establishing noble truths in the land.  Tyrants of all kinds rule America.
Urban courts, councils, tribunals, political parties, legislatures, administrative offices catapult out bills, acts, ordinances, regulations and codes against the laws of the land, individual unalienable rights and sovereignty of all the people.  A great nation is thereby destroyed from within. 
Great leaders and people are measured not by their use of force, but by their love and compassion and obedience to Natural Law and individual unalienable rights.  Once the sacred shield of sovereignty is breached, there is no law, nor government, nor civilization.  There are only mobs, majorities and minorities.  The individual is dead.  Collectivism is a growing cancer , rapidly destroying healthy cells.  Freedom, liberty and our unalienable rights are gone.  You are a slave of the collective borg.

Nineteen of the twenty-one known empires prior to 1935 have fallen from within due to economic collapse and destruction of key social institutions.  "Masters of Washington DeCeit" Dan Meador/Dale Pond pg. 6.

Who Will Lead US
Who will lead us out of this darkness into a new age of freedom, liberty and individual sovereignty?  
Must we free ourselves by ourselves for ourselves
We are endowed to do so
It is self evident
We must recreate ourselves
There is no choice left
We must fight and die, if necessary, again, for free choice 
All state agencies must be dissolved into a balanced budget based on indirect taxes only
Education and the basic services must be privatized
Federal government is empowered to print money at no interest to pay its bills.
The "Unfederal Unreserve" must be done away with
America monetary system must return to pre 1913 era
The bankruptcy of the United States of America corporation must be allowed to proceed
The U.S. dollar is worse than worthless
All states must return to their original sovereignty
State government must be limited and live off of uniform voluntary indirect taxes only
All free born natural state Citizens must be given their full bundle of unalienable rights
All central banking must be done away with, i.e. banks must compete in a free market
America must get out of everyone else's business and mind their own business
America must stop warring upon the world
America must stop warring upon their own people
America must stop warring upon its own laws of the land and the laws of those laws
America must stop being a pimp and prostitute of the globalist elites.
All illegals must be forced out. They can get behind the legitimate immigrants who have applied and wait.
We need to set up a new court system based on Natural Law, Common Law and Constitutional Law, pre 1938.
All key government employees and non government accomplices must be prosecuted who have betrayed us
America is beyond reforming
It must be transmuted from darkness by the light of individual freedom
The force of taking blows from the east to the west
The tide of taking flows from east to west
The undertow sucks out our freedoms, liberties & unalienable rights
The truth of this grand debauchery of the taking of America, is no secret anymore
The dark side live in fear, control in fear and use force in fear
Order what you can budget of Issue #5 of this magazine and hand them out -
First the truth, then the body of freedom will follow
Work up your own freedom package and pass it out to new people each day
Change is spread one heart at a time 
Critical changes in society happens at extremely small critical mass
The truth is an unlimited power
No vessel of man or angel can hold down truth and free choice
Once we demand to be completely free 
Jack Venrick
Watching The Taking
Watching The Quickening
Waiting To Be Free Again
Enumclaw, WA  
"The poorest man may, in his cottage,
bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown.
It may be frail; its roof may shake;
the wind may blow through it;
the storms may enter; the rain may enter;
but the King of England cannot enter;
all his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement."
William Pitt re. Private Property under Common Law