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Bryon -
Here is another link to see how close these trail zealots are coming to your home town and property.  https://www.traillink.com/
This is the Rails To Trails Conservancy which boasts 100,000 members, 3000 in Washington alone.  They filed a amicus brief in a 2005 case of trail taking by King County along the east side of Lake Sammamish.
John Groen won the case, mainly because the abutting property owner had an old more solid land patent title but the trial went through anyway for some reason.
This Rails To Trails is the same cookie cutter approach used by all the greens and globalist, silent & deadly, taking out one person and town at a time.
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Do you know, does this tie into the rail line in the Eastside of King County that Ron Sims wants to turn into a trail?


Is there an area map of the proposed trail system?  I want to know if any of this will go through the east side of the 32nd District.