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Dear Attorney General Rob McKenna:
I would like to throw in an additional citizen complaint against Enumclaw City Mayor John Wise along with Council Mike Ennis.  Please see the article AND comments following the Enumclaw Courier Herald article here - https://www.courierherald.com/articles/2009/02/05/news/news3.txt
I went to this meeting representing Citizen Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) to help a fellow rural property owners Ed Storm and others to voice their concerns against the City of Enumclaw and King County.  Steve Hammond is aware of this situation also as he could not make the meeting so I went.
Please find my documentation regarding experiences I and other property owners have had with the Enumclaw Mayor and King County Assist. PA and a Facilities Capital person at my web site https://www.freedomforallseasons.org/FreedomFromRailsToTrailsTakings.dwt.asp
Bottom-line, they are ruthless tyrants railroading hundreds of unsuspecting property owners with these crime ridden trails next to their property all while they fund them by stealing more of our private property, i.e. wages.
Just because Congress passes an Act does not legitimize the taking of a private property owners privacy and safety.  These public rails to trails are well known attractive public nuisances in the private property rights national and local circles.  There is no full disclosure to the adjoining or nearby property owners.  The local cities and counties more often use stealth and strong arming practices. 
A local attorney at this meeting representing one of the adjoining property owners told us privately that he was even concerned about speaking out because they are ruthless enough to threaten and take his license.  As you will read in detail, Mayor John Wise tried to have me jailed all for telling them the rural people were outraged and were not going to put up with these silent takings. 
So called public meetings are more a ceremony and charade for the government to document they have made their plans public.  What they don't tell you is they have spent up to a decade or more staging this entire act to take their property or adjoining property for some dam nonsense urban play ground.  The PA's  threaten property owners legal action and few can afford to hire any attorney at their obscene rates.
I could on and on but you get the drift here. 
This Mayor has had other more than questionable strong arming with local business and property owners.  I have lived outside of Enumclaw on 10 acres for some 33 years.  Senator Roach knows this story too.  She was unable to help on the Rails to Trails Takings
"Truth is stranger than fiction,
but it is because fiction is obliged
to stick to possibilities; truth isn't."
 Mark Twain