Communication from Canada:

From:      "Mike"
Subject:  From Canada
Date:      Sat, February 19, 2011 12:52 am
To:      "Walter Burien"

Hello Walter
Of all the times I have wanted to respond, and of the times I've similarly wished I had phoned to say hi. Well, I'm doing it now.
How are you in Arizona?
I am from Alberta, and this last statement is far from true here.
Everyone who is anyone in Alberta Lives in Arizona.
Money from here lives there.
But what goes on here is only Skim, Scam, Scum.
$100 million dollar bills Fly outta here for the islands of the Caribbean, or maybe Switzerland or someplace. Road improvement building funds are utilized for nothing. And Flim Flam right out of the country. To my thinking. Right off the Continent.
Every intersection or bridge is a now $200 million dollar affair.
$44 million art galleries built for $88 million.
$42 million rec centers built for $84 million.
Graft and scandal-ism enmax!
No one knows what it takes.
No one thinks this is a scandal.
$100 million dollars is an old affair.
In Edmonton I have counted 5. In the last 5 years.
Front page Edmonton Sun.
$ 100 million Dollars for Bike paths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Theft and Larceny Supreme Max.
I'm going to work out of town tomorrow.
Be back on Friday.
But the song continues unabated.
Oh and Denver's airport NAZI sign.
Wait till Edmonton's LRT is completed
North to 153 avenue then left to St Albert  1.5 + Billion dollars for 100000 residents
South to Millwoods the right along 23rd avenue half nazi.
North right
South left
1.5 Billion $ each.
3 billion.
Wholly hell on earth.
Fox drive was 6 lanes.
Now after 80+ million reduced to 4 lanes with buses only.
Anyways more to say. Hope you will pick up on it next week.
Good night.



From:     "Walter Burien"
Subject:   Re: From Canada
Date:       Sat, February 19, 2011 1:07 pm
To:         "Mike"


The way I express the same in simple analogy is I call it the "Cookie Jar Syndrome" (CJS).

In reality what the people did by allowing the opportunity for a gang to ruthless politicians to control the purse strings was like giving a 12 year old card blanch to write their own allowance check each week. The parents will get screwed every time. 

Per the CJS the cookie jar is in the kitchen and the parent tells the children if they want a cookie they must ask and the parent will get one for them. Well the kid is up in his bedroom and looks out the window and sees his mom working in the garden so he tipsy-toes down to the kitchen slowly and carefully looks around, sneaks over to the cookie jar, grabs one and quickly runs back up the stairs. Well a short time latter he looks out the window and his mom is still working in the garden. The cookie urge comes again but this time he walks down the stairs, casually walks over to the cookie jar, lifts the lid, takes three and walks back up the stairs to his room. Well, when he takes his next trip down the stairs to the cookie jar it will be to take the cookie jar back to his room. As long as the parents are working with a distraction:

No consequences, no problem and you see due to the massive money involved the foxes have made sure to place other foxes into every position that oversees the conduct of foxes. So forget just taking the cookie jar, they have leveraged and finagled to take over the cookie factory; transportation to the market place; the cost of a cookie of which will now be $3 each; and have passed requirements that require all to eat at least one cookie per week or face fine or arrest.

The public will continue to be masterfully entertained in distraction, the foxes will continue to chuckle behind closed doors as they divide their share of cookies, and it will continue as so until foxes are physically picked up by force and removed or in the extreme case executed.

History has clearly written that reality over and over again across the globe over the centuries. The names, circumstance, and tactics may change but the end game always remains the same. When dealing with thieves and scoundrels from within any political body, they breed and multiply as their theft goes on unabated and the general population will always acquiesce to avoid confrontation out of fear of harm from implied stronger forces.

The thievery intensifies, the number of thieves increases, the tactics used by the thieves intensifies, until one day the population has had enough and revolts.

Individuals and small groups that revolt are usually destroyed by the thieves. Also thieves being thieves if they see their looting being jeopardized by public revolt were they think the public may just revolt and successfully eliminate them, they themselves having the finances of the decades of looting accomplished, the thieves then organize and promote themselves as the revolution to eliminate thieves. The public then unwittingly being in a state of blind hostility from the decades of being stolen from, follows the instructions of the thieves themselves.

Governments over the globe for at least the last 5000 years has focused on appeasing the public to thus give government control over the wealth. From time to time a gang organized as a government will use lethal force to take whatever it wants. Well that may work out OK for them in the short run but inevitably the people organize into a very hostile swarm and eliminate the aggressive usurpers acting from within the administratively organized entity calling itself a government.

The more money and wealth involved the more ruthless and clever the tactics from both sides become. Government though especially these days having access to trillions of dollars and a propaganda machine funded with the same will stay mostly two steps ahead of everyone else.

When governments fall it is because the thievery became so open and blatant and the thieves have bred to be so overpopulated, the confusion created by the thieves themselves now loosing their common and collective perspective start stealing from each other and the organizational cooperation then beaks down. Then in effect having an irate population that exercises their unity to confront thieves and by overbearing circumstances effecting them does so and the government structure topples.  This can happen sometimes quickly and sometime it can take a few hundred years.

What is an interesting and ironic supposition is that every time the population revolts and eliminates the gang that has abusively usurped their positions acting from within the organized structure of a government, those people that revolted always think and feel that the event they implemented was a first.. when in fact the event was the same old story that was in reality told over and over again throughout time and reached to every corner of the globe. 

From what I have seen so far after a purge by revolution is that no one has figured out how to keep the thieves from then reestablishing and inevitably flourishing as they breed and grow from inside of the organized structure of government.What is true from the start in any government is: Give me $100 a day and I will return $90 a day. The soft sell and manipulation to accomplish this is a well refined art. When established and the easy money of corruption roots it then becomes $100 in and $80 back, and then $70, $60, $50, $40, $0.

I remember a film made back in the 50's called "The Day the Earth Stood Still" a robot that could destroy planets was given ultimate authority with only one primary command: attack and destroy anyone who attacks another. Organized government if becoming primarily thieves could not use force to attack the people to steal from them or they would have been destroyed. No wars, no abuse of power, no profit from killing or thievery. Could not happen being that the force required to pull it off would assure their own destruction.

The current problem here in the USA and in other countries where thieves breed, nest, and expand their ranks is that any form of law enforcement from the streets to the highest levels has been neutered from enforcing the law per violations from inside players or even worse have been selectively placed by the thieves themselves to make sure there would be no accounting or consequences for their thievery by administrative decree.

The population maintained being open marks for confiscation, arrest, or lethal forced to be used against them but for the inside players, the judges, attorneys, elected or appointed officials, it was as if they were from a foreign world that had only one law that was enforced upon them with that being: Cooperate with the thieves and be content with your pay and perks or do not cooperate and be in all respects destroyed loosing all. It appears the now limited numbers of ethical; honest; and righteous from the inside are in the same boat as those from the outside. Aqueous or be destroyed.

The only issue has always been: Consequences and liability to the inside players in place, no problem for the people on the outside or ethical on the inside.  No consequences of liability for the inside players, no problem for them and hell for the people on the outside and ever yielding caution from those of ethics on the inside. There usually is no gray area here. It is one or the other or just transitioning taking place between the two.

To make things much worse for the current generation, with the mass communication technology in use today, the public is sound-bite conditioned to think everything is fine and dandy in Alice and wonderland; saturated with confusion to eliminate effective cognitive thinking, as in reality the grandest thefts are taking place over and over again with out any true accountability or consequences but in the alternative grand reward for those involved.

When will the tide turn in a back wash flood to sweep the majority of the thieves out to sea for deep water elimination / eradication? 

Well, to play it safe my guess is between 1 and 2000 years. But then with me being a hopeless enthusiast and optimist I would prefer six months from now that the tide could be turned. The decades of entertainment must end and the cold reality of corrective and effective action through whatever measures necessary must begin.

The world is a grand and great gift we are given from birth. The timeless creator of it all wanted it to be as so. We must protect the gift that is given or if not done with vigilance and unbending resistance we will face in that acquiescence our own allowed hell to inevitably engulf us. It is a sin when 90% of We The People wish for the best and we allow that minority exercising networked greed, unrestrained power, and fear created to slowly poison and steal from us all.

I will leave off with one final and all overpowering note. The current structure of government has evolved having the "intent" to utilize the population as a productivity source to be drained and managed. This is not a good thing nor will it ever be. What I brought forward per the TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) now funding all government operations with taxation eliminated creates the force necessary to change the whole picture of intent from government. I can not emphasize the importance of this end result.

No longer would government's intent be to utilize the population as a productivity source to be drained and managed but in the alternative the intent transitions into government's intent being to see the public as wealthy and prosperous as possible.  TRF's create capital reinvestment of no equal driving the world economy.

The population now without the drain of taxation builds their wealth and prosperity unrestrained. Corporations and financial institutions thrive within this environment. With the public now exercising their wealth and prosperity generate excellent returns for the investment of the TRFs and thus truckloads of cash rolling in for government from those TRF accounts satisfying all and any budgetary needs.

Win - win for all concerned and an economic foundation that drives the world economy for at least the next thousand years. An economy not based on cash; taxation; and investment but one of cash and investment only.  The changing of the intent factor of government is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. If we are intelligent and  persevering enough to make this happen I believe the creator would be pleased with his children. I hope you agree. 

Truly yours,

Walter Burien -

P. O. Box 2112

Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532

PS: and always remember: "Don't turn your back and look the other way, shoot a looting fox in the chicken coop today!" (Their bushy tails look nice hanging up on the wall by the fire place)






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