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From: Jack Venrick
To: Steve Hammond CAPR
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 11:29 AM
Subject: Enumclaw Police Officer Steve Robinson

Steve -  the officer's name I talked to who was called in by Mayor John Wise  was Steve Robinson, tall fellow, white/gray hair, likeable mannered, at least appearing.
Officer Steve took down some notes in his pad just before we departed asking me again to summarize what I thought the issue were.   He said he was not going to write this up and told me to be careful with these types or to that effect.   I think my comments were to the effect I told the county  (Karen Heidegott) in the meeting,  that the rural buzz in the outlying areas was the property owners (and businesses to actually)  were mad as hell and were armed to defend themselves against  further escalating  government trespassing if necessary.
I said this in part because the city and the county acted incredibly arrogant and haughty during the meeting.  They  appeared to  not have a clue their actions were perceived as thieves in the night and are hated by those who know what is going on. 
The thieves are stealing private property with both hands while they walk all over every private property owner they want and are shocked when someone jerks them up by the collar.  You can bet all the eminent domain work of Enumclaw is more like extortion than market one's own property by free choice in a freely competing market.  Eminent domain was never meant to be used for most of the type of takings it is now used for.  Also eminent domain was never meant to be a forced extortion by the government upon the property owner.  It was more of a voluntary contract or agreement without coercion and ill will which is foisted upon property owners now-a-days.
I have listed 22 suggestions under section VII "Urgent Solutions Needed" in my prior email attached above.  You can also scan the Excel sheet attached above and get the drift of these Rails to Trails Takings.
I have some more follow on thoughts coming your way hopefully today regarding our phone conversation yesterday.
Also note Preston's comments above FYI, some good news.
"The most effective way of making people
 accept the validity of the values they are
 to serve is to persuade them that they are
 really the same as those which they...
 have always held, but which were not
properly understood or recognized before.
 And the most efficient technique to this
 end is to use the old words but change
their meaning. Few traits of totalitarian regimes
 are at the same time so confusing to the superficial
observer and yet so characteristic of the whole
intellectual climate as the complete perversion
of language, the change of meaning of the words
 by which the ideals of the new regimes are expressed."
 -- F. A. Hayek