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I felt this was worth sharing,

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Dear Frank,
Here are some interesting documents.  We are running the Legal Authority
 letter by an attorney we know at PFL (Pacific Legal Foundation) down here.
 This was setup in Idaho by one of their commissioners to help protect
 property rights. You can see the Legal Authority letter is geared towards
 county government but this can be used to set up a council at a city level.
 If you look at the Bonner Idaho website you can see what these councils are
 set up to do. Here is the Bonner Idaho website:
Click on the graph link to see how they are set up to vet zoning problems
 and new regulations. Bonner was the first county to institute this program
 in the nation.  They call their supervisors over there commissioners,  like
 you do.  You would need to get a legal opinion letter to bring to a friendly
commissioner.  He/She will need that to proceed with the formation of the
To get on the conference call list contact: Karen Bracken at
karenbracken5@gmail.com They will be having another conference call next
 Wednesday.  There were people on the call last night from all over the
Call with any questions you may have, (805)529-8108.
Many warm regards and good wishes,