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The lighting setbacks as cited in KC 21A.14.180 & 21A.14.190 referred to & as the attached documents appear to relate to "residential developments of more than 4 units" & "subdivisions" and the county requirements to provide "on-site-recreational" space in this type of development project.

Has this area been rezoned?  Are these parcels still under the jurisdiction as being VISD #402 titled school property?

Thanks again for the information and your effort.  

Margaret and Gay Rosser

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The rules on lighting are set-forth in 21A.08.040 B,1,b.  Lighting for structures and fields shall be directed away from rural area and residential zones.


DPER is considering the tanks structures and therefore 21A.08.040 B,1,c.  applies which states that Structures or services yards shall maintain a minimum distance of 50 feet from property lines…   You are aware that the County has issued  a report of construction deficiency to the Vashon Park District and it is my understanding talking to the Director of the Vashon Park District that they are going to bring this into compliance by moving the tanks.


DPER is considering the dug out, the batting cage, and the other fencing, all as fencing since there is no roof on any of it and it is just a series of fences.   Code section 21A.08.040  B.1.c also applies.    Structures or services yards shall maintain a minimum distance of fifty feet from property lines adjoining rural areas and residential zones, except for fences, wire mesh backstops…..


Gay I think you are asking good questions.  Hopefully having these answers gives you some peace.   I have attached the related code sections and I am continuing to work on your other questions.





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