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Subject:                          Vashon Parks District Fields Project - WA Outdoor Recreation Grants Manager Funding Property Rights Takings



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Good Morning Laura,


Thank you.  Information sent was but the tip of an iceberg.  Any documentation that one wishes to substantiate our words is available.  We would be happy to come to your office to allow viewing of the papers and photos.


Have a lovely day.


Margaret and Gay Rosser



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Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email.  I will be sharing this email with executive RCO staff later this week.  Have a nice day. 


Laura Moxham

Outdoor Recreation Grants Manager

PO Box 40917

Olympia, WA 98504-0917

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Schedule: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:30pm


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Subject: Vashon Parks District Fields Project


Dear WARCO & Laura Moxham,


Good afternoon.


We are titled private property owners since 1944, abutting the VPD Fields project here on Vashon-Maury Island.


A number of activities have and are taking place regarding these fields that appear to be outside acceptable or lawful practices to many neighboring property owners and perhaps, represent a use of previous funding provided in a manner other than what the WARCO may wish to continue to endorse.


Some of these include: 

1)non-compliance to King County Codes, RCW's and U.S. Constitutional Amendment Rights, 

2)destruction to OCA designated wetlands, 

3)removal of WM Section line markers and destruction to existing survey markers County & State and removal of Federal Geodetic Markers, 

4) altering surveys to project, not reflecting Legal Description or archival instruments & documents, 

5)VPD Board Commissioners coming onto private property cutting shrubs & trees & tearing out fences, 

6) combining two parcels in separate WM sections 29 & 20 into one project without review process,

7) lot line and borderline alterations without adherence to KCC & RCW,

8)aggrieving neighboring property owners & filing SLAPP suits against those who spoke up about VPD actions 

9) well installation and usage without Water Right or permit

10)installation of utility poles outside of designated utility corridors not in existence prior to permit issuance


We would be happy to visit with you to provide documentation or photos of above stated actions.

Margaret & Gay Rosser

neighbors and friends of 



We are sending some videos that have been made that give a brief example of VPD behaviors.

Here are the links forwarded, should you or anyone at WARCO have an interest.  We believe them worth the time to view, well done and informative.



this is the new one... it's titled- Scenes from the VPD/VES Debacle

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that was the link they sent me....if that doesn't work try this one...



it's titled- the Rosser Driveway Debate Revisited


Further video information may be found from,  


Thank you for your time.


Margaret and Gay Rosser

16032 Vashon Highway SW

Vashon Island WA 98070