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Hi Jack heres my latest!




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Please forgive the interruption and untimely send email prior to completion.


Instead of removing the two water tanks as directed, two more larger tanks were added.  


Instead of removal of the illegally installed and non-compliance stadium lights progress continues.  


Permanent concrete and wooden structures being built as dugouts, just under 18 feet from property lines and over easement.


Can someone any one in King County Administration that is provided the authority to require a project to follow KCC, WAC and RCW explain how and why this candid behavior of non-compliance and shoulder shrugging to law and regulation continues? What code book and regulation is allowing this?   Would someone please provide us with the KCC, WAC or RCW that stipulates the setback requirements to such structures?  Thank you.  For what we are reading is that this is clearly outside provided codes, law and regulation to a park in a rural residential area.


As a side note that may already be being addressed, but just in case it is not, the mitigation of standing water that drains east onto neighboring properties continues, what is happening with the corrections and resolutions to that?   


The VPD approved permit plans called for drains to be installed nearly 40 feet onto neighboring private property, parcel #292-303-9019.  This was pointed out to DPER during our dry season with questions at that time of how and what was to be done about such an issue.  How to keep the problems generated away and off private property.   


The rains now are here and we are seeing the results same as last year, standing  puddles 20 x 60 feet nearly two feet deep. Additionally rivulets running under foundations and inside structures on said parcel and private property.  What is to be done about this?  This is NOW the third year in a row, the longer this is not addressed the greater the damages.


We are dreadfully sorry to have to bother you again with this same trouble.  Perhaps this go around we might reach some constructive resolutions and corrections?  We certainly hope so.


Thank you.  We look forward to your response.


Margaret and Gay Rosser

Friends and Neighbors of 





Well hello and good morning.


I write this in a state of, really(?), are you kidding me, this is unbelievable!


After the continuous onslaught of violations and non compliance by Vashon Park District to permitting, KCC, WAC and RCW.  After the intervention of DPER and the King County Ombudsman Office to attempt some corrections to this egregious and cavalier non-jourisdiction behavior by VPD on Vashon School District titled land, they are at it again.