Dear John and Cathy,

We address this to the two of you as Head and Assistant Head of DDES now DPER as the most senior positions in the Department to act in response to blatant noncompliance within a permitted project.

Our trees are being chopped at & privacy branches removed and shrubs completely razed. This evening (Friday 3 May 2013) between 1700 hours and 2000 hours 3" metal posts have been pounded into our yard as for fencing.  

There are no marked surveyor pins at these points in our yard. 

There have been NO forms of consent signed by owners of parcel #292-303-9019, Rosser parcel to allow such altering lot or boundary lines as RCW REQUIRED.

No 19A Title RCW  specifically Chapter 19A.28 RCW's have NOT been adhered as REQUIRED when adjusting or altering a boundary line or lot line.  (Prior to permit issuance REQUIRED)

No 58 Title RCW specifically Chapter 58.09 has NOT been adhered to in the survey, records, monument recording, removing monuments recording, reviews and duties as SHALL be accomplished when adjusting or altering a boundary line or lot line. (Prior to permit issuance, REQUIRED)

DDES/DPER have been notified of these boundary line and lot line alterations actions on behalf of Vashon Parks on Vashon School Property, since 2 March 2011. (3 Months Prior to permit issuance and approval #L10CG099)

19A clearly states that the Department assigned oversight on these issues shall be the DDES/DPER. (revised and recorded  23 April 2013, Title19A  "Land Segregation")

This is property lines being altered with NO adherence of RCW's and State Statutes!

This must stop.  AGAIN we ask that the DDES/DPER please enforce a stay &/or stop &/or moratorium be placed on this project until these matters are resolved. 

Thank you
Margaret & Gay Rosser
Friends and Neighbors of